Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Dave-El Became the Grinch

My daughter wants to put up the Christmas tree.


Some of my neighbors have had their trees up since Halloween.

Everywhere I go, there's Christmas music.

Since Halloween.

If I hear "Feliz Navidad" one more time, I will straight up punch somebody.

My daughter really wants the tree up.

I consider the costs of sending her to a private school in Norway.

OK, we're putting the tree up.

There are lights to untangle.

I invent several new curse words.

None are effective at untangling lights.

Testing the lights. Some of them don't work.

Wait, yes they do.

Wait, no they don't.

Yes they do.

No they...

Blinking lights. I think they're suppose to blink.

Or maybe there's an electrical short.

Could be a fire hazard.

Put up the lights anyway.

My daughter is super-duper hyper over Christmas.

Well, she doesn't see the credit card bill.

Where did all these ornaments come from?

"Having a Wonderful Christmas Time"? AGAIN?

My wife and daughter are making jokes based on the word "balls".

Is it any wonder that....

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