Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What The...? Is That Art?

Hi there! Dave-El here!

A few weeks I posted a blog that included info about Jill Trent, Science Sleuth, a comic book character from the 1940s that I never heard of before. My first reaction was to be impressed that back in the 1940s there was a comic book series about a woman who fought bad guys using science.

Well, it may not have been all it could've been. (Click on this link for more about Jill Trent and her questionable science.)

But what really got my attention was this art.

Now whoever this artist is, there are SOME things I like such as the ink work on Jill's dress and hair as well as the overall dynamism of the scene. But things start to fall apart  on closer examination and one wonders if Jill's science has transformed her into a super-contortionist whose bodies defies the laws of nature. 

Here's another cover with women and action and there some iffy stuff going on here.  Most notably slapping Sherlock Homes on the cover as the book's title with the titular detective reduced to an inset on the left side, looking at his "S" for clues, I imagine, like "I'm the world's greatest detective! How did I wind up on this shit comic book cover?"

Again there is some things to admire here. Once more I like the inking and there's enough detail to look interesting but isn't too cluttered.

But get a load of the woman in the green dress.

Her head is out of proportion with the hapless  red-haired victim she's clonking. And speaking of clonking...

How exactly is Blondie hitting Red with the shoe? The arc of the swing and how Blondie is holding the shoe in her hand suggests a glancing blow at best.

And the impossibly thin, elongated waist of our green garbed shoe clonker defies all credibility.

I guess the dude in the purple silhouette is supposed to be coming in and his presence will effect the outcome of this little drama. Me, I'm guessing he's walking away, thinking, "Man, get me the hell out of here!"


No promises but I think tomorrow we get to see....New Girl by Jack Kirby!

Until then, be good to one another. 

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