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Doctor Who Saturday: Pictures With Words

Hi there and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You. My name is Dave-El and what I lack in perspective, I make up with my ambition to rule the world.

Today is that day between Friday and Sunday. You may call it Saturday but really, this is Doctor Who Saturday and it is here at this time on this blog that we look at Who stuff.

Before I started messing around with this blog-thing and before that on Twitter, I used to roam around the byways and alleys of Facebook. It was there that I joined with a most remarkable Facebook feature, Doctor Who and the Tardis - The Group.

It was started by a kind gentleman and devoted Doctor Who fan Craig Hurle. It started off small, just few hundred likes. But the numbers begin to grow exponentially so that today this Facebook page has over 28 thousand followers.

It's a fun, freewheeling place where Whovians could virtually gather and share stories, likes, dislikes, questions, answers, jokes and more about this wonderful show called Doctor Who.

But one thing that really sets this page apart from other websites and blogs and Facebook pages: Craig's insistence that everyone treat each other with respect. You can have your favorite Doctor but don't deride a fellow fan for having a different choice.  It is here that Whovians can come together as a community.

A favorite thing from that page were calls for captions for random photos. I loved given that a go. I found some in a folder in my archives.  These are not my best (I wish I could find the one with the TARDIS on its side. I got a kick out of the caption I did for that one.)

As you go through these, you may wonder what my concept of the word "caption" is. Yes, some are short, pithy phrases but others go off in a wibbly-wobbly direction and become almost-stories.

Well, here are some of the ones I found. I hope you enjoy.


Below is from the classic 4th Doctor story, The Brain of Morbius. This story introduced the Sisterhood of Karn who appeared in the 8th Doctor mini-episode, Night of the Doctor. Below, I'm not sure that thingamabob the Doctor and Morbius are holding on to looks very stable. I bet I know where Morbius got it from.

"Morbius, quit buying crap from Ikea!"
The picture below is during a break in shooting the 5th Doctor episode, Planet of Fire, which was the last episode for Turlough (Mark Strickson) and the first episode for Peri (Nicola Bryant).

"OK, Mark, I don't understand what the problem is. It's very simple: you carry Nicola in her bikini out of the water
and bring her to the shore. Yet you keep messing up the take.
Do you really want to keep

carrying Nicola in her bikini out of the water all day? Sigh! OK, let's take it from the top:
Turlough Rescues Peri, take 87. Action!"


Below is a scene from a classic Cybermen story. Although it's in color, this is from the 2nd Doctor era classic, Tomb of the Cybermen. The Cyberman on the right pushing his way through the cellophane prompted the joke from This Is Spinal Tap.

"Nigel, I think Derek's stuck in
his bubble again."


I have NO idea what's going here and I wonder if William Hartnell was thinking, "What IS going on here? Why am I sticking my head out of Dalek?"

"Kids! Get your parents to buy Dalek-O's Breakfast Cereal, a tasty part of a balanced breakfast. And each specially shaped box has a super surprise inside, like the Doctor himself, William Hartnell!  That's right, kids! William Hartnell could be joining YOU for breakfast! So parents, get your kids Dalek-O's and NEW Dalek O's with chocolate frosting! It will EXTERMINATE your kids....hunger!"

Yay! The Brig is BACK! From the 7th Doctor episode Battlefield, Brigadier General Letheridge-Stewart has brought out Bessie for the Doctor and Ace to take a spin. But I wonder if retirement is not going too well for the Brig and he needs to earn a little extra cash. Hmmmm....

"Welcome to Crazy Alistair's Auto-O-Rama where I will make you a deal faster than you can say 'Five rounds rapid'. I see you're admiring this sunny bright piece of automotive excellence!
Oh, this is a mighty fine automobile! Might fine! The previous owner only drove it on Sundays
to fight Daleks and twice a year to the shore
to battle Silurians."

From the time of the 2nd Doctor, we find companion Zoe menaced the right word? Or perhaps it's happier world where Cybermen love humans and only want to make us feel better....

Cyberman #1: Give me an "H"!
Cyberman #2: H!
Cyberman #1: Give me an "U"!
Cyberman #2: U!
Cyberman #1: Give me an "M"!
Cyberman #2: M!
Cyberman #1: Give me an "A"!
Cyberman #2: A!
Cyberman #1: Give me an "N"!
Cyberman #2: N!
Cyberman #1: What does that spell?
Cyberman #2: HUMAN!
Cyberman #1 & #2: Go, go! Human, human! Go, go, human, human!
Yeah, that never really became a thing, did it?


I hope you found these...amusing isn't the right word, I'm sure, but I'm going to see if I can dig out some more of these somehow. It might be like my own personal quest for "lost episodes".

I'm not sure when but there is a new Doctor story coming up in a few weeks. Yes, it's a multi-Doctor story and yes, I did too learn my lesson after The Nemesis Who Stole Time. This next story has only TWO Doctors. But wait until you see which two and why it happens.

Tomorrow on the blog: This (Non) Sporting Life#3

And back here in seven days for a new installment of Doctor Who Saturday.

Until then, be good to one another.

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