Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Dave-El here. 

Sort of. 

OK, funny story.

Well, not that funny. Really not very funny. Come to think of it, it's not funny at all so forget I ever said funny story.

Where was I? 

Oh, yeah: Funny story (which isn't funny). 

I actually have blog posts ready for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and possibly even Monday. 

But nothing for today. 

I was so busy looking ahead I forgot to see where I am.  

Whoa. Heavy. 

Anyway, in tribute to all those who have been caught off-guard not by the future by the present, I present this cartoon I found on the internet.

Well, if nothing else, we get to see a woman taking her shirt off. That's always nice. 

OK, tomorrow, we have another installment of Knock-Knock, the Interrupting Cow! 

Friday, we have super duper deluxe with extra cheese Broken News. And even more fun stuff to come.

But not today. Just accept the cartoon lady and her exposed bra and let's move on.

You know, this could be my best blog post ever.

Be good to one another.  

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