Saturday, June 28, 2014

Doctor Who Weekend: Looking Around the TARDIS Attic

Hi there! I'm Dave-El and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that likes the color of its kidneys just fine, thank you very much!

It's time for our weekly stopover for all things Whovian, a little blog post thing I like to call Doctor Who Weekend.*

*It's real name is "Susan" and stop questioning its life choices, OK?

We're about 2 months out from the long awaited debut of NEW episodes of Doctor Who with our NEW Doctor, Peter Capaldi. So, what's been happening on the set with the newly ensconced 12th Doctor? Let's take a look! 

  1. Peter Capaldi's much taller than I expected.
  2. Someone left the TARDIS in the dryer too long.
  3. Damn BBC budget cuts! 
  4. Peter's trying out for a shot at Strictly Come Dancing
  5. Er, Peter, should we leave you and the, uh, "Police Box" alone for awhile?
  6. That's NOT how you fly this thing.

Well, whatever is going on, I am intrigued. (Or "en-tre-gewed" as Bugs Bunny used to say.)  Can't wait to see Peter's 1st real adventure as the Doctor. Two months and counting! 


Anybody missing not only Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor but also Amy and Rory (and we know you're out there!), here's a little throw back to a few years ago. 

I'm not sure time travelling attorneys are a good idea. I mean, their billable hours must be really high.  

"What? You billed me for 25 years of work? But you were only my case for one day!"

"Yes, but in that one day, I had to go back 25 years to find evidence in your favor." 


A couple of comebacks in recent weeks. As I recounted last week in Doctor Who Weekend, my family saw the 10th Doctor adventure "Rise of the Cybermen" in the movie theater. It was so cool seeing David Tennant on the big screen being incredibly brilliant as the Doctor. 

Also, a few weeks ago saw the return of the creator of the much beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson. Bill did 3 panels over the course of a week's worth of Pearls Before Swine. But just those three panels served to remind everyone what an amazing artistic talent Bill has and I wish we had more opportunities to see that talent at work.  

So let's dovetail those two items into this little gem someone posted on Twitter. 

And so inspired by this art, I came up up with this mini-playlet I call...

The Doctor Meets Calvin and Hobbes. 

Calvin: So you're an alien?
The Doctor: Yep! 
Calvin: Where are your tentacles? 
The Doctor: I don't have tentacles. But I have a sonic screwdriver!
Calvin: Well, I have a ferocious, alien-eating tiger so you better not...
Rose: Oh, this tiger is SO cute! 
Calvin: Hobbes! 
Hobbes: What can I say? I have a weakness for smoochies! And tuna sandwiches. 


So that's it for this edition of Doctor Who Weekend. We'll see you 'round here again next week as we get ONE WEEK CLOSER to the big event, the return of Doctor Who

Until then, be good to one another! 


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