Sunday, June 1, 2014

Doctor Who Weekend: Shadows and Snacks

So last week, info starved Whovians got to see this...

The video this came from was 16 seconds long, only 5 of which featured the Doctor and only in split second bits of shadow against flashing lighting effects.  

It didn't take long for Doctor Who to start trending on Twitter and You Tube thanks to this clip. 

I mean, we're all that freakin' hungry for something...ANYTHING new relating to Doctor Who that we will eat up a 16 second video that's pretty much 67% nothing.  


Despite the brevity of the image, the analysis of what this might mean for the future of Doctor Who began immediately. 

There have been hints from Steven Moffat that the Doctor is going to be a bit darker in tone than what we may have been used to. The consensus is that this brief clip is a visual cue to that a Doctor with a darker, maybe more sinister edge. Maybe since the Doctor is at the beginning of a new regeneration cycle, he'll have to re-learn the lessons of humanity; in other words, maybe Clara will have to keep the Doctor from bashing in a caveman's head with a rock.  


I've been searching around for clues to what a Peter Capaldi Doctor is going to be like from Peter's other performances and, to be blunt, that's not helping. But that never helps. Pre-Doctor Who acting roles rarely seem to cast any light on what a given Doctor might be like. In fact, many actors given some latitude to invest part of themselves in the roles will adopt a persona that is very distinct from prior roles.  For example, Jon Pertwee and Sylvester McCoy, actors known for more comedic roles, wound up playing the Doctor with a more serious tone.  

Really, if prior roles were any indication of what an actor's Doctor might be like, I would worry greatly if Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker was a template for the latest incarnation of our favorite Time Lord. Not that it wouldn't be fun, mind you, having the Doctor tell the Daleks to "eff off" every other word. 

If in addition to being hungry for new Doctor Who news, you're just plain hungry, I may have found the perfect snack for the peckish Whovian. Someone posted this on Twitter: 

OK, looks like fun but still, "fish fingers" in a pastry? Yeah but no. But then again, I'm someone who really can't stand the idea of a "fish taco" so maybe that's just me. 


Also from the wilderness of Twitter, for any Whovians nostalgic for the classic animated series Animaniacs, there this: 

I would watch this! Doctor Who is overdue for a good spin off series. And Steve Spielberg's a Doctor Who fan. Make this happen! 


So that's it for this Doctor Who Weekend post as we stumble through yet another week down the slow path towards new episodes in August. Boy, I need a NEW Doctor Who adventure sooner than that, even if I have to write it! 

Uh oh! Fan fiction time again?  

Stay tuned....

Be good to one another, OK? 

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