Saturday, June 7, 2014

Put THAT On a T-Shirt

Several weeks ago, this began trending on Twitter: 

So I came up with ten (TEN, damn you! TEN!!) things I might put on a t-shirt.  And here they are now!  

  1. Don't Read This!
  2. Lost: One T-Shirt. It's This Color And Has The Words "Lost: One T-Shirt" On It 
  3. This T-Shirt Has No Words... Except For These Words. And These. OK, No Words Starting NOW! Wait, "Now" Is A Word. Argh!
  4. I Have No Opinion Whatsoever 
  5. sdrawkcaB sI nagolS sihT 
  6. If You Can Read This, It Means My Invisibility Formula Has Worn Off 
  7. Society To Prevent Clever Sayings On T-Shirts 
  8. If You're Reading This, Your Focus On My Chest Is Making Me Uncomfortable 
  9. My Other Shirt Is Also A T-Shirt 
  10. I'm Wearing A T-Shirt 

Believe it or not, some of those actually got favorited and retweeted.  Yeah, I know: no accounting for taste, is there? 

OK, that was completely apropos of nothing.  

I must remind you I receive no reimbursement for posting this blog. Posts like today shows you why that is. 

Tomorrow: Doctor Who Weekend

Until then, be good to one another. 

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You 

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