Thursday, January 29, 2015

Duck the Goose

Hi there! It's going to be a light post today because of things and stuff.  So I decided to share this photo that someone posted on Twitter a few weeks back.

At first I thought this was apropos of nothing but then I begin to think, "Am I the goose or the person on the other side of the door?"

The person is a master of this world. This person has opposable thumbs and can work doors with impunity. Yet a single obstacle, a goose, stands in the way of this supremacy. There are times that I feel like that: I have the knowledge of what needs to be done. Hell, I may even have the skills. But I find myself unable to do what needs to be done by an obstacle that is both significant and insignificant.  Often, my "goose" is self-doubt. Self-doubt is in and of itself not a bad thing. It's a brake on us from doing stupid things. But it can be an obstruction to doing what needs to be done because we are too afraid of making the wrong decision. 

Then there's the goose, up against a world he didn't make, faced with problems that a goose simply has no solutions for. The goose lacks opposable thumbs among other things. For whatever reason this goose has decided to guard this spot (maybe a nest of eggs is nearby or he just really likes to stand there), the goose has no choice but to do battle with the door and the people who come through it with whatever he has: a squawk or a hiss, a furious flapping of wings, pecking. Sometimes we're the goose; we're facing a problem that is way beyond us but we have to stand our ground. We may not have the knowledge or the skills but dammit we have the will. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing. 

OK, I'm done. Everyone, be good to one another. 

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