Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Apology To the Green Bay Packers

Pardon me but I need to use this space to offer my apology to the Green Bay Packers. 

Sunday, I was only able to catch up to the Packers/Seahawks games in the 2nd half. As I've noted on this blog in the past, I'm not a really big sports guy. But when it comes to the NFL post season, I like to pull for the Packers, the scrappy little team that could (and often does) from the wild frontier town out there on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. I think Green Bay is smaller than Greensboro NC, my home town (I prefer "base of operations"). Yet it not only continues to field a pro football team but a pro football team that tends to do very well. I admire that. 

So I caught up to the game in the 3rd quarter and the Packers were up over the Seattle Seahawks, 16 - 0. Freakin' awesome! Let me watch this!

Immediately Seattle scored a touchdown. 

OK, OK, nothing to worry about. So Seattle gets on the board, big deal. I'm sure the Packers have got this. 

At this point, my family and I have dinner plans so we leave our Fortress of Ineptitude. I figure I can pick up the game easy enough once we get there what with the TVs all over the place. 

When we get there, I get a good view of the one of the bigger screens in the place and oh yeah, the Packers are still up and the clock is winding down. So things are looking good for Green Bay. 

No sooner than I sit down and lay my eyes on the screen, Seattle makes a series of plays that puts them up by 3 points. 

Excuse me but what the fuck? 

Green Bay bought a reprieve by tying the score at 22 to go into OT (which I believe stands for "Orange Tacos"). But the jig was up and in an admittedly amazing play, Seattle catches a long pass into the end zone just as Green Bay goes in for the tackle. Seattle goes down to the ground in the end zone and does not let go of the ball. 

Touchdown and the Seattle Seahawks are going to Super Bowl. 

For more on this story, click here.  

So my apology to the Green Bay Packers if I jinxed you somehow. 

I will say this, win or lose, you are an amazing team for two reasons:

  1. You survive and thrive in a small market where other teams in larger markets do not do as well.
  2. You have a player on your team named "Ha Ha Clinton-Dix". Really. 

Meanwhile the Patriots beat the Colts which I normally would not give a fuck about because, well, did anyone see another conclusion for that game? And once again the Patriots are under a cloud because of some questionable practices. This time it appears they may have been playing with deflated balls. 

That's what SHE said! 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you. 


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