Sunday, January 25, 2015

What the Hell, Amazon?

Hi there! Dave-El here and this is my blog, I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, where today's special value is 40% off misplaced commas.  

When I go on Twitter, I get a Tweet from Amazon with "Today's Best Deals on Amazon". Most of the times it's something pretty obvious like a smart phone or a TV. If there is any doubt, there may also be some description of the item ("Waffle Maker, 75% Off"). 

But frequently there are items that just appear with no description of what the item is. It's just... there and it's not clear exactly what the item was supposed to be. 

This is when I go, "What the hell, Amazon?"  

OK, this kind of looks like a margarita but I have questions: 

  • Why is it tilted like that?
  • Why is the margarita not pouring out?
  • While is there a tiny Dalek on the left edge?
  • Why is the Dalek waving a pennant? 

Damn it, Amazon, what exactly are you trying to sell me here?  

This is some kind of... stabby sort of thing? I'm unclear from the image what the scale of this thing is. Is it a tiny shrimp fork? If it is, is the Amazon deal for just ONE shrimp fork because I'm sure that's not really worth the trouble. Or maybe it's a larger item, like a forked thing that demons in Hell poke the damned with in the ass. 

Surely the denizens of Hell are not a market for  Who knows. Amazon does have their hooks into everybody.  

This next item up from Amazon is clearly a skunk on Astroturf. 


No mystery here, right?

Alright, Amazon, why the hell do I need a skunk on Astroturf?!?!


Coming up in later editions, more strange items on sale from Amazon.

Until then, be good to one another.

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