Sunday, January 4, 2015

This (Non) Sporting Life: We Suck Less!

Hi boys and girls! Dave-El here and I'm revisiting This (Non) Sporting Life, the blog post about sports from a guy who does not know anything about sports. 


Saturday my 14 year old daughter resumed her basketball "career" with the first game of the season in the inter-church league she plays in. Their first practice is Monday.  You read that right. Their first game occurred before their first practice. 

And it showed. The final score was 36 to 16 and that's only because of some kind of 20 point limit where the winning team can't be more than 20 points ahead. I'm not sure how that's helping anything but if it helps spread the love of Jesus Christ through basketball, well, OK then, I guess. 

I'm in no position to criticize as I am the "guy who does not know anything about sports" (as noted above) but I've notice one crucial thing my daughter has got to change on the court: she needs to want to have the basketball. Instead she spends a lot of time and energy trying to be where the ball isn't. Whenever she does get the ball, she immediately gives it to someone else like its a game of hot potato. Her team, their team, no difference, just as long as she is free of the ball.  I've tried to help her out with this by yelling from the stands, "Miranda, the ball is full of chocolate!" But that hasn't worked so far.  

Oh well, she is her father's daughter.  When I was her age and had to participate in a sport of some kind, I tried to make myself invisible. Or at least shorter.  


My boys at Duke are still on a tear as they go to 13-0 with a win over Boston College (click here for details).

So I decided to indulge in  a bit of fan bravado, you know, like "normal people" so put this on my Twitter,   

2 hours ago

Looks like them boys did real good again today! Still unbeaten! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke!

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UofL can't wait to shred the Dukies in the Yum Center

Uh, I wasn't expecting that. 

OK, so what should I do? I could favorite it as a show of good sportsmanship perhaps but I'm not in favor of Duke being shredded anywhere by anyone.  

Should I poke fun at the game taking place in something called "the Yum Center"? 

Is it too late to ask who or what is UofL? (I'm suspecting it might be Louisville.)  

So maybe I'll just hold off and reply after the game between Duke and "UofL".  Unless Duke gets shredded.  

Don't think that! Don't think that! Don't think that! Don't think that! Don't think that! 


The Carolina Panthers won their Wild Card play off game against the Cardinals on Saturday (click here for details).

The interesting thing that even I, the "guy who does not know anything about sports", am aware of is that the Panthers were in the position for a Wild Card play off game by being among the best in their division. And by "best", I mean they "suck less". Yep, the Panthers were in play off contention with a losing record. Great work if you can get it. As the saying goes, any port in a storm. Who knows, the Panthers might go farther this year on a wing and a prayer as opposed to last year when the team was supposed to be good. 

One thing that quarterback Cam Newton might need some advise on is his sense of fashion. This is Cam at his post game press conference. 

From the waist up, Cam's doing all right. He's rocking a tux! But what the hell is up with those pants? And is he wearing his wife's shoes?  


That's a wrap for this week. I'll check back in next Sunday to bring you up to speed on the latest: 

  • Does my daughter's team play any better with actual practice? 
  • Can I convince my daughter the ball contains free X-Box games?
  • Will Duke beat "UofL"? 
  • If there is any shredding, will it involve cheese? 
  • Will the Panthers continue the "We suck less!" march to victory?
  • Will Cam wear big boy pants? 

Until next time, be good to one another.  

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