Friday, September 4, 2015

Do Your Damn Job Already

Have you heard this one?

A police officer gets a call about a noise complaint. Apparently someone’s neighbor is making too much damn noise.

So the police officer gets to the scene and sure enough, there’s a house with lights blazing out of every window and the deafening thud of music is gyrating the ground and air. Next to this bacchanal is a lovely home with a well kept yard. The couple who live there and called in the report are there to greet the police officer.  

They’re two dudes. Yes, they are gay.

The police officer says, “My religion instructs me that being gay is a sin so I can’t help you. If I did, that would violate my religious beliefs.”

So the officer gets back into the squad car and drives away, leaving our gay couple with Partymeggedon still going on next door.

OK, a couple of things:

  1. The story is false. I made it up.
  2. It is not in all fairness a one to one match up with what’s going in Kentucky although I think it comes pretty damn close.

So what the hell is going in Kentucky? Clerk of Court Kim Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses. On the grounds of her religion, she cannot support or condone same sex marriage. But because she doesn’t want to discriminate against anyone, she is opting to not issue any marriage licenses at all to straight or gay couples. (For more info, click here.)  

Kim Davis, Ill Advised Martyr to a Lost Cause

So far, the governor of Kentucky and a Federal Appeals Court along with other persons and entities have pretty much said to Ms. Davis, “Suck it up and do your damn job already.”  

This has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. Their response? “Suck it up and do your damn job already.”  

But Kim Davis shall not be moved because God is on her side and her faith tells her that same sex marriage is wrong. Now she's sitting in a jail cell, an abandoned martyr to a hopeless cause. (For more on that turn of events, click here.)  Even conservatives have said, "Yeah we're all about marriage being between a man and woman but Kim, suck it up and do your damn job already.” 

Somebody with some sense needs to talk this woman.

Or I could do it.

You know, Ms. Davis….may I call you Kim? Kim, I do understand your position. Personally, I don’t agree with your interpretation of scripture but I support your freedom to believe in what you choose to believe in and to worship freely according to your faith.

But Kim, how can I put this? I mean, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or disrespect your faith but…

Kim, you’re a fucking Clerk of Court. Yes, I know, the language offends you but I want to be sure I have your attention. As a Clerk of Court, you have an obligation, a responsibility, I would go as far as saying a sacred trust if you will, to serve the people of Kentucky. And that’s all the people of Kentucky. Not just the straight Christian residents of Kentucky. ALL OF THEM!

Kim, I mean this with all sincerity and all the kindness I can manage, if you’re faith says you can’t do this, don’t. But stop being the fucking Clerk of Court. Even people on your side of the same sex marriage debate are not on your side in this. Either quit or suck it up and do your damn job already!

Nice chatting with you, Kim. Everybody be good to one another and that includes Kim Davis as she makes a difficult but fairly damn obvious decision about her career choices.  

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