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Doctor Who: Prisoners of the Daleks - Episode Five

Hello, Doctor Who people!  

Next week we will at last see the debut Doctor Who Series 9 this Saturday, September 19th!  It looks like this is going to be a particularly awesome group of episodes this year. 

During the weeks leading up to new Doctor Who from actual Doctor Who creative types who know what they're doing, I've been posting my own new Doctor Who adventure. Today is Episode Five and it is an epic of a doozy...or doozy of an way or the other.  

  • This story takes place in Doctor Who before the events of the first episode of Series 9 which debuts NEXT WEEK! (Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!)   
  • As is my want, I write these adventures as a script instead of in prose form. If that's too weird, try to deal.
  • DISCLAIMER: This story is not sanctioned by the producers of Doctor Who and the BBC. It is a work of fan-fiction posted with no compensation received by the writer and is not part of any official Doctor Who canon.  

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    And with that, let's get started....

    Prisoners of the Daleks
    Prisoners of the Daleks
    Prisoners of the Daleks

    by David Long
    by David Long 
    by David Long 

    Episode Five  
    Episode Five 
    Episode Five

    In a glow of light appears the 12th Doctor, Amy (older Amy from The Girl Who Waited), the Monk and a Dalek.

    Dalek Prime: Face the supreme power of the Daleks! 

    Our view widens and our cast is revealed to be in the heart of a Dalek ship with hundreds of Daleks all about. In the middle is a giant holographic image projection of a open area of space.   

    Amy: We're on a Dalek ship! 

    The Doctor: Well, it's not like you haven't been on one before. 

    Amy: No, I haven't. 

    The Doctor: Yes, you...oh, right...that was...

    Amy: What? 

    The Doctor: know. 

    Amy: I know. And I know I'm still going to kill you when this is over.

    The Doctor: Well, I'll do my best to make sure the Daleks don't beat you to it.  

    Dalek Prime: Lower the distortion field! 

    The holographic image shows the image of a large planet fading into view. 

    Dalek Prime: Bear witness, Doctor! 

    The Doctor (incredulous): The Dalek Asylum? Impossible! It was destroyed by...

    Clara's voice: Doctor? 

    The Doctor: Clara? 

    The Doctor whirls around and Clara runs towards him and throws her arm around the Doctor. 

    Clara: Doctor! Thank God I found you. 

    The Doctor actually hugs Clara back.  

    The Doctor: Oh, Clara! I was so worried about you! 

    The Doctor pulls back from the hug, smiling. 

    The Doctor: Clara! How did you...?

    Clara: The Daleks captured me! Well, before that I was on a spaceship....well, before that the TARDIS took off without me which, before that you were taken away by the Jundoon and...

    The Doctor: OK, Clara! Just relax. Deep breaths, all right? 

    Clara begins to calm down.

    Dalek Prime: This human interaction will cease!  

    The Doctor: We'll sort out the details later. 

    The Doctor turns quickly towards Dalek Prime. 

    The Doctor: Question: how is that planet still out there?

    Dalek Prime: The Dalek Asylum was never destroyed!

    The Doctor: No! I know where we are relative to that planet's timeline and we are in it's future, not the past! 

    Dalek Prime: Yes, Doctor, a future created by the Daleks! 

    The Monk: They...rather I....that is, they made me...

    The Doctor: Just spit it out, man! 

    The Monk: I altered a certain sequence of events to prevent the Starship Alaska from ever crashing into the planet. 

    Dalek Prime: The destruction of the Dalek Asylum was not required as it was never infected by the madness of the impure Dalek. 

    The Doctor: Oswin. 

    Clara: Hmm? 

    The Doctor: That "impure Dalek" had a name. Oswin. 

    Clara looks confused. 

    Dalek Prime: The salvation of the Dalek Asylum is but the beginning of the end, the final true end of the Time War and it will be the Daleks who will claim victory!  

    The Doctor: You mentioned a "Nexus"! 

    Dalek Prime: The Nexus enables the Daleks to reach out to infinite points across shattered time! Where brute force was insufficient, the Daleks will obtain victory through strategic temporal sabotage!  

    The Doctor: And what exactly is this "Nexus"? 

    The Monk: Not a what, Doctor! Who. 

    Dalek Prime: Silence, slave! 

    The Doctor: Oh that's all right. I've already worked this bit out. You said it yourself before: my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. Leave it to a Dalek to see human compassion as a weakness!

    Amy: Doctor, what's going on?

    Clara: Yeah, that's what I'd like to know. 

    The Doctor: So, Dalek, tell me, where is Clara Oswald? 

    Clara: Uh, Doctor? Hello? Right here! 

    Amy: Yeah, she's right here!  

    The Doctor: Did you really think I wouldn't know Clara, my Clara? 

    The Doctor faces "Clara". 

    The Doctor: So, Oswin Oswald, we meet again for the first time. 

    Oswin: I...I'm sorry, Doctor. I...they told me to...they...

    The Monk: It's all right, child. Trust me, I know how...persuasive the Daleks can be. 

    The Doctor: Oswin, what happened to Clara? 

    Oswin: It's hard to remember.  We were on the Alaska. We had just saved the ship...

    The Doctor: Saved the ship? The Alaska? 

    Oswin: Yes, the ship was going to crash into a planet....

    The Doctor: But you stopped it. 

    Oswin: Yes, with Clara's help. But then...oh God, Doctor. I think I...I think I hurt Clara.

    Oswin head slumps as she begins to cry. Amy tentatively approaches her and puts an arm around her. 

    The Doctor whirls about to face Dalek Prime. 

    The Doctor: A reversal of a fixed point in time. Probably generated quite a bit of temporal distortion to fuel this....Nexus, you called....

    The Doctor's words trail off. 

    The Doctor (whispers): Clara. 

    Dalek Prime: The female known as Clara Oswald has a unique and pervasive connection to the time line of the Dalek's greatest enemy! 

    The Dalek turns to another Dalek. 

    Dalek Prime: Show the Doctor the mechanism that will bring Dalek supremacy to victory! 

    Dalek 1: I will obey! 

    The giant hologram of the Dalek Asylum planet gives way to an image of Clara Oswald as we saw her at the end of the previous episode: laid out and secured in a tangled web of wires, cables and machinery. Various lighted cords pulse as lights move from Clara to the machinery about her.  

    The Doctor: Clara! 

    The Doctor angrily lunges forward but several Daleks turn and with their blasters aimed right at him. The Doctor stops but he can barely contain his anger. 

    The Doctor: What have you done to her? 

    Dalek Prime: Clara Oswald is the Nexus. From here, she inhabits Daleks who have been placed at key points along your time line. Where Clara Oswald splintered herself through time to save the Doctor, Dalek superiority will bend that action to our will to destroy the Doctor and declare our rightful victory in the Time War! 

    All the Daleks: Victory for the Daleks! Victory for the Daleks! Victory for the Daleks! 

    Dalek Prime: Take the prisoners to a stasis cell. 

    Dalek 2: I obey. 

    Dalek Prime: Soon, Doctor, you will fade from sight, from memory. You will have never existed, thanks to your trusted companion. 

    Dalek Prime whirls around to leave while the Doctor glares at him. He looks at his hand and observes that it is almost translucent.  

    Scene change: a close up on Clara's face, still frightened. 

    Clara: No! Don't....make me! Doctor! Help! Doctor! No! 

    Scene change: the Time Vortex as we see tendrils of light flit about.  

    Scene change: Victorian England. Interior of a busy pub and we see a barmaid that looks like Clara. As she moves from table to table, smiling and chatting up the patrons, our view pulls back and we see a brief glow of light and a Dalek appears, hovering outside the pub, it's eye stalk trained on the barmaid. 

    Scene change: Future Earth. We see a young Oswin standing outside looking at the night sky with the glow of the spaceport rising from the horizon. Out of her sight, a Dalek fades into view with a faint glow. It turns its eyestalk towards Oswin. 

    Scene change: Close of Clara looking very frightened. 

    Clara: No! I can't...don't me! Doctor! Help me! 

    Scene change: back in the Time Vortex as dozens of Daleks ride tendrils of light then vanish to appear elsewhere. In each place we see different versions of Clara, each being stalked by a Dalek.

    • 1940's New York 
    • A jungle in South America
    • A science base in Antarctica
    • The court of Versailles in the 1820's 
    • A cargo ship on the ocean

    Scene change: Close up on Clara in the machinery. 

    Clara: No! Save me!

    Clara closes her eyes. 

    Clara: Save the Doctor. 

    Scene change: a dark chamber on the Dalek ship. The Doctor, Amy, Oswin and the Monk are caught in the shimmering light of a stasis field.  

    With Amy sitting close to her, Oswin looks up through tear filled eyes. 

    Oswin: Doctor? What that...Dalek said. 

    The Doctor says nothing but turns to meet her gaze. 

    Oswin: Splintered....through time? That means, I...

    Amy (puts her arm around her again): Sush, it's OK. 

    Oswin: No, no, it's not OK. Clara wouldn't tell me who she was and....I am...what? An echo of her? 

    The Doctor: No, Oswin! You are a living being as much as any of us. But yes, you were born of something....very rare. Something I can never fully understand or repay.  

    The Monk: Doctor, you are running out of time.  

    The fading effect of the Doctor's hand is travelling up his forearm.  

    The Doctor: Daleks, up and down my time line, picking me off, piece by piece. 

    The Monk: No, the Daleks are taking out all the versions of Clara Oswald during key points in your time line. 

    Oswin: These other versions of...Clara....of me. They die before I can save the Doctor?

    The Monk: Yes, I'm afraid so. 

    The Doctor looks angry. 

    The Doctor: The Daleks, attacking me, that's one thing. To scheme against me using people about. Amy, remember Demon's Run?

    Amy: Yes.

    The Doctor: Striking at me through others is not a very good idea, is it? 

    Amy: No, it isn't. 

    The Doctor: Well, then....

    The Doctor withdraws his sonic screwdriver with the hand that's not fading. 

    The Doctor: We better get to work! 

    Amy: You said you didn't have your sonic screwdriver! 

    The Doctor: I didn't. Until I picked it out of Clara's handbag which Oswin so helpfully brought with her.  

    Oswin: Wait! When you hugged me...?

    The Doctor: Yeah, sorry. But it cinched the deal that you weren't really Clara. She knows I'm not much of a hugger, you see. 

    Amy: Well, that's a big change. 

    The Doctor scans the field with his sonic. 

    The Doctor: Yep, no hugging and a debonair sense of fashion! Come on, sonic. Give me some hope! 

    The Monk: You're not going to scramble a Dalek stasis field with that silly screwdriver, are you? 

    The Doctor: Oh no! That would be too simple, wouldn't it? No, I'm scanning for the second biggest temporal energy reading on this ship! 

    Oswin: Second biggest...? 

    The Doctor: Shhh! A-ha! 

    Amy: What? 

    The Doctor: I've got the coordinates for the Dalek's time dungeon where they have Clara. 

    Amy draws her sword.  

    Amy: So we're going to rescue her, yeah? 

    The Doctor: Steady on, Amy. 

    Oswin: Wait! Why the second biggest temporal....whatever? 

    The Doctor: Because the absolute biggest source of temporal energy...

    The Doctor faces the Monk. 

    The Doctor: Is right here in this cell with us.  

    The Monk pulls out from his coat pocket the glass globe containing the Time of the Dominion. 

    The Monk: No. I can't. 

    The Doctor: Yes, you have to use the Time of the Dominion. We're trapped here in this space! But with a time shift of even just a millisecond, we- 

    The Monk: You don't understand! I'm as much a Dalek as I am a Time Lord! There are protocols the Daleks have placed in my mind! Yes, I possess the ultimate in power over time but I try to use even a fraction of that power for any purpose other than in service to the Daleks, then the Dalek inside of me will burst through my skull and my hands and I will kill you!  

    Amy: Just take the damn globe, Doctor! 

    The Doctor: No, Amy! The power in the attuned to the Monk. If I tried to use it, time would shatter to pieces. It has to be the Monk. 

    The Monk: I will kill you! 

    The Doctor: I'm dying already! 

    The fading effect has traveled up the length of the Doctor's arm. 

    The Doctor: This isn't about me! It's about...

    The Doctor casts a painful look towards Amy.

    The Doctor: I could not save Amy Pond...twice! 

    Flashback: The 11th Doctor closing the TARDIS door as older Amy runs towards him.

    Flashback: The 11th Doctor sobbing at the tombstone of Amy and Rory Williams.

    Back to the present: the stasis cell.

    The Doctor: I could not save...

    Flashback to the 11th Doctor confronting the Oswin Dalek in Asylum of the Daleks. 

    Back to the present: the stasis field. 

    The Doctor looks guiltily towards Oswin. 

    The Doctor: I could not save so many others. 

    The Monk: But Doctor....

    Amy: Monk! 

    The Monk turns towards Amy. 

    Amy: You will not hurt the Doctor. I won't let you. 

    The Monk nods slightly with a sad expression. 

    The Monk: No, Amy Williams. I quite expect you won't.  

    The Monk cups the globe in his hand. There's a slight pulse of light. 

    The Monk: I have to initiate....

    Suddenly a Dalek eyestalk begins to grow out of the Monk's forehead as we move in for a close up. We see only the Monk's face. 

    The Monk: I have to exterminate. Exterm...ack!  

    Our view pulls back a bit and we see the Monk falling to his knees where Amy has slashed her sword into the Monk's abdomen.  The Doctor looks horrified and Oswin is frightened. 

    The Doctor: Amy? What...? 

    Amy: I'm...sorry. 

    The Monk: Ex--cellent stra---strategy, M...miss...m....

    The Monk collapses to the floor. 

    The Doctor: Monk, regenerate! Don't...

    The Monk: All gone. The Daleks....took...them...all gone....Amy...saved I knew...she...

    The Monk goes quiet as his eyes close as the Dalek eyestalk retreats into his forehead.  The time globe rolls from his hand. Oswin bends down to pick it up. 

    Suddenly, we see Oswin in a dark and scary place screaming. 

    Oswin: I'm human! I am not a Dalek, I am human! I am not Dalek, I am human!

    Back to the present: Oswin shoves the globe into her bag. She'a breathing very heavily.   

    We pull back further and we see that our cast is now in a different chamber. 

    The Doctor: Oh my. It worked? 

    Suddenly the Doctor's sonic screwdriver clatters to the ground. 

    Oswin: Doctor! It's getting worse! 

    Now the Doctor's other hand is starting to fade. 

    Amy: We need to hurry!  

    The Doctor: We still have a chance to save Clara! Amy, my screwdriver! 

    Amy picks up the screwdriver and she, Oswin and the Doctor run from one chamber to another. 

    Where they find trouble. In the center of a vast room is the macabre network of wires and machinery that Clara Oswald is trapped in. Surrounding that device are about two dozen Daleks, all with their eyestalks and blasters pointing in the Doctor's direction.  

    The Doctor: Oh just shut up. 

    Dalek Prime (voice): Did you think we would leave the Nexus unguarded? 

    The Doctor, Oswin and Amy look up and Dalek Prime is floating above them, slowly descending to hover in front of them, just above the Dalek horde.    

    The Doctor: Well, it would've been awfully nice of you if you had! That's Daleks for you: no social graces at all! 

    Dalek Prime: You are mere moments from extinction, Doctor! Our machinations through Clara Oswald have almost eliminated you through out your time stream! 

    The Doctor is looking more faded out than before. 

    Dalek Prime: Still, you have managed to defy all expectations to make it to the heart of our master plan! Although your end is near, it would be prudent to eliminate any further opportunity for you and your companions to cause chaos. Daleks! Attend me! 

    Dalek Prime, still hovering, turns in mid air to face towards the Dalek army.  

    Dalek Prime: Daleks, we will not merely observe the defeat of the final Time Lord! Daleks.....

    Oswin: Uh, Doctor? 

    Amy: Doctor, tell me you have a plan? 

    Dalek Prime: On my command....

    The Doctor: Yeah! 

    Dalek Prime: FIRE!

    Suddenly blaster fire begins shooting from behind the Doctor, Amy and Oswin, striking the Daleks. A couple immediately explode while the rest redirect they eyestalks towards this attacker.  

    The Doctor: DUCK! 

    Dalek Prime: What is this? Explain! EXPL-

    Dalek Prime is struck by blaster fire and explodes in a fiery ball.  The attacker is a Dalek, turning against the others. 

    Attacking Dalek: You will not harm the Doctor or his friends! I will not permit it! I was born...

    Cut to: Clara in the machinery, her eyes closed but with a slight smile on her lips. 

    Clara (whispers): I was born to save the Doctor. 

    Back to the chamber as all around the vast room, heavy bulkheads slam into place.  The other Daleks are returning fire against the attacking Dalek which soars above the others and firing back at the Daleks.  

    Dalek 1: A Dalek has betrayed us? 

    Dalek 2: This must not be permitted! The traitor must be exterminated! 

    Dalek 3: Exterminate! Exterm---

    Daleks 1 and 3 are hit and explode. Dalek 2 is severely damaged as it falls over to the side, smoldering and sparking metal.  

    The attacking Dalek continues to engage the remaining Dalek. Meanwhile, hunkered down behind some machinery are the Doctor, Amy and Oswin. 

    Amy: What the hell is going on? 

    The Doctor: No time, we've....argh! 

    The Doctor doubles over in pain. He's fading faster now. 

    Oswin: Doctor! 

    The Doctor: N-no! Get to Clara! Save....Clara...

    As the dozen or so Daleks are still engaged with the attacking Dalek, Amy and Oswin scramble up the side of the machinery with the Doctor stumbling behind. In the middle of all this, we see Clara, moaning, her head shaking from side to side. 

    Clara (whisper): No...Doctor....must save...the Doctor...

    Oswin: Oh God! Clara! Amy, what should we do? 

    Amy frantically looks back at the Doctor. 

    Amy: Doctor? 

    The Doctor gasping, fading more. 

    The Doctor: Do...what you 

    Amy looks about her at all the machinery and then begins hacking at it with her sword. 

    Amy: Oswin, start pulling out wires! Let's get her the hell out of there!  

    Oswin: I can work with that! 

    With sparks flying around them (and as the Daleks continue to blast each below), Amy and Oswin begin extricating Clara from the machinery. 

    Clara: Uh...what? Doctor? Oswin? No, wait! 

    Clara furrows her brow and closes her eyes. 

    Oswin: Clara, we need to get you out of here! 

    Clara: One...last do. Must engage....

    Back to the attacking Dalek in its fire fight with the other Daleks. 

    Attacking Dalek: ...self destruct! 

    Suddenly the attacking Dalek falls down in the middle of the other Daleks and explodes. 

    Back to Clara who looks positively drained.  

    Amy: Now! Get her out of there! 

    Amy and Oswin help Clara stumble free of the machinery.  

    Oswin: Oh thank God! Clara, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!! 

    Oswin's face scrunches up in pain. 

    Oswin: No! No! Not again! I am not a Dalek! I'm not! I'm...

    The hole in her forehead appears where a Dalek eyestalk is about to come out.  

    Clara despite being very weak pushes herself towards Oswin and takes her by the arms. 

    Clara: Human, Oswin! You're human! 

    Oswin: I...I can't! 

    Clara: Yes! Yes, you can! I've seen it before! You CAN fight this! You can resist! 

    Oswin: I...I...want....OW! 

    The eyestalk begins to extend outward.

    Clara: Oswin! 

    Then Clara takes Oswin's face in her hands, leans in and kisses her hard on the mouth, fully and deeply. Clara's forehead is dangerously close to the eyestalk coming out of Oswin's head. But it stops extending and then it retreats. Oswin's forehead closes over again. Clara pulls away. 

    Amy has been looking at this rather bemused. 

    Amy: OK, so there's that now. 

    Clara: Oswin, are you OK? 

    Oswin meekly shakes her head yes. 

    The Doctor (voice, very weak): Well, I'm girls are such good...friends....

    Amy, Clara and Oswin all move closer to the Doctor who is virtually a ghost. 

    Clara: Oh, no! Doctor! What have I....? 

    The Doctor: You did...good. Turned...their plan against them.

    Clara: I was forced to go where I was. So I...

    The Doctor: Found a orders to protect you. Quite....clever. 

    Clara: No, not clever! You're still dying! 

    The Doctor: Shh. Not....your fault. 

    Amy: Doctor, we got Clara out of the machine. Why....?

    The Doctor: Too my time stream. Fade soon. Never...been born., Amy? 

    Amy: No, Raggedy Man. It's not. 

    Clara: Doctor, isn't there...something we can...

    The Doctor: No...Clara...I'm sorry but...

    The Doctor fades away. 

    Clara (sobs):

    Oswin (voice): No.  

    Our view shifts to Oswin who has retrieved the time globe from her bag.  

    Flashback to Asylum of the Daleks. 

    Oswin: I am Oswin Oswald. I fought the Daleks and I am....

    Back to the present: Oswin holding the globe. 

    Oswin (whispers): Human.  

    Clara: Oswin. What are you doing? 

    Oswin: I'm going to do what I was born to do. 

    Oswin smiles at Amy and Clara. 

    Oswin: I'm going to save the Doctor.  

    Oswin scrambles up over the machinery back to where Clara was held. Clara and Amy follow

    Clara: Oswin! Wait! 

    Oswin: I can only suppress my Dalek side for awhile longer. But one side effect of having a Dalek in my very clever brain is that I know how to reconnect some key circuits in this mess. 

    Clara: What are you doing? 

    Oswin: Clara, this machine was built for you so it was built for me. 

    Clara: I don't think it works like that. We're not identical! 

    Oswin: No, we have one crucial difference. I haven't been up and down the Doctor's time line. And I have this....

    Oswin shows Clara the time globe. 

    Oswin: The Doctor called it the Time of the Dominion. 

    Clara: Time of the...? No, Oswin! I've encountered that before! It's extremely dangerous! You can't....

    Oswin: Yes, I can! I don't know why but I know...

    Suddenly loud booming sounds can be heard through the bulkhead.  

    Amy: There's a whole army of Daleks ready to come in here!

    Clara: I was able to trigger the emergency protective bulkhead, sealing off this room. But...

    Loud booming noises. 

    Clara: It won't hold forever. 

    Amy: We're all dead!

    Oswin: Not if I do this....

    Clara: Oswin, this is insane! 

    Oswin: This! I just...know this will work! Clara....

    The Daleks are burning their way through the bulkhead. 

    Oswin holds up the time globe in one hand. 

    Oswin: Run, you clever girl. And remember.

    Daleks bursts through the hull. 

    Daleks: Exterminate! Exterminate!  

    Oswin grasp the wiring of the Nexus machinery.

    Clara: Oswin! Nooooooo! 

    Oswin lights up with a blue-white fire that surrounds her body as ethereal energies explode from the time globe and everything goes to white.  

    Scene change: from the all consuming white, we see a blazing yellow sun. Our view shifts down and we see a futuristic spaceport. Standing on a passage way surrounded by a collection of futuristic structures and some good old fashioned trees are Clara and Amy.  

    Clara: Oh. We're...we're on...

    Amy: Earth? 

    Amy hesitantly looks to the sky and for the first time, she relaxes just a little and smiles.

    Clara: Amy, are you...?

    Amy: Earth...and the sun on my face! Oh, I never thought...after nearly 40 years...

    A single tear trickles from Amy's eye. 

    Amy: I never thought I would feel...the sun on my face. 

    Clara smiles and approaches Amy. She takes Amy's hand in hers. 

    Amy looks happy but it fades just a bit. 

    Amy:'re not going to kiss me, are you? 

    Clara: No. 

    Amy: Good. I know...not know...

    Clara: Yeah. 

    Amy: I'm old enough to be your mother. 

    Clara and Amy laugh.  

    The Doctor (voice):  Oh no! No laughing! 

    Clara and Amy turn around and the Doctor is standing there. 

    The Doctor: Laughter leads to bantering then we're in a fine mess. 

    Clara: Doctor! 

    Clara throws herself at the Doctor and wraps him in a big hug. The Doctor is now acting like he does usually does when someone hugs him, awkwardly not hugging back. Clara pulls away as Amy stands nearby. 

    Clara: Doctor, what happened? 

    The Doctor: The impossible, Clara. Simply the impossible. Oswin Oswald saved the Doctor and his friends...for a second time. 

    Clara: She plugged herself into that...Dalek torture machine and...Doctor, she used the globe, the Time of the Dominion. 

    The Doctor shakes his head.  

    The Doctor: The Rani couldn't control it. The Monk could only use a fraction of its power. But I said, impossible. 

    The Doctor smiles at Clara. 

    The Doctor: Apparently all of you are...the Impossible Girl. 

    Amy (voice): Doctor. 

    The smile fades from the Doctor's face. 

    The Doctor: Oh yeah. That. 

    The Doctor turns to face Amy. 

    Amy: You made a promise. 

    Amy draws her sword. 

    Clara: Wait! What's going on? 

    The Doctor: A debt, Clara. One I've promised to repay. 

    The Doctor undoes the button his jacket. 

    Amy: No quips? No clever lies? Not going to talk me out of it?

    The Doctor: No, Amy. I gave my word. 

    Clara: What? Amy? Are you planning to kill the Doctor? 

    Amy: He abandoned me. He betrayed me. I swore I would see him pay for that. 

    Clara: No!

    She pushes herself in front of the Doctor. 

    The Doctor: Clara! Don't...

    Clara: Shut up, Doctor! I'm saving your life!

    Amy: Clara, don't get in my way!

    Clara: Oh yes I will! Don't think I don't know what this man is capable of because I do! I've seen him do cold, hard things and make brutal decisions and yes, people die! People get hurt! I've been hurt! But the Doctor makes the choices when there are no good choices! He fights the battles no one else will or even can! And yes, I will stand here between the Doctor and your sword! Why? Because I'm Clara damn Oswald and I was born to save the Doctor! Born time and time and time again up and down this madman's timeline! And time and time and time again, I'm prepared to die to save the Doctor!

    The Doctor looks like he's not sure what's going to happen next while Amy holds her sword with a look of steely resolve on her face. 

    Amy: Oh, put a sock in it! I'm not going to kill him.

    Amy returns the sword to its sheath.  

    Clara: Oh. Well, good. Fine, then. 

    The Doctor: Amy...

    Amy: No. Really. We're....good. 

    The Doctor: Good?

    Amy: Yeah. Soooooo...what happens now? 

    The Doctor: I...don't know. I really don't know. You are a temporal anomaly and with all the damage the Dalek's inflicted on the time stream and Oswin's very....for lack of a better word, messy fix of that damage. You could wink out of existence any second. Or...

    Amy: Or...?

    The Doctor: Or you could live a long life for many, many years to come. 

    Amy: Or anything in between. 

    The Doctor: Or anything in between. 

    Amy: In other words, that's life. 

    The Doctor: Yes, it is.  

    Clara: So what are you going to do? Will you come with us? 

    Amy: No, Clara. I don't think so. I think...I want to experience the Earth beneath my feet once more. So this is Earth in my future? 

    The Doctor: Yes, about 400 years or so. Not a bad era if you want to stay here. They're doing wonderful things with quantum telemetry and mangoes.  

    Amy: So I guess this is good-bye then. 

    Clara hugs Amy and Amy cautiously hugs her back. Then they step back from each other. Amy turns to the Doctor.

    Amy: I can't believe I'm going to say this, Doctor...

    The Doctor: Yeah?

    Amy: I miss the bowtie. 

    The Doctor smiles. 

    The Doctor: Good-bye, Amy. And good luck. 

    Amy: Doctor. Clara. 

    And with that, Amy turns around and walks away, past the ancient trees and the glistening future.  

    Clara: Is she going to be OK? 

    The Doctor: I have no idea. But, yes, she will.  

    Clara: Hey! We still have a problem! We're missing the TARDIS! 

    The Doctor: Missing? 

    Clara: Yeah, after the Jundoon took off with you, the TARDIS just took off without me! I told you she doesn't like me! 

    The Doctor: No! To change time and keep the Alaska from crashing into the Asylum Planet, the Daleks needed you to be in that ship and not in the TARDIS. I suspect a temporal mine triggered the TARDIS' Hostile Action Displacement System.  

    The Doctor withdraws his sonic screwdriver and begins scanning. 

    Clara: Not the HADS again! Doctor, you need to turn that off! 

    The Doctor: No worries, Clara. Oswin's time explosion is sealing up the fractures in time created by the Monk and the Daleka. The HADS should bring the TARDIS back to us any second....

    Sound FX: Vworp! Vworp! 

    The TARDIS materializes into view.  

    The Doctor:! 

    Clara: So the message to the psychic paper, telling me to go to Thessalonia....

    The Doctor: All part of the plan. The Daleks are very thorough. Go ahead, Clara, open up the TARDIS. 

    Clara reaches for her bag to withdraw the key. 

    The Doctor: No, not that way. 

    Clara looks incredulously at the Doctor. Then she extends her arm and snaps her fingers. The TARDIS doors open. Clara smiles. 

    The Doctor: See? The TARDIS does not hate you. Now time to move along. 

    Clara: Where are we going? 

    The Doctor: Everywhere!

    Clara: Everywhere? Yeah, that sounds good.  

    Clara steps briskly into the TARDIS.  

    The Doctor looks up to the sky before he enters the TARDIS which then vanishes from view. 

    ---the end-----


    And not just for being a particularly long installment but this whole insanity began last year, July 19, 2014, because I thought it might be fun to write a 12th Doctor story BEFORE I had actually seen a 12th Doctor episode. 15 months later, the stories that spun out of that experiment finally wind down to a close. 

    Below are links to the 5th episodes of the three previous stories which in turn have links to episodes 1 through 4.  

    Right now I have no plans for any further fan fictions. I figure the real Doctor Who series and the Christmas special will keep me satisfied through the remainder of 2015. I do have a few ideas for some one-off stories, perhaps even told in prose form instead of as scripts. 

    Leading up the debut of The Magician's Apprentice, episode 1 of Doctor Who Series 9, it will be Doctor Who Week here on the blog. Just some small things to countdown to the new episode and actually throttle down a bit on writing content for this blog for a few days. The week will culminate next Sunday with a review of Saturday's episode which is what I will be posting for the next dozen Sundays.  

    So thanks for popping by and thanks for following along with the chaos and the weirdness of my fan fictions. Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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