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Doctor Who: Prisoners of the Daleks - Episode Four

Hello, Whovians!  

The time is getting so much closer now: ALL NEW episodes of Doctor Who Series 9 set to debut Saturday, September 19th! Permission to "squee"? 


Good thing Missy wasn't here to kill me, huh?  

Anyway, while waiting for the professionals to show their work, I'm posting my own new Doctor Who adventure.

Today is Episode Four of a new fan-fiction of Doctor Who featuring the 12th Doctor and Clara.  
  • This story takes place in Doctor Who before the events of the first episode of Series 9 which debuts September 19th. (Squee.)  
  • As is my want, I write these adventures as a script instead of in prose form. If that's too weird, try to deal.
  • There are references to other adventures in this installment, some from the TV show but others you may not recognize. These connect to previous fan-fictions I have posted here. There will be a glossary at the end of today's post. 
  • DISCLAIMER: This story is not sanctioned by the producers of Doctor Who and the BBC. It is a work of fan-fiction posted with no compensation received by the writer and is not part of any official Doctor Who canon.  

CLICK HERE to access episode one.

CLICK HERE to access episode two. 
CLICK HERE to access episode three.
    And with that, let's get started....

    Prisoners of the Daleks
    Prisoners of the Daleks
    Prisoners of the Daleks

    by David Long
    by David Long 
    by David Long 

    Episode Four  
    Episode Four 
    Episode Four

    Scene opens: The Doctor and Old Amy (the alternate version created and presumably uncreated during the events of The Girl Who Waited) are racing down a hallway. Lights are flashing, clarion alarms are sounding.

    The Doctor: Amy, where are we going?

    Amy: In this direction.

    The Doctor: Why?

    Amy: The Jundoon are chasing us from the other direction. Think it through.

    The Doctor: You know, you're even crankier in your old age.

    Amy: Look, Raggedy Man, I can kill you now as easily as later.

    The Doctor: Did I say "crankier"? I meant "feistier", yeah?

    Our view shifts back in the opposite direction where a phalanx of Jundoon are thundering in pursuit.

    Jundoon: Quarry located. Identified as Doctor, The and Williams, Amelia. Prepare to execute ultimate sanction.

    Architech (voice): No!

    Scene change: back to the Tribunal where the Architect and the Monk are both un-Daleked after the events of the last episode.

    Architech: Both the Doctor and Amy Williams are important to the Dalek stratagem. They must be captured alive.

    Jundoon (voice): But the criminals are in violation of 27....

    The Architect and the Monk hear the sound of an explosion.

    Scene change: the Jundoon have momentarily halted, their body armor smoldering from the after effects of an energy blast.

    Jundoon: Correction: 28 Shadow Proclamation protocols punishable by death!

    Architech (voice): You have your orders!

    The Jundoon resume their pursuit. 

    Back to the Doctor and Amy. Amy is carrying a still smoldering blaster in her hand.

    The Doctor: Where did you get the blaster?

    Amy: From one of the Jundoon I took out earlier.

    The Doctor: That's handy. May I borrow it?

    Before Amy can respond, the Doctor in a swooping motion grabs the blaster from her hand and whirls around, aiming it down the corridor towards the pursuing Jundoon.

    Amy: Doctor?

    The Doctor squeezes the trigger and a blast of energy explodes forth but instead of hitting the Jundoon, it strikes the ceiling bringing down a cascade of rubble, blocking the Jundoon's path.

    The Doctor turns back towards Amy, tossing her the blaster.

    The Doctor: There you go. Thanks.

    Amy reholsters the blaster.

    Amy: C'mon. This way!

    Scene change:  exterior of Starship Alaska soaring through space. 

    Announcement (voice over): Starship Alaska has entered the Ch’bari sector. We will be in orbit over Thessalonia in 1 hour.

    Scene change: interior of Starship Alaska as people move about doing things people do on a spaceship. The announcement repeats in the background. 

    Clara Oswald approaches Oswin Oswald who's standing by a portal looking out into space. Oswin has a painful expression.

    Clara: Oswin? Oswin, are you all right?

    Oswin: Yeah.

    Clara looks at Oswin with a doubtful expression.

    Oswin: OK, not yeah.

    Clara: What's up?

    Oswin: It's just....I knew, I really knew that I wanted to get into space. No, it wasn't that I wanted to see the stars as much as I HAD to see them. But after that whole business with the ship nearly crashing...

    Clara: Which you totally kept from happening.

    Oswin: Yeah, there's that. So I'm in space, I did an awesome thing and

    Clara: You feel lost.

    Oswin turns towards Clara with a smile.

    Oswin: How do you keep doing that?

    Clara: Doing what?

    Oswin: Knowing what I'm thinking?

    Clara: Just lucky, I guess.

    Oswin winces in pain.

    Clara: Oswin?

    Oswin: Sorry. Headache. As if I didn't have enough going on in my head. But never mind that. Clara, when are you going to tell me who you really are?

    Clara folds her arms, turns away and looks out at the stars. For a moment she closes her eyes.

    Flashback: Again we see Clara plummeting down the Doctor's timeline, being splintered into different versions of herself.

    Back to the present and Clara turns back towards Oswin.

    Clara: I don't think you're cut out for life on a starship.

    Oswin: What?

    Clara (with a sly smile): You can do so much better.

    Scene change: Back to the Architect and the Monk in the Tribunal.

    Architect: I have Jundoon forces blocking all the starcraft bays and the Doctor does not have his TARDIS. He has no chance to escape.

    The Monk: Wrong. There is a chance.

    The Monk starts to walk away.

    Architect: Where are you going?

    The Monk: To the only place they will go.

    Architect: Monk!

    The Monk stops. He doesn't turn around.

    Architect: Do you...feel it? the back of your brain?

    The Monk: You mean, the brain that the Daleks have rearranged for their own...purposes?

    Architect: I feel...something....back there. it...hurts.

    The Monk: It's one tiny speck that the Daleks have not reprogrammed in us. It's called self-loathing.

    Then the Monk exits. 

    Scene change: Amy and the Doctor racing down a corridor. They stop at a certain door. Amy tries the door. 

    Amy: The Monk's quarters. Locked, of course. So the sonic screwdriver saves the day? 

    The Doctor: Not today, Amy. 

    The Doctor fumbles through his pockets.

    The Doctor: I left the sonic with my friend. To protect her. A-ha!

    The Doctor withdraws a paperclip and begins working on a computer panel next to the door. Amy reaches for her blaster.

    Amy: I could just...

    The Doctor: Not yet, Amy. No sense drawing unwanted attention. 

    Amy: Just as well. Bloody thing needs to recharge anyway. 

    The Doctor: The Jundoon and the Architect are too locked into lateral thinking. They will assume we'll make a break for the starcraft bays.

    Amy: The Monk won't.

    The Doctor: No but I suspect that the Monk, even under the influence of the Daleks, is a bit too provincial to share his toys with all his playmates. Still, he will know what we're up to so I need to get this lot sorted out quick.

    Amy: Doctor?

    The Doctor (still working on the panel): Yes, Amy?

    Amy: You mentioned your...friend. But not by name. It's not Amy, the younger me? And Rory?

    The Doctor continues to ply away at the panel but there's a look in his eyes that suggests pain and guilt.

    The Doctor: longer travel with me.

    Amy: What happened?

    The Doctor: They settled down. Had a long life together.

    Amy: Had? They're...dead?

    The Doctor: I'm a Time Lord, Amy. To me, everyone is dead. But also everyone is alive and everyone hasn't even been born yet. Hold on! I've almost got this panel....

    The door hisses open.

    The Doctor: Sorted. C'mon.

    The Doctor and Amy enter an almost empty room, as if the Monk is actually trying to live like his namesake.

    Amy: What about my daughter? Is River....

    The Doctor: Hold on! What's that?

    In a room with very little, anything will stand out. On a table is a small wooden box of simple design.

    The Doctor reaches out his outstretched hands towards the box.

    The Doctor: Do you feel it?

    Amy: Feel it? Feel what?

    The Doctor walks up to the box and lifts up the lid.

    The Doctor: Of course. What else could it be?

    Amy: What's in there? 

    The Doctor removes from the box a glass-like globe. Faint lights and a sort of swirling fog move around inside. 

    The Doctor: Time, Amy. Time as a raw, untempered force. Otherwise known as the Time of the Dominion. 

    Scene change: interior of the Alaska. Clara and Oswin are still talking. 

    Oswin: Really? I can do better?  

    Clara: If I can find my friend's ship on Thessalonia and more importantly, get my friend back from God knows should come with us.

    Oswin: Where're you going?

    Clara smiles.

    Clara: Everywhere.

    Oswin smiles back;

    Oswin: Everywhere, huh? I've always wanted to go there.

    But abruptly the smile vanishes from Oswin's face as she winces in pain again.

    Oswin: Ow!

    Clara: Oswin? Your headache...?

    Oswin: Feels like something's coming through my skull.

    Clara puts an arm around Oswin's shoulder.

    Clara: C'mon! Let's get you to the infirmary!

    Scene change: the Monk's quarters with the Doctor and Amy. 

    Amy: Time of the what now?

    The Doctor: Time of the Dominion. It's something I've encountered before. An old enemy of mine, the Rani, attempted to use it to reverse the Time War and restore Gallifrey to its former power. She lost control of it and nearly destroyed, well, everything. 

    Amy: What happened? 

    The Doctor: I talked her out of it. 

    Amy stares fiercely at the Doctor. 

    The Doctor: I...convinced her to harness the Time of the Dominion for one last time, restore the natural balance of things. 

    Amy: One last time...

    The Doctor: Yes. 

    Amy: So this person, the Rani? She's dead, isn't she?

    The Doctor: Yes. 

    Amy turns away, her back to the Doctor. 

    Amy: Rory was right. You make people want to impress you. 

    Amy turns back towards the Doctor, her eyes flaring. 

    Amy: Even your enemies, Doctor! What lies did you tell her? 

    Flashback: a flat desert plain in slightly varying hues of grey. The Doctor and the Rani, both dressed in black, stand against a storm tossed background.

    The Doctor: You must become the Dominion once more and re-exert your will. Except...your will must be...all should be as it was.

    The Rani: I...won't survive, will I? 

    The Doctor sadly shakes his head no.*

    Back to the present:  The Doctor here is also shaking his head no.

    The Doctor: No, I did not lie to her.  

    Then a dawn of realization comes over his face.

    The Doctor: But...but...oh, she lied to me!

    Amy: Wha...?

    The Doctor: Or maybe she herself was deceived.

    Amy: Doctor....

    The Doctor: Shush! Thinking! She said she got the Time of the Dominion from the Eternals but I'm suspecting more than a little help came from the Monk! The last time I met the Monk, he was attempting to reverse a fixed moment in time.  

    Flashback: a sunny day in a present day London park as the Doctor confronts the Monk.  

    The Monk: I have work to do!

    The Doctor forcefully grabs the Monk by the shoulders and turns him around.

    The Doctor: No, you don't! We can't afford to have you meddle with this moment! You're a Time Lord! You know that!

    The Monk: Please, I'm trying to make things right!

    The Doctor: Make things right? What you're about to do will destroy 200,000 years of human achievement and put the entire universe at risk!**

    Back to the present: the Doctor is pacing as Amy looks on. 

    The Doctor: But that wasn't his first go! No! It had to be the Monk who manipulated events to bring the meta crisis Master and his son together.  

    Flashback:  A darkened lab where the Master's son in the body of Adam Masterson is with the head of the Master (John Simm version) in a canister.

    Adam: I...will not let you down, father.

    The Master: There's no way you can.*** 

    Return to the present: The Monk's quarters. 

    Amy: Doctor, we need to be....

    The Doctor: Shh! I'm working this out! It's coming together! It had to be the Monk who saved the head created from the genetic human/Time Lord meta crisis. Of course! The head canister was ancient Gallifreyan tech! The Monk always...

    The Monk(voice): ...had a soft spot for older Time Lord technology. 

    The Monk enters the room. Amy draws her sword.

    Amy: Stay back, Monk, or I'll....

    The Monk withdraws a blaster and fires. An energy beam strikes Amy.

    The Doctor: No!

    Amy falls to the floor. 

    Scene change: Interior of the Alaska. Clara has her arm around Oswin's shoulder as she leads her down the ship's corridor. 

    Clara: C'mon! The infirmary's this way!

    Oswin: Ow! If I could just get a minute...away from these lights...

    Clara: Hold on, I think that's...

    Clara leads Oswin through a door into a large semi-darkened room.

    Clara: Yep, looks like a galley. Good thing we're here between meals. It should be nice and quiet in here.

    Clara gently guides Oswin to a chair.

    Oswin: Ow!

    Clara: Hold still. Let me get you some water.

    Clara turns away from Oswin and heads towards a dispenser with some glasses nearby. She pours a glass of water.

    Clara: After you rest a bit, we really need to get you to...

    Suddenly the already dim lighting in the galley dims even further for a moment. Clara looks up.

    Clara: ...the infirmary. Um, that's weird.

    Clara turns around with the glass of water in her hand.

    Clara: Here you go, have some wa-

    Suddenly there is a bright beam of light that strikes Clara. The glass falls and shatters on the floor. Clara falls backward unconscious on the floor as well. Our view pulls back and we see Oswin from the back, standing, obscured by shadows.

    Oswin (voice, slightly distorted): Clara Oswald...

    Our view moves around and we see Oswin with a Dalek eye stalk in her forehead, a Dalek blaster extending from her palm.

    Oswin Dalek: ...has been acquired

    Scene change: the Monk's quarters. Amy is on the floor as the Doctor rushes to her. The Monk is holding a blaster.

    The Monk: Pity. I did have such high hopes for her.  

    The Doctor: What did you...?

    The Doctor kneels next to Amy to confirm she is still breathing.

    The Doctor: Still alive.

    The Monk: Of course. Stun setting, Doctor. We are not barbarians, we are gentlemen.

    The Doctor eyes him warily as the Monk puts away the blaster. 

    The Doctor: You've been manipulating events for quite awhile. 

    The Monk: Oh Doctor you have no idea.  

    Flashback: The 11th Doctor puts away a cell phone into his pocket. 

    11th Doctor: There was no way we could surprise him but we have something better. Now this so-called "Time God" afraid. Gentlemen....

    Our view pulls out. The interior of the TARDIS, specifically the TARDIS of the 11th Doctor. And surrounding him are the 10 previous versions of himself.

    Then we move back to a close up of the 11th Doctor looking straight ahead.

    11th Doctor: Geronimo.****

    Back to the present: the Monk's quarters.  

    The Doctor: Even the Dalek Time God? That's absurd! 

    The Monk: The Daleks have been involved in a very, very long term strategy. Despite your best efforts, Doctor, the Time War never truly came to an end. But the Daleks have set the players on the battlefield and victory is within their....well, I was going to say "grasp" but you get my meaning. 

    The Doctor (the globe is in his hand): And you've been using this, the Time of the Dominion, to alter points in time, even fixed points, to help the Daleks.

    The Monk (sighs): Doctor, you know I'm a coward. I tried to flee the Time War. Only to run right towards the Daleks, my tormentors for nearly, oh, 2 or 3 centuries. You would think they would run out of new ways to torture over the course of hundreds of years but no...

    The Doctor: How did you get this?

    The Monk: Oh you mean...

    The Monk gestures and the globe flies out of the Doctor's hand and into the Monk's grasp.

    The Monk: ...this? It was a gift. Sort of. OK, I stole it.

    Flashback: a harsh barren range of rocks and sand, a harsh sun beating down, a lone man struggling to crawl. It's the Monk.

    The Monk (voice): I did manage to escape the Daleks but centuries of torture and the unforgiving landscape where I escaped left me near death. I didn't care. I was free of the Daleks. I would die but I would not die as their prisoner. 

    The Monk collapses on the ground. Then an humanoid figure appears as of floating over the ground, framed by the blinding glow of the sun.

    The Monk (voice): Then there they were, my salvation.

    Back to the present: the Monk's quarters. 

    The Doctor: Who?

    The Monk: Eternals.

    The Doctor: I've met them.

    The Monk: I thought them a myth. But they saved me. And as a reward for surviving, the Eternals gave me way of leaving it unguarded. I think to them, this is a toy.

    The Doctor: It's hardly a toy.

    The Monk: Oh, I most certainly agree! But just tapping even the smallest part of it's power, I was able to save the head of the man who thought he was the Master...

    Flashback: The Monk placing the canister holding the Master's head on a table.

    The Monk (voice):  And I saved and guided the young man who was the Master's son.

    We see the Monk bending down to take the hand of a young and very frightened looking Harold Saxon Jr.

    The Monk (voice): He so needed guidance after that first regeneration. 

    Back to the present: the Monk's quarters

    The Monk: But I had not dared tap the true power of the Dominion and, as I said, Doctor, I am a coward. So I arranged for this to fall into the Rani's hands.

    Amy starts to stir, the Doctor looks down at her momentarily.

    The Doctor: Amy? Are you...?

    Amy: Fine. I'll be...fine.

    The Doctor turns his attention back to the Monk.

    The Doctor: So you let the Rani crack it open, as it were, let her take the brunt of whatever went wrong. 

    Amy shakily stands up.

    The Monk: There was no risk to me. I have, as you've seen, developed a bond with this globe. And so it returned to me when the Rani's efforts ended in devastation. I have to admit, I was a bit taken a back by the enormity of its power. So I sought a place a quiet contemplation.

    Flashback: the monastery we saw at the end of The Son of the Master.

    The Monk (voice): I became an actual monk to find peace and understanding in my life and in this incredible power I had found.

    A long wooden dining table surrounded by the Monk and the other monks.

    The Monk (voice): All I found...

    The monks stiffen up as eye stalks begin protruding through their foreheads.

    Back to the present: the Monk's quarters. 

    The Monk: Were my tormentors once more. 

    And with that, the Architect and a Jundoon enter the room followed by a Dalek.

    Amy: Doctor, it’s a Dalek.

    The Doctor: I think we’re all up to speed on that, Amy. 

    Dalek: You will be silent!

    The Doctor: Me? Silent? I’m the Doctor, I’m known for my gift of gab. And I have a Scottish accent now which means I can complain about things all day. For example, what you’ve done with the Shadow Proclamation? I really don’t like….

    Dalek: SILENCE!

    The Doctor: …it.

    Dalek: Your approval is irrelevant! While you have been detained here, Daleks have positioned themselves in key points along your time line.!This, Doctor, is when the Time War truly ends, with the Daleks victorious over all our enemies.

    The Doctor: Really? You’re still reading from the same playbook. You’ve bloody said the same thing a million times before! What’s so different now?

    Dalek: We have the Nexus.

    The Doctor: The Nexus? What’s the Nexus?

    Dalek: The source of your strength, Doctor. And your greatest weakness. 

    Our view zooms down the Dalek’s eye stalk to pitch black

    In the blackness, we hear a voice.

    Clara (voice): H-hello? What…? Wh…where am I? Oh my God! Where am I?

    Clara is becoming increasingly frantic.

    Clara (voice): Oswin? Doctor? DOCTOR!!

    Suddenly a thin red line pierces the darkness followed in quick succession by more and more lines of varying color. We can start to see some of Clara. She’s lying flat on her back.

    Clara (very scared now): What? What’s going on? What’s happening??

    As illumination increases, we see Clara is lying spread-eagle, secured in a mass of wires, electronics and machinery

    Clara (frightened beyond all reason): No! NO! Get me out of here! Doctor! DOCTOR! Doctor, save me! Please!

    Suddenly we zoom up from Clara into a narrow tube that echoes with Clara’s screams. Then we pop out of the tube and out through the eye piece of a Dalek. The Dalek is surrounded by hundreds of other Daleks. This Dalek is screaming.

    Dalek: Save me! Doctor! Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    -----to be continued--------

    Next week: the fifth and final installment of...

    Prisoners of the Daleks 

    How is it going to end? 

    Your guess is as good as mine. 

    Here are the links to previous fan fictions I've written referenced in today's installment. 

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    I'll be back with another blog post tomorrow and more Doctor Who next Sunday. 

    Until then, be good to one another.

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