Monday, September 21, 2015

Meanwhile and Elsewhere...

While I was kind of/sort of away during last week’s Doctor Who Week, what’s been going on in other areas of questionably lesser import?

  • Donald Trump is still stupid and still leads in the polls.  
  • Too many Syrian refugees still have nowhere to go.          
  • Too many people still got shot in the United States.
  • KY Clerk of Court Kim Davis is still a douche.
  • House Republicans still think that shutting down the government is a good idea to get their way even though that never works.
In other words, same shit, different week.

So let’s move on…


The hysteria CBS induced has died down a bit but Stephen Colbert is still rocking the Late Show with sharp comedy and even sharper interviews (at least with the non-Hollywood set.) Meanwhile, Stephen’s best bud from over at Comedy Central, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, showed up on Capitol Hill to try to get Congress to agree that providing health care assistance to first responders from 9/11 is a good idea and actually fund that program. Depressingly for Jon Stewart and other normal human beings, it was a bit of an uphill battle.

Likely the same people who are being recalcitrant about funding the first responders health plan are also the types who would question climate change which means that won’t be listening to another former late night talk show host. It seems that a documentary about climate change on the National Geographic channel will be hosted by…David Letterman. Yes, Dave’s 1st gig post CBS Late Show is a documentary on National Geographic.

Oh, and Dave will be doing this in India.

So that’s a thing.


DC cancelled a bunch of comics including one of the smartest, well done books DC publishes, Omega Men. Writer Tim King thought he had at least 12 issues to tell his tale of terror and treachery. But Omega Men ends with issue #7. Until, that it is, it was UNcancelled. DC co-publisher Jim Lee noted that the fans were promised 12 issues, DC is going to deliver 12 issues. So good on DC for making a good decision. Maybe this brush with death will boost Omega Men's notoriety and increase sales.  

Still on the chopping block is (and this one breaks my heart!) Batman ’66. I have enjoyed the hell out of this book and as much as I am down with Snyder & Capullo on the main Batman book (even with Jim Gordon as Giant Blue Bunny Batman!), I would say that Batman ’66 is my favorite Batman book. So naturally it has to go. Yeah, there’s a couple of special projects with our Batman ’66 gang. (A crossover with The Man From UNCLE, for example) but it’s not the same as seeing Jeff Parker and company continue to mash up the Batman TV program with comics mythology on a consistently clever basis month after month. 

On the subject of DC and Batman, there was the welcome announcement that Bill Finger, the writer acknowledged but not credited as the true creator of Batman, will receive credit in this upcoming season of Gotham over on FOX and next year’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. What form that credit will take is unknown at this time but it’s a very significant step forward in officially recognizing Bill’s role in the creation of arguably the greatest comic book character of all time.

Over  at Marvel, Secret Wars will never, ever end. 

Doctor Who _______________________

Yes, even as daily Doctor Who posts were appearing on this blog last week, there was breaking Doctor Who news, specifically the announcement that Jenna Coleman will no longer be playing Clara Oswald after Series 9 is through. Apparently she’ll be playing a teenage Queen Victoria for a big production over on ITV. There seems to be some questions about the details of her departure. I could’ve sworn I heard that Jenna was on the set of the Christmas special but I’m hearing reports that say she was not. Furthermore, the word is that Jenna will be leaving Doctor Who during Series 9, suggesting an exit before the actual end of the season. How will all this play out? Your guess is as good as mine.

So that’s enough catching up for now. Thanks for dropping by. Remember to be good to one another and I’ll be back here with another post tomorrow.


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