Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Doctor Who Week: Peeking At the Weeks To Come

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This is Doctor Who Week here on the old blog thing in advanced of the debut of Doctor Who Series 9 this Saturday, September 19th.  

As I noted in yesterday's post, it seems there has been a more effective lid on Series 9 deets than there was last year. That being said, there are few things we know. 

Michelle Gomez is back as Missy. 
As much as I enjoyed Missy's romp of terror as the regenerated Master, I was bit surprised to see her return so soon after the end of Series 8. But that serves to upend expectations by having Missy appear so early in Series 9 instead of drawing out a return that we know is going to happen sooner or later.  

Ingrid Oliver is back as Osgood. 
Or Osgood's evil twin. Osgood's tragic demise in Death In Heaven at the hands of the gleefully insane Missy was a particular point of horror for Whovians. Osgood was one of us in the actual Whoniverse and to see her summarily executed as a bit hard to take. Steven Moffat assured us that Osgood was dead, deader than dead, the deadest dead person in Deadtown. Of course, the Moffat lies. We do know the Zygons are part of the story of "Osgood's return" and a Zygon had shapeshifted to impersonate Osgood in Day of the Doctor. Who, exactly, is the Osgood we're getting back?  

Maisie Williams is back debuts as Susan we don't know. 
The young actress from Game of Thrones appears on Doctor Who playing a character we have been told is significant to the Doctor Who mythos. The most prominent speculation is that Maisie will portray a regenerated version of Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter. Moffat has said, however, that Maisie is not playing a returning character. Again, it must be noted that the Moffat lies. It is particularly telling that when appearing on a Doctor Who panel, Peter Capaldi was asked who would he think the Doctor would most want to meet in all of time and space; Peter answered that the Doctor would really want to see his granddaughter again.   

  • Other random speculations for the upcoming series suggests the return of Davros and the Doctor explores the mystery of "who frowned me this face?" 
  • We have been advised that Clara will no longer be splitting her life between Earth and the TARDIS and will throw herself full tilt into adventuring with the Doctor. 
  • And we're seeing several two parters this season after years of emphasis on standalone episodes.   
  • And if you thought Peter Capaldi was good last year, the advanced buzz is he really it hits it out of the park this year. 

Well, that's enough looking towards the future. Let's take a moment to look to the past, Tonight, the El family will be venturing forth from the Fortress of Ineptitude to experience the season finale of Series 8 in glorious 3-D! I'll be back tomorrow with a post about that. 

The countdown continues....4 days to go! 

HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

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