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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time#12

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Dave-El here and this is Doctor Who Saturday! Today we present part 12 of The Nemesis Who Stole Time, my sprawling multi-Doctor train wreck epic adventure!
But if you're interested in some REAL Doctor Who 50th Anniversary stuff, click here for a special trailer released by the BBC.
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But that's over a month away while today, I have a universe to destroy. Or not. We'll see how things go, OK?
Guys and gals, I'm dispensing with the recap. You've made it this far, you have as much idea what's going as I do (maybe more). But if you do need to refresh your memory, here are...
Part Seven
Part Ten
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The Nemesis Who Stole Time

Part 12



Scene opens: Inside the big stone structure with Daleks surrounding the TARDIS and blasting it with energy beams all the while screaming:

The Doctor must be destroyed!

Obliterate the TARDIS!




The glow of energy becomes completely blinding and then it recedes. In the center of the encircled Daleks is a glowing, smoldering pit of ash and smoke.

The Daleks exclaim:

The TARDIS is destroyed!

The enemy of the Daleks is defeated!

The Doctor has been exterminated.

Cut to: The chamber where the tentacled form of The One, the Supreme Dalek Commander of Time, surrounded by endless Daleks.

The One: The Doctor…was destroyed…before he…arrived here. Such is…my dominion…over time. And this Doctor’s passing irrevocably…shatters the Doctor’s…timeline. His death…in the now…will destroy him…in his past…and his future…as the Daleks grow in power…as I the Supreme Dalek Commander of Time grows in power! All time! All space! All the planes of existence! All will be the dominion of the Daleks! ALL HAIL THE DALEKS!


The One (quietly to himself): All hail…to ME.

Fade to black.

Graphic appears: Five minutes earlier.

Scene change: Interior TARDIS. Loud explosions boom and echo through the walls in the dimly lit interior as glowing cracks appear all around in the walls. The 5th Doctor and Clara observe this with no small amount of panic.

Clara: The TARDIS is dead? Doctor, we’ve got to do something!

5th Doctor: Well, I do have several ideas!

Clara: Thank goodness!

5th Doctor: Unfortunately they all involve the TARDIS not being dead!

Clara: That’s not very helpful, Doctor!

5th Doctor: I know!

Clara: So what do we do?

5th Doctor: I’m sorry, Clara! I’m so sorry but I don’t know.

Suddenly over the sounds of the booming explosions, the Doctor and Clara hear VWORP! VWORP! Inside the shattering, smoking, sparking interior of the TARDIS console rooms appears…a blue police box! The door opens and the 2nd Doctor pops his head out.

2nd Doctor: I say, what a mess it is out here!

3rd Doctor appears behind him.

3rd Doctor: There’s not time to waste! You two! In here! Now!

4th Doctor’s head appears behind the 3rd Doctor’s.

4th Doctor: Oh, don’t forget the Hypercube!

From inside the TARDIS, we hear the voice of the 1st Doctor.

1st Doctor: Get out of the door and let them in!

The 5th Doctor yanks the cube out of the console and he and Clara rush inside the other TARDIS.

The walls of the TARDIS console room gives way in a gigantic explosion as the other TARDIS dematerializes.

Scene change: Interior of the TARDIS console room (the “other” TARDIS) The 5th Doctor and Clara stand stunned for a moment as the 1st Doctor approaches.

1st Doctor: Good to have you aboard, dear lady. You too…young fellow.

5th Doctor: This is….impossible.

Our view expands as we see a clean, brightly lit, operational TARDIS control room with the Doctors 1 through 4 as well as Romana who approaches the 5th Doctor and holds out her hands.

Romana: May I?

5th Doctor: Hmm? What? Oh! Right…

5th Doctor hands her the Hypercube.

Clara: Well, impossible or not, I’m glad to see a TARDIS that’s not exploding.

Suddenly, there’s a loud pop as the console sparks and a puff of smoke comes out.

Clara: Well, mostly not exploding.

4th Doctor leans over the console and wipes it with the end of his scarf.

4th Doctor: There, there, old thing. We’ll get you fixed up

3rd Doctor: Sorry, dear girl. We had to hot wire this TARDIS  in order to home in on your TARDIS.

2nd Doctor: “Hot wire?”

3rd Doctor: I’ve been spending a lot of time around cars lately.

5th Doctor: And how did you find us?

Doctors 1 thru 4 mutter amongst themselves then Romana raises her hand and smiles.

Romana: Me! Thankfully there was a small register of an energy signature left in the TARDIS from our recent quest for the Key to Time. I was able to route that through the particle wave omnitron pulse cable into the Heisenberg buffers…

4th Doctor: She did a clever thing.

Romana: I did a clever thing.

5th Doctor: But materializing a TARDIS inside of another TARDIS is exceedingly…

1st Doctor: Dangerous?

2nd Doctor: Reckless?

3rd Doctor: Irresponsible?

5th Doctor: Well…yes. And yes and yes!

4th Doctor: Well, we did it anyway.

1st Doctor (grasping his lapels): Because, dear fellow, that’s what I do.

1st, 2nd and 4th Doctors: Ahem.

1st Doctor: Yes, what WE do.

Romana: And besides, your TARDIS was dead. The interlocution of temporal energies that would cause a dimensional inversion was…

4th Doctor: It was a very clever thing.

Romana (smiling very brightly): Yes, very clever!

5th Doctor: Yes, yes, very clever! But how are the four of you together?

Clara (surprised expression): River?! River Song?!

We see the TARDIS monitor and River Song is there, suspended in the dark limbo.

River: Clara, sweetie! Good to see you!

Clara: River, what are doing in there?

River:  Supposedly maintaining some semblance of temporal balance while trying to control my nausea. Oh, I hate time eddys.

5th Doctor (looking towards the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Doctors): This is from the point in my past when the Time Lords brought three of my selves together to deal with…a major crisis. (Pointing at the 1st Doctor) But part of me was…you were stuck in a time eddy!

1st Doctor: Which the lovely young woman up there agreed to take my place.

River: I lost (blurp!!) the coin toss.

Romana (working with the Hypercube): Sorry about that.

River: No, you’re not.

Romana: No, I’m not.

5th Doctor: But you (looking towards the 4th Doctor) and I were not part of that moment in time, not like on Gallifrey.

2nd Doctor: Gallifrey? When?

3rd Doctor: Their past, our future apparently.

5th Doctor: Adding us to this moment, their moment, is incredibly dangerous!

4th Doctor: The Great Negation is not be taken lightly! In order to stop it, we’re going to have to break a few of the Laws of Time.

3rd Doctor: Dear boy, we’re not breaking the laws of time, we’re pulverizing them!

2nd Doctor: Oh, that’s clever.

3rd Doctor: Thank you!

2nd Doctor: You should use that again some time.

1st Doctor: Trust me, he will.

2nd and 3rd Doctor: What?

5th Doctor: I’m sorry. It’s just…I’ve done…so much.

River (from the monitor): You experienced another reverse – regeneration.

5th Doctor: Yes, I have. From my 6th persona to this.

River: So you remember…

5th Doctor: I remember the future. The way it is and the way it’s supposed to be, thanks to Clara.

River: Clara?

Clara: Yeah, I seem to be helping to carry the Doctor’s marbles for him.

1st Doctor: Ahem! This is all quite enlightening in its own way, I suppose, but we really can’t afford to dilly dally any longer. (pauses) Our future awaits!.

Scene change: a long dark hallway with stone walls. Inset at intervals along the walls are cells with iron bars. From the far end of the hall, we hear a singing, sad and mournful singing.

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”

We zoom in closer to a particular cell.

“Nobody knows my sorrow!”

Through the bars we see a dark haired man in a black coat and jeans.

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”.

It’s Jack Harkness.

Jack (singing): Nobody knows but-

Jack stops with the sound of a metallic click. Jack looks to the cell door. It slowly swings open with a rusty squeak.

Jack stands up slowly and warily faces the door.

Jack: I suppose I should be grateful but what’s waiting outside that door I wonder?

Jack edges cautiously forward.

Jack:  A stone hand around my neck. Banishment to a distant exile somewhere in time.

Above Jack, we hear a noise through the stone ceiling. The muffled but still unmistakable sounds of Daleks. Jack looks up.

Jack: Or a Dalek’s eyestalk? I’ve been killed by Daleks before. It’s not at all pleasant.

Jack touches the device on this wrist.

Jack: Vortex manipulator…still not working. Some kind of temporal interference.

Jack takes a deep breath and steps right up to the edge of the cell door.

Jack: Of course, I do know that if I hear myself sing that damn song one more time….

Jack steps out and quickly looks to his right and left.

There are Weeping Angels on either side on him…with their backs turned.

Jack: Oooooo-kay. Did not expect that.

With his initial hesitation falling away, Jack begins to walk faster up the hall way until he reaches a circular atrium with stone walls and columns. In the pale light, Jack looks around and sees statues, Weeping Angels, lined around the room and all with their backs to him.

Jack: Yep, that’s weird. And... something…. feels…

Jack looks at his right forearm; he moves his left hand warily over it.

Jack: Tingling. Some kind of energy field nearby. And it feels…familiar.

Jack stops in his tracks. There is only one Angel not with the others along walls. This one is in the middle of the room and facing him. It’s Martha Jones, her features frozen in stone.

Jack: Martha! Oh God, Martha. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you…save you. I…I was so impressed from the moment I first met you and…and you deserve better…than this…

The muffled sounds of Daleks through the stone ceiling shakes Jack out of his reverie. Jack hesitantly walks past Martha. Along the far wall is a section with no Angels standing. In the wall is a door.

Jack: OK, that door, huh? But why? Is this a trap? Why not just take me out right at the cell door? I don’t know where this is going. So, Jack Harkness, let’s do what we always do.

Jack straightens up and walks briskly to the door and opens it. Instantly a golden light pours out of the doorway.

Jack (in awe): Oh my….

Scene change: we see a wall of a house and the top of a bed’s head board. Then abruptly sitting up, the 6th Doctor’s face fills our view.

6th Doctor (exclaiming): No more carrot juice!

Pull out and we see the 6th Doctor sitting up in bed and breathing heavily as he looks about him anxiously.

6th Doctor: What? Where? The TARDIS?

Then the 6th Doctor’s attention is caught by a rumbling noise outside the bedroom door, like several feet running upon the stairs. Suddenly swinging open the door is the 11th Doctor followed closely by Doctors 7 through 10.

11th Doctor (sonic screwdriver trilling in his hand): Oy! About time you woke up! Lolly gagging about in a nap why the rest of me has to do all the work!

6th Doctor: What?

10th Doctor (his sonic screw driver out as well): Both his hearts are in a steady rhythm. (Pats 6th Doctor on the cheek.) Good man! Always good to have a steady sense of rhythm. Never know when Ringo Starr might need a fill in on the drums on the Ed Sullivan Show. Oh, I promised I wouldn’t brag about that.

11th Doctor (leaning over the 6th Doctors head with his screw driver): Quiet! I’m trying to listen to his brain!

6th Doctor: I…

9th Doctor: Hey, you need to keep your strength up. Here!

9th Doctor tosses the 6th Doctor a banana which he catches.

8th Doctor: Bananas! Is that your answer for everything?

9th Doctor: Hey, I like bananas!

7th Doctor: Well, my…er, his reflexes seem sharp enough.

6th Doctor: Excuse…

11th Doctor: Hello! (pointing at 6th Doctor’s head) Brain! To it! Must listen! Shhh!

6th Doctor: But…

11th Doctor: Shhh!

Screwdriver hums, then the 11th Doctor flicks his wrists and checks the readings.

11th Doctor: The pluripotency of the astrocytes are a bit on the low side but the interneron pathways appear to be fully functional.

9th Doctor: His brain is fine.

11th Doctor: That’s what I said.

6th Doctor: EXCUSE ME!!!

All the other Doctors stop talking. The 6th Doctor swings his legs over the side of the bed and stands up.

6th Doctor: I’ve got three things to say. One: I’m fine! That last reverse regeneration was a bit traumatic but my time in the coma helped me to heal.  But that time of rest is over because…Two: I received an important and urgent mental message and we have much work to do. And Three: Where is my coat?

8th Doctor leans over to 11th Doctor.

8th Doctor (whispering): He actually wants that coat? I thought you said his brain was fine.

Scene change:  a dark place, lit by only a dull red glow. We see several figures in this murky place. Standing or sitting in  very cramped proximity are various versions of the Master.

Master: I’m hungry.

Master: Shut up!

Master: I’m hungry!

Master: SHUT UP!

Master: Shut up, both of you!

Master: You have no voice here, you doddering old fool! I hated you!

Master: Then you hated yourself.

Master: This is madness! I am the Master!

Master: Ha! Yes, Master of hell!

Master: Better than servant in heaven?

Master: Heaven or hell? I should rule all!

Master: You can rule ALL of this.

Master: Perhaps hell is our destiny.

Master: Shut up!

Master: I’m hungry!

Master: SHUT UP! 

Master: Why?


All the other Masters stop and look at their most recent arrival.

Master: Why did this happen?

All the other Masters start laughing. Master turns to glare at his other selves.

The One (voice): You wish…to know…the truth.

Master stands up defiantly.

Master: You! You betrayed me! I was your partner!

The One (appearing in a glowing translucent form): You…were my pawn.

The other Masters keep laughing.

Master: I delivered the Great Negation!

The One: You…delivered nothing.

The other Masters can’t stop laughing.

The One: You were but a spark….to set all of creation burning…as was my will.



Master: Oh, this is rich! The One trapped me! Tortured me! Using the Weeping Angels, he reversed my regeneration! And shunted me to this cozy little dead pocket dimension.

Master: And then...he did it again!

Master: And again!

And all the collected Masters say over and over: "And again! And again! And again!"

Master (to all the other Masters): STOP IT! STOP IT, damn you ALL! (turning towards the image of The One) And damn you! WHY?!

The One: The regeneration energies…of a Time Lord…were required to control…the destructive forces in my quest to conquer all.

Master: The Great Negation.

The One (tentacles flailing everywhere): FOOL! There is…NO Great Negation! It is a MYTH! The power of destruction…is of MY creation! I brought forth…the darkness! I bring forth…the end…of all things! I am…MORE…than the Supreme Dalek Commander of Time! I…am…a GOD of TIME!

Master looks crestfallen. The other Masters behind him are still laughing.

The One (settling down): But you…my little…acolyte were found…wanting.

Master: Oh, you’re gonna love this part!

Master: Wanting?

The One: In addition to…the energies it provided….there was another purpose….to be served by your…reversing regenerations. But that goal….fell short.

Master: Why?

Master: Oh, here it comes!

The One: Because you….”Master”…are…insignificant.

The One’s image vanishes as the other Masters begin laughing hysterically.

Master: Insignificant? How dare you! I AM THE MASTER! I am not insignificant!

And we pull out at the dimly lit red area of the condemned Masters becomes a small dot then complete darkness as the Master’s ranting and the laughter of the other Masters fades away as dying echoes.

Then we fade out of the darkness to the face of the 11th Doctor then we move from face to face to each other.

11th Doctor: Contact

10th Doctor: Contact

9th Doctor: Contact

8th Doctor: Contact

7th Doctor: Contact

We pull out and see energy swirling around them, flowing out of a window where the 6th Doctor (back in his garish coat) stands on a small hill behind the house and channels those energies. Sarah Jane and Luke watch in apprehensive silence.

6th Doctor (wincing with pain): I’ve engaged… the temporal psionic matrix. My other selves in the past, I hope…you are ready.

We follow the energy as it leaps from the 6th Doctor and into the time vortex and then out from the vortex where we see the TARDIS spinning slowly in space. We follow the energy into the blue box where we find other Doctors in a circle with eyes closed as we move from face to face.

5th Doctor: Contact

4th Doctor: Contact

3rd Doctor: Contact

2nd Doctor: Contact

1st Doctor: Contact

Off to the side, near the monitor where we still see River Song, Romana and Clara watch these proceedings.

Romana: Fascinating! I read of this in the ancient texts on Gallifrey but to actually see it…

Clara: I’ve seen this before. And it didn’t end well.

River: We must believe this will work, Clara.

Clara: Why, River?

River: Because we don’t have a choice.

The energy swirls around the 1st through 5th Doctors as the light grows and their forms are virtually lost in the glare.

Scene change: Jack looks into the doorway with the golden light.

We pull back and we see what Jack sees. In the room are a ring of Weeping Angels with regeneration energy flowing around and through them like a circuit. This energy feeds a large and intricate device in the center of this circle.

Jack (whispering): A paradox machine. But what…?

Above the machine is a field of darkness. It moves and pulsates as if alive.

Jack: It’s not The Great Negation. Somehow…someway…it’s…

Another look back at the writhing and twisting shadows. Then back to a very worried looking Jack Harkness.

Jack: Vashta Narada

Scene change: Outer space. The alien armada assembled by the Master, now being obliterated by swarms of Daleks and fleets of Dalek ships.

Zoom in on Cybermen firing on Daleks.

Cyberman: The Daleks are not compatible. They must be deleted. Delete. De-

A massive ray burst and a whole group of Cybermen exploded.

Flying Dalek: Cybermen nullified.

Elsewhere a Sontaran is blasting away at Daleks flying by.

Sontaran: Die, you accursed pepperpots! Die! D-

A ray blast strikes the Sontaran and he falls.

Dalek: Exterminate the Sontarans! Exterminate!

And these scenes play out through numerous space ships and the void of space as Dalek forces utterly route all the other alien races the Master had assembled.

Our view moves up from this carnage as we see a bright field of stars being consumed by a growing shadow.

Scene shifts to the chamber of The One whose tentacles twitch and flex as he witnesses this destruction.

The One: All I will. All inferior beings fall...before the might... of my all-conquering Daleks... even as the shadows of destruction devour...the very stars themselves. It is...the End of All Things. And I look upon it... and pronounce it--

Without warning, a high pitch piercing screech interrupts The One as he twitches in agitation.

The One: What is this? Explain! EXPLAIN!

Then we hear an echoing voice, the voice of the 11th Doctor, coming from everywhere. The One looks around as Dalek eyestalks swivel in frantic confusion.

11th Doctor (voice): Hellooooooooooo, Daleks! HA! Guess who?!

The One: The Doctor? Impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!!

11th Doctor (voice): This has gone on long enough! Too many worlds dead! Too many innocents slaughtered! So I suggest you turn in your "Commander of Time" badge and your key to the "Commander of Time" washroom because your time is DONE!

The One: Wherever you are, you cannot stop me! I AM THE GOD OF TIME!

11th Doctor (voice): Sorry, did you say something important?

The One (really angry now): DOCTOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!

Cut to: The 11th Doctor smiles as he confidently slides a cell phone into his coat pocket.

Then the 10th Doctor sidles up next to the 11th, hands in his pocket.

10th Doctor (grinning): Good move! Really, I loved that!

Then the 3rd Doctor moves into view with the 1st Doctor.

3rd Doctor: Was that wise? He knows we're coming.

1st Doctor: Ah! But he has set the fox amongst the chickens!

11th Doctor: There was no way we could surprise him but we have something better. Now this so-called "Time God" afraid. Gentlemen....

The scene pulls out. The interior of the TARDIS, specifically the current TARDIS of the 11th Doctor. And surrounding him are the 10 previous versions of himself.

Then we move back to a close up of the 11th Doctor looking straight ahead.

11th Doctor: Geronimo.

---to be concluded --
Next week:
  • Time Lord against Time God!
  • Doctors against Daleks!
  • Battles may be won but has the war been lost?
  • What is the last chance for victory?

All will be revealed in...

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