Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello! Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that stares at other blogs for an uncomfortably long time.

Today's one of those days where I troll my Twitter account and cobble together something out of the spare parts I find there.

Today, it's a bunch of Tweets under the hashtag .

So if it's not too awkward, I would like to share those with you this evening.

Hitting on bridesmaids at a wedding? OK!
But now... 
Hitting on bridesmaids at MY wedding!

"Technically I was not coveting my neighbor's wife since she's doesn't even live in the same town," the pastor explained

After being anally probed by aliens, I'm never sure if I should leave a tip.

"That box of donuts was empty when I got here," I said hastily brushing away the Krispy Kreme sugar on my shirt
"How dare you accuse me of having sex on the copier! That's completely un--Hey, the resolution on these copies is amazing!"
"Oh, when's the baby due? Oh, you're not pregnant? Sorry about that, sir."
"You look familiar! Have we met? Oh, we had sex! Yeah, I remember that time! What? How many times? We dated a year?" #LetsMakeItAwkward
"I think men who objectify women are reprehensible," I say to you earnestly while staring at your breasts

"I love you!"
"I love you too, Sherry!"
"My name is Beth."
"I love you too, Beth!"
"Asshole, my name IS Sherry!" #LetsMakeItAwkward

OK, that's my take on making things awkward. Thanks for coming by and I'll see you tomorrow!


You're still here.  Uh, seriously, that's all I have for today. So....again, thanks for visiting the blog and...good night.


Uh, why are you still here?


Thank you.

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