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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who StoleTime#10


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This week marks the return of The Nemesis Who Stole Time. We're up to Part 10 and a lot of stuff is going on:

The Great Negation is eating the universe. The Master says he's in control but he's also in league with a mysterious alien known only as The One. (And anyone familiar with stories involving the Master, he's NEVER in control as much as he thinks he is.)

Meanwhile, the Doctor's regenerations are reversing as key moments in his timeline are being stolen and altered. The Doctor has gone back to his 6th incarnation although that looks to be changing again as of the end of Part 9 two weeks ago.

Whew! Part 9! Boy, that took a bit of a nasty turn, didn't it?  Here's where things are as of the previous episode:

1) As the Doctor's regenerations are being reversed, his future selves do still exist but are trapped in a alternate time line and crashing at Sarah Jane Smith's house on Bannerman Road. The five future Doctors (7 through 11) have initiated a plan involving a psionic temporal matrix (powered by artron energy which I forgot to mention in Part 9, sorry) which is mentally projected past the time line barrier to the 6th Doctor.

2) The 6th Doctor acts as a conduit to conduct the matrix to the five past Doctors (1 to 5) who have gathered on Gallifrey with a little help from River Song.

3) The One tells the Master he is aware of all this and the Doctor is already defeated.

4) And here's how. Just as the matrix thingy is starting to reverse and repair the time paradoxes caused by the Doctor's reversed regenerations, in the TARDIS with the 6th Doctor, we find out that Martha Jones has been unknowingly harboring a Weeping Angel inside her that takes over. Martha shoots Jack Harkness and then the 6th Doctor, breaking the matrix connection. She also sends Clara Oswald back in time to who knows when and disappears with an unconscious Jack to who knows where.

Of course you can read all about it yourself by clicking these links to Parts 1 through 9.

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But now, we move FORWARD!

OK, first the disclaimer:


NOW, we move forward! 

The Nemesis Who Stole Time

Part 10

Scene opens: a lovely spring-like day in Cambridge. River and Romana are sitting on a bench by the river where the 4th Doctor and Romana had been boating earlier. Birds are chirping but River and Romana are awkwardly silent. River had taken the 4th Doctor's place alongside Romana in the time eddy The Doctor and Romana had been trapped in during the events of The Five Doctors. Finally, River clears her throat to speak.

River: So that, uh, that was a time eddy?

Romana: Yes, it was.

River: Never been stuck in one of those before.

Romana: Not very pleasant.

River: Yeah, about that...

Romana: It's OK.

River: No, I'm sorry. I've never had that kind of...reaction to a time event before.

Romana: It happens to every...well, it happens to a happens to people.

River: So sorry for throwing up.

Romana: Don't worry about it.

River: I never want to get stuck in a time eddy again.

Romana (eager to change the subject): So…you are the Doctor’s assistant in the future?

River: A companion, if you will.

Romana: Companion? Interesting choice of words.

River (with a knowing smile): Well, we have an interesting relationship, the Doctor and I.

Romana: How so?

River (smiles): Spoilers, sweetie.

Romana looks down at the water then looks up at River again.

Romana: You are the Doctor’s wife.

River: What?!

Romana: At some point, you will become married to the Doctor.

River: How did you…?

Romana: Spoilers. (then adding, with a smile) Sweetie.

Before anything else can be said, we hear VWORP! VWORP! as the TARDIS materializes and the 4th Doctor emerges with a glum expression.

Romana: Doctor!

River: Bad news?

4th Doctor: Bad news? No, I wouldn’t call it that. More like news that isn’t…good.

Romana: What happened?

4th Doctor (sitting on the park bench with River and Romano on either side): Well, it started off well enough, surprisingly.

Scene change: The catacombs of the Great Citadel on Gallifrey, a wide area at the center of intersecting hallways, a flashback to Doctors 1 thru 5 standing in a circle, surrounded by artron energy.

4th Doctor (voiceover): We successfully engaged the temporal psionic matrix. We could sense the flow of artron energy was moving through time. Suddenly…

A burst of light hurls the Doctors back.

4th Doctor (VO): There was a massive feedback in the loop.

The 4th Doctor is seen in a darkened hallway struggling to his feet.

4th Doctor (VO): As I sought to regain my footing, I heard voices.

We see the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Doctors walking down the main hallway.

1st Doctor: He who wins shall lose and he who loses shall win.

2nd Doctor: Yes, yes! We know! An excellent deduction. Now stop going on about it!

4th Doctor (VO): The feedback had created a time jump to moments before I had introduced myself to...myself.

Scene change: 4th Doctor, Romana & River on the park bench.

River: Why didn’t you try…?

4th Doctor: Try to set up the matrix again? The feedback had erased the matrix signature from my mind. (He looks to River.)

River (shaking her head sadly): I don’t have it anymore. It was all I could do to extend the link to the matrix from your future self to you.

Romana: River, could you go back to the future you came from and…?

River silently touches the vortex manipulator on her wrist but nothing happens.

River: Doesn’t work. Which is not unexpected. Time is being splintered by the paradoxes created by the Doctor’s reversing regenerations. Unless the mission succeeded, I figured coming to find you would be a one-way trip.

4th Doctor takes a deep breath, then stands up.

4th Doctor: Then we best get to work.

River and Romana also stand up.

Romana: You have a plan?

4th Doctor (indignant): Of course, I have a plan.

River and Romana, arms crossed, stare at him wordlessly.

4th Doctor: Well, it’s more of an idea of a plan.

River and Romana continue to stare silently.

4th Doctor: Fine, it’s more of the idea that sooner or later I will come up with a plan. (Walks away in huff.) Come ON, back to the TARDIS!

Romana: Is he still like that in the future?

River: Worse.

Romana: Of course.

River and Romana follow the Doctor.


Scene change: Sarah Jane’s house.

Luke Smith sits by a bed reading where the 6th Doctor lies unconscious. Our view moves down the stairs to a kitchen. The 8th and 9th Doctor sitting at a kitchen table, drinking tea. We watch for a moment as neither says anything. Finally…

8th Doctor: When I…we…did what we did to end the Time War…I thought…the burden of that was more than I…than I…

9th Doctor: I know. Literally I know.

8th Doctor: But when our regeneration reversed, I felt something even worse than the weight of what was done that day.

9th Doctor: Romana?

8th Doctor: Yes, Romana.

9th Doctor: I told her to leave Gallifrey. She didn't listen.

8th Doctor: She never did. In timeline, where I don't...become you, it had to be her who…that can’t be allowed to stand. We can’t leave this on her shoulders. We’ve got to fix this!

9th Doctor: For Romana.

8th Doctor: And for Rose.

9th Doctor: And for Rose.

8th Doctor: If we’re successful, I won’t remember Rose. She’ll go back to being part of my unknown future.

9th Doctor: True but if you can, hold on to this thought, store it away in a corner of our mind. In the darkest hours to come, there is someone…who will save us.

Then the two Doctors fall silent, drinking their tea.

View moves from the kitchen to a den/study where Sarah Jane puts down her glasses and a book as the 10th Doctor enters and plops onto the sofa.

Sarah Jane: How is our newest arrival?

10th Doctor: Sleeping, still. Luke’s watching him.

Sarah Jane: Good.

10th Doctor says nothing but he is clearly preoccupied.

Sarah Jane: Doctor? Something’s on your mind.

10th Doctor (dismissively): Nah! Just tired.

Sarah Jane says nothing but gives the Doctor a “don’t lie to me” look.

10th Doctor (sighs, leans forward): Remember when we faced Davros…the Daleks had stolen the Earth and all those other worlds and…Davros made me…see myself. The…darkness in me.

Sarah Jane: Doctor, all the good you’ve done…

10th Doctor: Of course! I’ve save so many lives, so many worlds. But at what cost? And it doesn’t end. When my regeneration into my next self was reversed, I now see all that happens after that moment. There’s just more chaos in my future, more lives…sacrificed. Amy, Rory. I don’t think…I can let others…pay that cost.

Sarah Jane reaches forward and holds the Doctor’s hand.

Sarah Jane (firmly but empathetically): Doctor, as a journalist, I’m not going to whitewash the story of the Doctor. Yes, people have been hurt, no doubt. But you’re the kindest person I know and you’ve done so much for so many. You are a good person, Doctor, you do good things. And everyone knows that except for one person.

10th Doctor: Who?

Sarah Jane: You.

Nothing more is said as we pull out from Sarah Jane and the 10th Doctor and the scene moves to patio garden behind the house. The 7th Doctor is looking at the night sky with a handheld telescope as the 11th Doctor approaches. 

11th Doctor: Doctor?

7th Doctor: Metebeelus Three…(closes telescope)…is gone.

11th Doctor: Oh dear.

7th Doctor: We’ve got to fix this! Too much at stake!

11th Doctor: I know.

7th Doctor (sighs): Remember Ace? I had such plans for her. Pity it took so long to share them.

11th Doctor: Oh, the Doctor and his secrets. Even his very name cannot be spoken aloud. Where will it end?

7th Doctor: It doesn’t end in the future, does it?

11th Doctor: Eh?

7th Doctor: Clara.

11th Doctor: Yes, Clara. “The Impossible Girl”.

7th Doctor: Except we haven’t told her that.

11th Doctor: No, but I sense the time is coming soon and we’ll both know the answer to her mysteries. After all, everything worked out for Ace, right?

7th Doctor: I suppose so. Still, I should’ve been more honest with her.

11th Doctor: We’ve got to get this fixed before more stars wink out of the sky. We must do this for the universe.

7th Doctor: And for Clara.

11th Doctor: Yes, and for Clara.

Scene change: a cafe in London. A calendar on the wall tells us it’s April 1946 and as we expand our view we see a familiar person waiting tables: Clara Oswald. It’s very busy and there’s a lot of bustling and noise as Clara approaches the counter and calls out an order to the kitchen.

Clara: I need two coffees, an egg salad sandwich, an order of chips and six jammy…

Suddenly things get very, very quiet. Clara looks around and everything and everyone is frozen in time.

Clara: …dodgers…

Female voice from behind Clara: Hello, Clara.

Clara turns and there’s woman sitting at the counter behind her. She has long white hair, fair skin and she’s glowing.

Clara: The White Guardian?

White Guardian: Yes, Clara. I…

Clara (letting off a LOT of steam here): Oh! OH! Now someone shows up! Do you know how long I’ve been here? Three months! THREE! And try to imagine how awkward that was, popping out of nowhere about 20 years before the invention of the mini-skirt…

White Guardian: Clara.

Clara (continuing): And I had to find a job and get a flat and do NOT get me started on the state of feminine hygiene products in the 1940’s…

White Guardian: Clara.

Clara (still ranting): And meanwhile I have NO idea what’s going on! Is the Great Negation still eating the universe? How is the Doctor? And what happened…to…Martha…oh God, Martha..

White Guardian: Clara, perhaps you should sit down.

Clara (sitting): Perhaps I should sit down. Sorry, I’m sorry. But three months and no one to talk to about all this and…

White Guardian: Clara, you will be fine. You may not believe this but we are still following the plan.

Clara (incredulous): The plan? How can all this be part of the plan?

White Guardian: A plan is not destiny. A plan is not guaranteed. There are forces working against you and the Doctor. But it is still within your power to prevail. But the Doctor needs you by his side.

Clara: Can you get me out of here?

White Guardian: I have arranged for….transportation.

Suddenly, the Guardian is no longer there and time resumes in the coffee shop. Clara shakes her head, hesitantly removes herself from the counter stool, smooths out her apron and walks over to a table where a couple has just sat down.

Our view is on Clara, not the couple.

Clara: How may I help you today?

Woman’s voice (Scottish accent): I think we may be able to help you, Clara.

Clara looks puzzled as our view shifts and we see a familiar looking couple sitting at the table.

Amy: Hello, my name is Amy and this is my husband, Rory.

Rory: We understand you may need a lift to the Doctor.

Clara stands there shocked.

Scene change: Outer space. The TARDIS drifting.

5th Doctor (voice over): I still have no answers to the mystery I have found myself in.

Scene change: TARDIS interior (Classic).  The 5th Doctor is pacing around the console, pushing buttons, pulling levers.
5th Doctor (V.O.): I awoke in the TARDIS with no sign of Peri. A survey of the TARDIS revealed some anomalies that led me to perform a scan on myself. To my amazement, I discovered I am over 1200 years old. Yet the last thing I remember is Androzani.

Scene change: Flashback as the 5th Doctor stumbles into the TARDIS with Peri.

5th Doctor (V.O.): Peri and I were suffering from spectrox toxemia, a fatal poison. I had thankfully procured an antidote for Peri which I gave her. Then I reached for mine; I had nearly dropped it getting into the TARDIS. I took the antidote but I collapsed on the floor of the TARDIS. I had put myself through so much, I thought I might regenerate. But the serum took hold and I sat up, whole and healthy.

Peri: Doctor, what happened?

5th Doctor: A cure, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.

Scene change: back to the present. The 5th Doctor is still moving about the TARDIS, poking around with the console.

5th Doctor (V.O.): Then in an instant, Peri was gone while both I and the TARDIS have suddenly become 500 years older. I felt desperate enough to send a distress call to the Time Lords through the TARDIS’s telepathic circuits. But there was no answer. So I sought to send a hypercube to summon help only to find one already assembled and embedded in the console.

The Doctor reaches into the cube and pulls out a crystal fragment.

5th Doctor (whispers aloud): The Key to Time?

The Doctor replaces the fragment.

5th Doctor (aloud to himself): Well, whatever has happened to me, I don’t think I can count on help coming to me. So let’s see what I can find…

5th Doctor punches buttons on the console but nothing happens.

5th Doctor: Oh, Doctor! It’s just your day, is it? What’s this? The console’s already locked into a destination. Odd, the navigation is tied directly to the hypercube. All right, what HAVE I been up to?

The 5th Doctor thrusts his hands in his trouser pockets and lets out a deep breath.

5th Doctor: So let’s assess: My memories have been affected. Drastically, I must assume as it appears I have lost centuries. The TARDIS is stuck on a course to some time or place I do not know. Is it wise to go to that place under these conditions? Probably not.

The 5th Doctor pulls the lever on the TARDIS and time rotor begins to move.

5th Doctor: Let’s go anyway.

Scene change: a winding road in the English country side. Rory is driving while Amy is leaning over the seat animatedly talking to Clara in the back.

Amy: So he’s still wearing the bow tie?

Clara: Yes! Still thinks it’s cool!

Amy: That poor deluded man!

Clara: Did he always ramble on really fast about some point that even he didn’t agree with it?

Amy: Oh, “Forget I mentioned that.” He did that ALL the time!

Clara: Wow! This is so…amazing! I can’t believe I’m meeting the famous Amy and Rory.

Rory: Ah, famous?

Clara: Yeah, he…he really misses you.

Amy: We miss him too.

Rory: Are..are you sure we haven’t met before? Something seems familiar…

Clara: Nope, I don’t think so. Maybe? Time travel, you know.

Amy: How else to explain this?

Amy holding out a telegram which Clara takes.

Clara: This was purchased….

Rory: 17 and a half years ago.

Amy: With instructions to be delivered to us at this time and for us to meet you at that coffee shop. Then take you to where we’re going now.

Clara: Where would that be?

Amy (not smiling): It’s…it’s where I arrived…after the Weeping Angel sent me back.

Clara: Oh.

Rory: The trip is…one way.

Amy (perking up a bit): But, I bet there is some kind of residual time rift energy that will work for you.

Rory: “Time rift energy”? You’ve missed talking like that, haven’t you?

Amy: No. Not really. OK, a little.

The car pulls off the road and up to a tree that spreads out to the sky. It’s quiet and peaceful as the three exit the car. Clara is back in her modern clothes.

Amy: Nice outfit.

Clara: Thanks!

Amy: Ooh, I miss mini-skirts.

Rory: Me too. Er, I mean, on…on you.

Amy guides Clara to a particular spot.

Amy: I appeared right on this spot.

Amy waves her hand through the air; nothing happens. Clara extends her hand gingerly through the same space and energy begins to crackle.

Clara: Ooh!

Amy: Looks like we’re on to something.

Clara: Amy, Rory. When this over, we could come ba-

Amy: No, Clara. It doesn’t work that way. And besides….

She grasps Rory hand as he smiles at Amy.

Amy: We’re happy here.

Rory: We have a home now. We have a son.

Then Amy lets go of Rory’s hand and hugs Clara.

Amy: Oh, Clara! I’m so glad we met you.

Clara: Me too! Do you…want me to say anything to the Doctor if…

Amy: When.

Clara: When I get back?

Amy: Yes, tell him this.

Amy whispers into Clara’s ear. Clara smiles.

Clara: Really?

Amy: He’ll understand.

Clara: Amy, Rory.

Rory: Take care of yourself, Clara.

Clara gives a sly smile and slight wave: ‘Bye.

Then she turns, takes a step as energy crackles around her and she is gone.

Rory (exclaiming): I know what’s familiar about her! Her voice!

Amy: Her voice?

Rory: She was the woman who helped us on the Dalek Asylum before we found out she…

Amy: Shh! Don’t say it, Rory.

Rory: But…

Amy: Time can be re-written.

Amy clutches tightly to Rory’s arm.

Amy: C’mon, let’s go home.

Scene change: The Master on the deck of a spaceship looking through a large window into the vastness of space. A section of space is totally black, devoid of stars. And that section is slowly growing.

The expression on the Master’s face is one of worry. We hear a voice echoing.

Jack Harkness (V.O.): You were a pompous ass the last time we met but this regeneration?  

Scene change: flashback to Jack Harkness captive on the Cyberman ship.

Master: You mock me, boy! Unlike the Doctor who has foolishly put himself in harm’s way in a misguided sense of self-sacrifice for other beings, I have never regenerated.

Scene change back to the present: The Master looks to the sky as the darkness grows.

The Master (to himself): Why did that accursed Jack Harkness say that? And the Doctor…

Again a voice echoes. The Master (V.O.): Doctor, do you doubt me?

Scene change: flashback to the 6th Doctor confronting the Master on the Cyberman ship.

6th Doctor: That you’ve unleashed a power of ultimate destruction on the universe? No! That you have control over it? I have my doubts about that.

Scene change back to the present: The Master furrows his brow.

The Master: Do not doubt me, Doctor. I am the teller of the story that gives life to the Great Negation! I have the power to grant destruction or take it away.

The Master begins manipulating the controls on an alien machine while speaking in an alien language: Quorespa eskshpach mehquiemosyum.

The darkness expands further, blacking out more stars.

The Master (more forcefully): Quorespa eskshpach mehquiemosyum!

The darkness covers even more stars. The Master’s expression changes to fear.

The Master: No! It can’t be!

Suddenly a voice echoes from nowhere and everywhere.

The One: At last…the foolish pawn…begins to know...the truth.

The Master turns in shock and alarm.

The Master: The One! What is the meaning of this?!

Around the Master come members of his alien armada: Cybermen, Sontarans, Jundoon, etc

The One: There is…no meaning…other than what I will. And I will…your role…to be at an end.

The Master is grasped firmly by a Cyberman, Sontraran, Jundoon, Ice Warrior. The Master struggles to no avail.

The Master: No! I delivered the power of the Great Negation!

The One: Even now…you do not see…the WHOLE truth.

The Master: Damn you! I AM THE MASTER!! I was promised a universe!

The One: A universe…you shall have…I did not promise…which one.

The aliens have dragged the Master towards a Weeping Angel.

The Master (screaming): No! No! NO!

We close in on the Master’s panicked eyes. Despite his efforts, he blinks. Then everything around him is gone. Just murky dark red limbo and indistinct whispering that gets louder and louder.

The Master: What..? Where am I? What is…?

Suddenly an arm reaches out and grasps him. The Master cries out in shock as he is grabbed by another arm and another. The whispering is even louder now and clearer now.

Voices: Help me. Help me! Help ME! HELP ME!!

The Master screams in horror as he sees the faces behind the desperately grasping arms. It is the face of every regeneration he has ever had (but had forgotten). And their voices become a harrowing din.


The Master: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo………

Scene change: The study where we saw The Master in Part 4 and 9. We hear a familiar VWORP! VWORP! as the TARDIS materializes.

The 5th Doctor emerges wearing his hat. He surveys his surroundings.

5th Doctor: Well, I can’t say much for the décor. I say, what’s this?

The 5th Doctor strides to a table where a fragment of the Key to Time is resting in plain view. The Doctor retrieves the fragment.

5th Doctor: Well, that was convenient. If I only knew what it was for. Perhaps I should return to the TAR-

The sound of muffled but still loud shouting catches the Doctor’s attention.

5th Doctor: Hmm! I wonder what…? I should check. But is it wise?

The Doctor puts the fragment in his coat.

5th Doctor: No, it isn’t.

Adjusting his hat, the Doctor heads off in the direction of the noise.

Scene change: the room where we saw the dark shadow that contained The One. We see more of the tentacles extruding from the shadows.

The One: Our machinations…have reached…their end.

In the shadows, we see lights, hundreds and hundreds of lights. There are sounds from the shadows and the lights, grating, metallic in nature.

The One (voice growing louder): And now…we take our place…as the superior beings….

The lights grow more numerous and brighter as the grating, metallic sounds grow louder still

The One (even louder): As we fulfill…our destiny…in TRIUMPH over ALL lesser races!

The shadows are nearly dispersed as we see The One, a large expansive creature with tentacles that protrude out of the open casing of its metallic shell. Surrounding The One, the lights reveal themselves to be Daleks. Thousands, millions of Daleks.

The One (scarcely containing itself now): I...the The Supreme Dalek Commander of Time Itself declare VICTORY over the Doctor and the Time Lords! The Time War is WON by the Daleks! And all that is NOT Dalek will be Exterminated!!!! 

And all around, the Daleks proclaim, “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Scene shift: The 5th Doctor watching this from his hiding place can say nothing. His expression of complete and total horror says it all. 

----to be continued----
Next time:
Clara's secret---revealed! (Finally!)
The 5th Doctor's memory loss---explained!
The truth of the Great Negation---exposed!
The quest for the Key to Time---fulfilled!
The mission to save the universe---doomed?
The power of the Daleks---unleashed!
Part 11
The Nemesis Who Stole Time
Next week!

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