Thursday, October 24, 2013

NEW GIRL by Jack Kirby #2

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Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, your anti-bacterial blog.

Today I present the 2nd installment of the adorkable feature that combines the winsome sweetness of actress Zooey Deschanel and the awesome power of the art of the King of Comics, Jack Kirby. This powerhouse tag team meet up of Quirky and Kirby is a little something I like to call...


NEW GIRL by Jack Kirby

And in case you're wondering, I've posted the untampered-with Zooey Deschanel photo

and Jack Kirby's unaltered cover to New Gods#2.

For your entertainment (or punishment; it's a matter of perspective, I guess), here is the link to New Girl by Jack Kirby#1 (Wow! It's been TWO months? Really?) Oh and by the way, I misspelled "JESS" as "JESSE" on that first cover. Oh, Darkseid will have me grilling over an Apokolips fire pit for sure!

OK, that's it for me! What's coming up on the blog?

Thursday, October 24th
"The Internet Is For Corn#2" 

Friday, October 25th
A new installment of Broken News.
President Obama offers a choice of health care or a tasty breakfast treat and Fox News blows the lid off the secret scourge to America: zombies!

Saturday, October 26th 
Doctor Who Saturday
The FINAL chapter of The Nemesis Who Stole Time

And more surprises after that! (As in I'll be surprised because right now I have no idea!)

So good night and until next time, be good to one another.

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