Thursday, October 10, 2013

There's Random and Then There's Elizabeth Random

Hi! Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that will be your bodyguard if I can be your long lost pal.*

*And yes, that is a reference to You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. Hey, if you haven't heard that song in a while, click here and give it a listen. Go ahead, I'll wait.

I really don't have a special theme for tonight. I've been prepping tomorrow's Broken News (and yes, it is something that this is a feature I actually plan and work on in advance and it's only as good as it is.)  And I'm working on Saturday's post as we move to Part 11 of Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time. (I think I might need a Part 13 to wrap this up. Sorry.)

I've actually been on Twitter** a bit this evening. Twitter is hit or miss for me. Sometimes I look at my smattering of followers*** (92 at the moment) and I can't think of a blessed thing to say.

**Dave-El can be found on Twitter here.

***Perhaps I might have more followers if I didn't collectively referred to the ones I have now as a "smattering".

My wife (who has over 1700 followers) tends to her Twitter flock every day and doesn't let not having something to say keep her from having something to say. I can't be too critical. One time, my wife was actually kicked off Twitter for a few days. Nothing she did wrong but someone with some "dis" in their "gruntle" filed a false abuse report against her. Twitter checked into it and found nothing untoward with what my wife was doing on Twitter. But while she was gone, people missed her. Seriously. A whole bunch of her followers were trading tweets wondering if she was OK and did they need to collectively appeal to Twitter to get her back. Amazing!

So I'm on Twitter and today some brain cell were firing. Firing blanks, maybe, but stuff was happening and I felt compelled to comment on a few things.

One of my more charming and lovely followers posted this:

Karen Miller@maya_dancer 2h
My family coat of arms is a red dragon brandishing a broken bottle of Boone's Farm while playing hopscotch.

So I posted these two tweets:

Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
My family does not have a coat of arms. An ancestor in the late 1800s wanted to make one but he suffered from acute literalism 
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
Thankfully, his wife was able to stop him before he left the front yard with his favorite axe.

Oh, bless her sweet dancing soul, Karen actually favorite those Tweets. Thanks, Karen!
One of favorite comic book bloggers posted this:
Mental Radio@mental__radio 3h
Once again, the guys look the same, but is that Wonder Woman? Or the Red Rooster?
Click here to see the picture to which this refers. Yeah, that Wonder Woman figure is some messed up shit, I'll tell you. 
But the thing that go my attention was "Red Rooster"? Is there someone in the dark and musty halls of the golden age of comics some actual comic book super hero named Red Rooster?  If not, I want to fix that.
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
Bad guy 1: "Time to go rob the bank." Sound FX: "Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooo!" Bag Guy 2: "Oh no! It's THE RED ROOSTER! Run!"
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
Red Rooster: "Too chicken to face justice? Beak-a-Rang, cook their goose!" Bad guys knocked out. "Evil again has laid an egg!"
Thank you, Mental Radio, for the inspiration!
Hey, let's get political.
rebkah howard@pink_funk 3h
Hey . I hear cholera is more popular. Any truth to these new polls?
So I posted this:
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
Would you rather be a guy with cholera on a subway with no air conditioning between 2 fat guys? Or John Boehner?
So what does Pink Funk have to say about that?
rebkah howard@pink_funk 2h
close call but I'm going with cholera guy.
So it's my turn:
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 2h I'll give you a few minutes to deci--what? Already? Really? OK,what if cholera dude also has a very itchy rash...

Good call, Pink Funk! Good call!  

Follower Bob posted this:
Bob Repass@BobTrek 3h
Prior to development of Star Wars themed lands at Disney World and Disneyland, Disneyland Tomorrowland may be retooled with Star Wars theme.
Am I being too mean to Hayden Christensen? No, I don't think so.
Moving on....
The Daily Show staff posted this:
The Daily Show@TheDailyShow 3h
US Army plans "Iron Man" armor for soldiers. Like the Hummer, soon to be adopted by every douche in Jersey.
Well, I took that challenge:
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
"Yo! I'm Iron Man! Hell yeah! I'm way damn sexier than Robert Downey Jr! Hey, how do you scratch your balls in this thing?"
Right now, I swear, I think "how do you scratch your balls in this thing?" may be among the top five funniest things I've ever written.
snell@slaymonstrobot 3h
Geoff Johns: "we don’t want any of our characters rushing into stable relationships." 
So what do I think about avoiding stable relationships in DC Comics?
Dave-El (David Long)@DayWayLo 1h
The "no stable relationship" edict is to keep Supergirl from making out with Comet the Super Horse.
Yeah, I'm so ashamed. Really, I am.
No, really I'm not.
Thanks for indulging me this evening with my random thoughts. And speaking of "random", who the heck is "Elizabeth Random"?
Elizabeth Random was a character in one of my favorite films of all time, Bringing Up Baby starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  Mrs. Random was portrayed by May Robson. I was always fascinated that someone had the last name of "Random".
OK, I'm out of here! Tomorrow is Broken News and the day after that, Doctor Who stuff.
Until then, be good to one another. 

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