Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog made from wholesome goodness, just like grandma used to do.

*OK, grandma worked as a prostitute and later moved on to meth dealing where she had to kill a guy with a carrot peeler. But is all that REALLY important?

Today is Wednesday and it's time for an ALL NEW installment of...


And you may be wondering: Is this another lame cover involving gorillas and bananas?

Answer: NO!

Absolutely NOT!

No! NO! NO!



YES! Yes, it is another lame cover involving gorillas and bananas!

Sorry! Misunderstood the question.

OK, here we go!

For the unaltered cover to Strange Adventures#186 by Bernard Baily, click HERE.

In case you don't know, Bernard Baily co-created The Spectre with Superman co-creator Jerry Seigel. Here's Bernard's cover to More Fun Comics#54.
I'm not sure of the legal standing of the Spectre so I better note this just to be safe:
The Spectre by special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family.
The interesting thing to me is the Spectre, the vengeful spirit of the wrath of God, appeared in a comic book with the word "FUN" in the title. 
I've always liked the Spectre mostly for the fact he was incredibly easy to draw. He's an albino dude in a green Speedo, green gloves and pixie boots and a green cape with a hood.
But you did not mess with the Spectre. You do evil, Spectre's sending you on one way trip to Hell and the absolute worst way possible, like turning you into a log and running you through a saw mill. Brr!
I first discovered the Spectre through this series in Adventure Comics by Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo. Them's good comics!
It seems I have gone off on a MAJOR tangent away from Strange Adventures and my weekly mangling of their classic covers with my idea of funny, mostly involving gorillas and bananas.
So this might be a good point to say that this post is the LAST installment of Strange(er) Adventures! There are a LOT more goofy covers from Strange Adventures' classic run but I figure 18 installments? Yeah, everyone's got the joke by now. Time to move on.
But let's end this post of Strange(er) Adventures with a cover from Strange Adventures#125 by Sid Greene.
I've looked at this cover for several weeks now and I'm thinking, "This cries out for commentary! I compelled to make with the funny!"
Except I couldn't come up with anything. Why?
It's a cover with a gorilla...with wings...fighting the US Air Force.
How can I poke fun at that? That cover is just too damn awesome!
See ya back here tomorrow.
Until then, be good to one another.

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