Sunday, January 17, 2016

Doctor Who: Attack of the Memes

Hello and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the bloggiest blog that ever blogged in Blogtown, Blogtania. I'm Dave-El, the poster who posts these posts to keep you posted on stuff I want to post about. 

So it's Sunday where I am and it may be Sunday where you are too, I have no idea, I can't track of everyone's temporal excursions. 


Sunday is when I do a Doctor Who thing. I'm just winging it today. I got a lot of stuff going on professionally and personally (and not to mention some big stuff coming up on this very blog.) 

So I'm setting the TARDIS on cruise control and posting some random Doctor Who memes I found scrounging around the internet's attic. 



Blast it, he's right! 
My thoughts are currently in David Tennant's voice. 

Oh not! The Doctor has...

I thought this only happened to me.
So other people experience this too.
And we know why.
Wait! I know...what?
What was I just saying?
Hmmm!Must not have been important.

All the Master needs now
is a spear and a magic helmet!

"You will obey me! You WILL obey ME!
And head on down to Nutcase Nathan's
where they will make you a deal on the
kangaroo or potted plant of your choice!
Master the art of saving money...

That Dalek is screwed!

The pen is mightier than the sword,
especially when that pen can write
a sentence that says you have a sword
now go off and slaughter something!

"I might have to wait until WHEN to
get new episodes of Doctor Who?!?!"

If the budget for Doctor Who was any
leaner, the Doctor would have a thing
for Steven Moffat's backyard.

And we arrive at the end of today's post.

So yeah.

Just screw it. 


So that's all I've got for today. Another post will be up tomorrow and a new Doctor Who thing will be on the blog in this space next week. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

Wait a minute. 

Just one more thing.

Come down here. 

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