Friday, January 8, 2016

An Easily Summoned Tear

On a rare occasion or so, I have addressed the issue of gun violence in America.

For example,click here.

And here.

So I did not want to let  too many days go by without reflecting on President Obama’s recent Executive Action to plug a few holes in the mangled net that is gun control in this country.

I’m not fooling myself into thinking that this is going to accomplish much. I’m sure the NRA and the Far Right are gearing up their legal arguments to challenge these orders in court. Members of the House and the Senate deep in the pockets of the NRA are martialing their efforts to block these orders in any way possible. The rhetoric machine is cranking up on right wing radio to denounce Obama for taking our guns.

It’s not that the orders are that strong or comprehensive but any effort to restrict guns in the United States will be met with an overwhelming force of big money and blatant fear mongering.

During the White House ceremony where the President signed his Executive Order into action, the President recalled the lives lost to gun violence over the year. The children slaughtered at Sandy Hook in 2012 particularly hit him hard. During his remarks, the President shed a tear.

And he was criticized for that.

Let me say this: I think there are too many guns that are way too easy to get and way too powerful to be in the hands of regular people. If you disagree with that, fine. From my perspective, I can’t understand how you would disagree with that but I ultimately have to respect your right to disagree. But even if you’re the biggest gun nut in the world, how can you still not be moved by the deaths of children? How can you not shed a tear for the loss of those lives and the loss of the innocence of those who survived? How can you criticize someone who does shed a tear for those losses?

Are we really that far gone in the ideological divide? That the shedding of a single tear should be maligned as political manipulation?

Who knows? Maybe before the signing ceremony, someone suggested to the President, “At this point, be sure to shed a tear.” I doubt it but even it was true, it’s a tear that was quite easily summoned. All you have to do is think of children massacred in a hail of bullets. If you’re not moved by that, then you’re a heartless bastard.

In the meantime, the President in trying to do something, anything to push back the war zone we find ourselves living in. It may not be a lot but it’s something and it’s more than what’s being done by a Congress that serves the NRA instead of the American people and who are apparently not moved by the deaths of children.

Before I close this post out, click here for Trevor Noah's take down on this issue from Wednesday's The Daily Show.  

Everyone, be good to one another.

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