Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Country For Cold Men

A month ago, I was complaining about the lack of cold weather as we headed towards Christmas. This weekend, the El family stayed hunkered down in the Fortress of Ineptitude surrounded less by a winter wonderland and more of a winter wasteland. Oh, it's a lovely tableau of winter white everywhere but over that beautiful blanket of snow was a hard ass layer of ice. If you went outside to make a snow angel, you would need an ice pick to make that happen. 

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. Me, I love a good snowed in experience. As long as the food holds up and the power stays on, there's nothing better than staying cuddled up inside under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie or book for company. 

Inevitably, however, no matter how well stocked up our food supplies may be, I will start to get a craving for something that I don't have in the house. For example, spaghetti. I actually had spaghetti noodles in the pantry but nothing else to make a decent spaghetti dish. I haven't had spaghetti in a long while and quite frankly, I don't recall having any particularly burning desire to have any yet over the weekend, hemmed in by the ice, I really, really wanted spaghetti really, really badly.  

Another bad craving to have when I'm snowed in is for something that isn't good for me and further more, isn't really that good, specifically the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese. Locked in by the fields of ice surrounding the Fortress of Ineptitude, I want nothing more in life than a cheeseburger-like substance.  

I also regret not getting by my local comic book shop to pick up about a month's worth of backlog from my pull list. Is Jim Gordon still Batman? I feel so cut off from society.  

The weather in my neck of the woods in North Carolina is not as bad as it is further north. Two feet of snow and winter precipitation falling on Washington DC and New York City. As much as I enjoy a good snowed in experience, measuring snow and ice in increments of feet seems a bit much.  

By Monday morning, I imagine my time in exile will be at an end and I will have to forage outside to stock up on supplies, feed that Quarter Pounder craving and get back to work. 

To everyone, I hope you stayed warm inside while admiring the cold beauty of winter on the outside. Remember to be good to one another, drive carefully and I'll be back here with another post tomorrow. 

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