Monday, January 18, 2016


One of the things about writing a blog is how much of myself I choose to put out here on the ol' internet for everybody to see so they can point and laugh and say, "Hey, at least I'm not that guy!" Yeah, that's OK. I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.*

*Alert! Alert! This has been a totally gratuitous use of the title of my blog in the middle of a post. If you are experiencing vertigo or the sense that a panda is watching you, cover your head and seek shelter.

Another thing about writing a blog is coming up with stuff to write about and having time to actually write it. So we come to today's post.

The editor of the newsletter for which I am "staff cartoonist" wanted the various contributors to answer 4 questions to provide our readers some insight into our lives.

Now I question that our newsletter has actual readers and I really question that if anyone does read it, they have no interest in having insight into our lives and I really, REALLY question how wise it is to release personal info if there actually is a reader out there who wants an insight into our lives.

And that, my blog reading friend, is why I answer the questions as I do.

Also, I'm a smart ass.

OK, here we go.

     1. Have you ever travelled to a foreign country? If so, which one(s)?

Why, yes! Once I travelled to INFORMATION REDACTED where I INFORMATION REDACTED the ambassador and his lovely wife.

 2.  How many kids do you have?

My official dossier says I have only one. I’m not allowed to speak more on that after the INFORMATION REDACTED incident.

      3. Have you ever had an opportunity to do something really rare or unusual? What was it?

There was that time I INFORMATION REDACTED with INFORMATION REDACTED where we INFORMATION REDACTED along with INFORMATION REDACTED until the bartender ran out of papaya

      4.  Have you ever had any significant interaction with someone famous?

Other than the ambassador and his lovely wife in INFORMATION REDACTED, I also met INFORMATION REDACTED at a INFORMATION REDACTED in downtown INFORMATION REDACTED for INFORMATION REDACTED with ice cream.

And that is all we have for that extremely stupid post. But I like to think we've learned a little something today. You've learned a little bit about me and, I think, in my own way, I've learned a little bit about you.

Thanks for dropping by. Another post coming up tomorrow. Until then, be good to one another.

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

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