Sunday, January 3, 2016

Doctor Who: He HAD A Good Run?!?!

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Today is Sunday which is when I am want to turn over my blog to the topic of Doctor Who. And with Series 9 and the 2015 Christmas Special ended, I thought I would take a look at an ending yet to come, the departure of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. 

First of all, he hasn't left yet. It was announced months that Capaldi is committed to play the Doctor through at least Series 10. And if Series 10 does wind up being split up over two years, we've got Peter Capaldi through at least 2017. 

Secondly, he hasn't even gave his notice yet. In a recent interview, Peter Capaldi mentioned that Series 10 may be his last as the Doctor. Notice that he said "may". His leaving is not a done deal. 

That being said, I would say it's very likely that Series 10 could and will play out as Capaldi's farewell season. There is a pattern through the classic series and the relaunched program of most actors typically sticking around about 3 years or so. 

But still, at face value, Peter Capaldi is not done with Doctor Who yet and he has not formally announced his departure. Which is why this headline I saw online irks me so. 

"He had a good run."

Yes, past tense. "Had". Really?

No, Peter Capaldi has not HAD a good run. No! He is HAVING a good run. (A very good run, I'd say.) Or he's had a good run SO FAR. 

But "He HAD a good run"? A little premature with the eulogies, eh? 

But it does seem to be the way with Whovians. As soon as the new guy is accepted as the Doctor, led the pondering begin: who will be the next Doctor? Why do we do this to ourselves? Are we trying to preempt the pain of loss by considering the loss before it happens? You can't hurt me David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi by leaving because I've already imagined you've left.

Oddly enough, though, the subject of Peter Capaldi's departure as the Doctor was probably first broached by Capaldi himself. Peter noted that as soon as he said yes to taking the role, he began thinking what kind of an exit regeneration scene he would have. Well, Peter Capaldi is a Scotsman, prone to such thoughts. And he is also a fan.

I've enjoyed Peter Capaldi as the Doctor immensely, particularly this past season. I really don't want to think about his departure this soon. He's got another couple of years left (again, assuming Series 10 is split in two). I want to enjoy the ride now. I don't want to think about what's waiting at the next stop until I get there. 


The El family ventured forth from the Fortress of Ineptitude to go see The Husbands of River Song with other people, this time at Regal Cinemas. These Fathom Event showings of Doctor Who episodes are a great way of getting the Doctor on the big screen without having to give up the TV show in favor of a movie. 

As much as enjoyed this episode on Christmas night, I enjoyed it even more watching again Monday evening. It helps not to have to slog through BBC America's endless commercials. But without have to stop for ads, the madcap romp that plays out in the first 2/3 of the special races by faster. And up on the big screen, the final part of the episode, the Doctor and River at the restaurant on Darillium overlooking the Singing Towers, the warmth and the sadness and the sweetness of it all seemed so much more powerful than before. 

So with no new Doctor Who episodes to anticipate or talk about, what is this humble blogger to do as we plunge into 2016? To be honest, I have no plans, but whatever I do post, I will make it seem like it was part of the plan that I happened to have anyway but I just wasn't ready to share it and yes, that's my story and sticking to it. 

OK, I kind of lost control of that sentence.

I better wrap this up. A new post about....I have no idea, something or another...will be here tomorrow. In the meantime, remember to be good to one another. 

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