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Doctor Who: Lifetime Companion - Episode Five (Part One?)

Hi there. Dave-El here and I guess I've got some 'splainin' to do about today's Doctor Who post. 

Four Sundays in a row, I've been posting scripts for a new Doctor Who fan fiction called Lifetime Companion. Below are links to those 4 episodes.  

  • I took last Sunday off to give myself a bit of a breather and some lead time on writing Episode Five. Time, I must confess, I did not use wisely.  Some procrastination mixed in with a busier than ever schedule at my real job combined with a rather complex 2nd half of the episode... yeah, things were not looking good.   

    But instead of putting off the entirety of Episode Five for another week, I am posting what I have as Part One of that episode. Part Two will be up and running next week.  (I actually have the last scene written; it's all the stuff that happens before that I need more time to complete.) 

    So here's the disclaimer.

    And let's get down to business. 

    Lifetime Companion
    by David Long
    Episode Five - Part One


    Scene opens: outer space and a huge space ship is engaged in battle with a  space station orbiting over a large planet.

    Scene change: interior of the one of the ships.  Heavily armored troops with really large helmets are marching down a corridor. The Mire are going into battle.

    Following the Mire is their leader. We know him as Odin (see "The Girl Who Died"). The Mire march into a large chamber that is surrounded by sets of apertures in the sides of the walls. Intermittently are other Mire hunched over controls connected to display consoles. Just off center of this chamber is a large gun-like apparatus.

    Odin (shouting): The orbiting fortress of this world has been engaged! Activate the War Field! My soldiers, take the battle to our enemies! TO WAR!

    As one, the Mire salute and throw themselves into the portals.

    Scene change: outside the ship. An energy field radiates from the ship and extends around the space station. Popping out of various portals of the ship are the Mire soldiers who hurl themselves through the now glowing void as they land upon the space station like invading pirates.

    Scene change: interior of the space station. Various aliens flee in terror as walls explode and the Mire invade the station, engaging some in hand to hand combat and others firing indiscriminately at fleeing targets.

    Scene change: back on the Mire ship, Odin takes a seat behind the gun apparatus. Monitors show the device targeting a section of the planet's surface.

    Odin: A little bit of sport for my troops while I attend to other needs.

    Odin squints into a targeting device and pushes a button.

    Odin: Odin grows hungry.

    A green light shoots forth from the gun through an aperture.

    Scene change: outside the ship, the green lights breaks through the War Field, across space and strikes the planet below.

    Scene change: planet side. A lush, verdant island in the middle of an ocean. The green light cuts through the sky and strikes the island. Immediately, the greenery on the island begins with wither and die. A different golden light begins to travel up the green beam back towards space.

    Scene change: a canister attached to Odin's large gun slows with golden energy. Quickly and greedily, Odin snatches the canister from the gun and ingests the contents. Odin throws his arms wide and roars.

    Odin: Power! My POWER! Not from the blood of warriors but from LIFE itself! I am a warrior victorious! I am a king triumphant! I. AM. A. GOD!!!! And one day soon...I will have my vengeance against my most hated enemy.

    Scene change: close up of the Doctor, smiling.

    The Doctor: Hello!

    Scene widens and we're in a kitchen/dining room area. The Doctor is in the doorway where he just entered. Sitting at a table are Ellie and Claire. Leaning against a counter are Toby and Jamal. Toby immediately moves forward, smiling and hugs the Doctor. Ellie and Jamal seem happy to see the Doctor. Claire is considerably more reserved. 

    Toby: Doctor! What a surprise!

    The Doctor (confused): What? I see you...

    Toby: Every year on the day after my birthday, I know.

    Claire: The Doctor's a bit rusty with sarcasm, Toby.

    The Doctor: Why, hello, Mrs. Parker.

    The Doctor bows and gallantly kisses Claire's hand.

    The Doctor (momentarily serious): Are you...?

    Claire (not smiling): I'm...fine, thank you.

    The Doctor smiles again as he bows and kisses Ellie's hand.

    The Doctor: And hello to the other Mrs. Parker.

    Ellie: Always a pleasure to see you, Doctor.

    The Doctor: Every one's looking well. (looks at Ellie) Er...

    For the first time, we get a good like at Ellie and she's pregnant.

    The Doctor: Er....

    Ellie: Ellie. 

    The Doctor: Well, I know you're Ellie. It's just that you've...uh, put on a few...

    Toby: Ellie's pregnant! 

    The Doctor: Oh? Oh! Well, that's different then! Congratulations, Ellie! 

    Ellie: Thank you, Doctor. 

    The Doctor (to Toby): Er, I presume, you, that is, er...

    Toby: I'm the father, Doctor. 

    The Doctor: Of course! Excellent! Didn't want to presume. So much to keep track of, day after day.  Hold on! 

    The Doctor puts on his sunglasses, taps the side and they emit a trilling sound as he bends down to examine Ellie's pregnant stomach.  

    The Doctor: Ooh! Very strong readings. Very healthy. 

    Ellie: It's a girl, right? 

    The Doctor: Oh yes, a very strong and healthy girl and...

    The Doctor stands up and removes his glasses. 

    The Doctor: She's going to be really good at botany. 

    Ellie: What? 

    Jamal: Hi, Doc!

    The Doctor: It's "Doctor" and hello to you too, Jamal!

    Jamal: Hey, can I go with you and Toby for another ride in the TARDIS?

    The Doctor: No!

    Jamal: Oh, come on!

    The Doctor: The last time, you nearly sunk Florida in the ocean.

    Toby: The Daleks did have a little to do with that too, Doctor.

    The Doctor: Yeah, but he still broke rule #1: don't push big threatening buttons.

    Jamal: I thought rule #1 was don't wander off?

    Ellie: No, rule #1 is don't ask stupid questions.

    Claire: Rule #1 is the Doctor lies.

    Awkward silence. 

    Jamal: Uh....maybe next time, boss?

    The Doctor: Toby? Can I speak with you? Privately? 

    Toby looks to Ellie and she nods her assent.  

    Ellie: You go ahead. While your mom and I come up with all sorts of nursery design projects to keep you busy when you come back. 

    Toby kisses Ellie on the cheek.  

    Toby: I'm looking forward to it. Love you. 

    Ellie: Love you too. 

    Toby: Love you, mom.

    Claire nods.

    Claire: Love you too, Toby. 

    Toby and the Doctor exit to the backyard. 

    The Doctor: Toby, how's your mother? 

    Toby: Doing better. She's on different medication now. It's helping. 

    The Doctor: I'm sorry, I wish I could...

    Toby: I know, Doctor. Better than anyone, I know. Speaking of which...

    Toby holds his arms out as the Doctor withdraws his sonic screwdriver and scans Toby. 

    The Doctor: Still locked up tight. 

    The Doctor puts away the screwdriver in his coat pocket. 

    Toby takes a deep breath. 

    Toby: It's been five years since you told me what really happened to me when I was 8 years old. Oh God, that was 20 years ago. 

    The Doctor: Yeah. Where does the time go? 

    Toby: Yeah. It's still weird to think about. 

    The Doctor: You OK?

    Toby: I'm coping. 

    The Doctor: But your mom...?

    Toby: Not so much.

    The Doctor: Toby, I need you to come with me.  

    Toby looks at the TARDIS and back to the Doctor.

    Toby: I don't think I can, Doctor. 

    The Doctor: Toby...

    Toby: I'm married now. I'm going to be a father. I can't keeping running off on these adventures every year to God knows where in time and space.  

    The Doctor: I need your help, Toby. 

    Toby: Doctor, things have changed. I can't...

    The Doctor: Toby...please...

    Toby stops, startled by the earnestness of the Doctor's tone.

    The Doctor: I need... you. Only you can do what needs to be done.  

    Toby looks anguished for a moment. Then his expression turns to one of resolve. 

    Toby: OK, Doctor. What do I need to do?  


    And... that's where we most leave things this week. Next week will be continuation of Episode Five as the Doctor and Toby confront the Mire in outer space and an unresolved plot point from Episode One gets resolved. 

    Thank you for reading and I appreciate your patience. 

    I am also glad my suffering amuses you.


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