Tuesday, June 7, 2016

He's Not Completely Racist, Right? or How To Stop Fretting And Learn To Support Donald Trump

And so it came to pass that one night after Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for President that I had a dream. It was Donald Trump, being serious and sincere. He had this to say. 

"During the primaries, I have said some outrageous and outright offensive things. But I said them because I needed to get your attention. America is still great but the so called political leadership of this country is broken and we need to do something different. The same old politics isn't working for you, the American People. I want to do something different. Not stupid, not crazy, but different.

"Yes, I've said some crazy things and I am sorry but now that I have your attention..."

Then Donald lowered his head as he was lost in a solemn moment. Then his body began to convulse. Donald Trump was giggling which gave to way to uproarious laughter. 

And then I awoke. 

But the nightmare was still happening.   

Seriously, if anyone thought for a second that Donald Trump was going to change who is for the general election haven't been paying attention. Since day one when his competitors and pundits dismissed him as a joke, Donald Trump has remained consistently Donald Trump in defiance of political wisdom, conventional wisdom, hell, even just plain wisdom. When Trump's most inane utterances are followed by higher poll numbers and more primary victories, there is absolutely no incentive for Donald to change tactics. Despite Donald Trump being a completely unqualified and abhorrent individual, the Republican Party is starting to coalesce behind Trump as the standard bearer of the party.  

Apparently party loyalty trumps (pun not intended) good sense and common decency.  

Recently Donald Trump has taken issue with the judge who is overseeing the case against Trump University. His primary objection to this judge? His Mexican heritage.  

Below are more than a half-dozen headlines from the Huffington Post on the subject of Trump's prejudices. And that's not all of them either. 

* Trump Might As Well Admit His Campaign 
Is Racist
* Trump Campaign: Female Judges Could 
Be Biased Too
* Republicans Really Hope Trump Will Stop 
Saying Racist Things About Judge
* McConnell Punts: Won't Say If Trump's 
Racist Attack On Judge Is Racist
* 'Morning Joe' Hosts Rip 'Completely 
Racist' Trump
* GOP Senators Rip Trump's Racist Attack 
On Judge, But Still Want Him To Fill 
Supreme Court Seat
* Trump Thinks Gingrich's Criticism Of His 
Racism Is 'Inappropriate'

Notice a couple of those headlines. 
"McConnell Punts" tells how Sen. Mitch 
McConnell will only go as far as say he 
disagrees with Trump but would not label 
Trumps' comments as racist. McConnell 
is less interested in principles and more 
interested in scoring political points. By 
the way and speaking of which, Obama's 
nominee for the Supreme Court is still 
being held by...go on, guess who?

Yes, even as they decry Trump's lack of 
moral fortitude in the wake of his racists 
comments, Senate Republicans would 
still rather deal with a potential Trump 
nominee for the Supreme Court than the 
fully qualified one in front of them now 
nominated by President Obama.  

So, no, Trump has gotten this far being 
who he is with virtually no consequences. 
Even those within the party who vilified his 
name months ago and even now speak out 
(however tepidly) against his offensive 
comments are still all in for Trump for 

And if you think that even for a moment 
that if elected, maybe THEN he will change 
his  tune, I believe Donald Trump would 
like to address that. 

Everyone be good to one another. 
I'll be back with another 
new post tomorrow.

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