Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mayonnaise - Day Two

Day Two

With a flash of colorful graphics and a flourish of music sending a message of urgent attention, an announcer intoned from the television set, "This is Action News 11 At 6!" 

This was followed by professionally rendered photographs of young earnest looking people with perfect teeth as the announcer identified them each one by one. 

"With anchors Fred Dickens and Judy Locke along with Grant Gilless with weather and Liv Crawback with sports!"

With the introduction over, the scene shifted to Fred and Judy at the news desk with their serious breaking news faces on. 

Fred solemnly addressed the camera: "Good evening and thank you for joining us for Action News 11 at 6. We currently have a breaking story in downtown at this moment." 

Judy weighed in such sincerity. "That's right and we have Dan Robbins on the scene to bring us up to date. Dan, what's going on there right now?"

As Judy spoke, the screen was split with Judy on the left side. On the right was Dan Robbins. But his back was turned away from the camera. 

Judy entreated, "Dan? Dan can you hear me? What's going on?" 

At that moment, Dan turned and his face was a mask of horror and schock. 

Judy and Fred were alarmed. "Dan, are you OK?" Fred asked. 

"Dan, what's wrong?" Judy chimed in. 

Dan stood there for a moment, his lips quivering. But then he finally spoke.  

"Oh my God! There's so much mayonnaise!!!"



Day Three

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