Friday, June 24, 2016

Political What If

Dear blog readers…

Yes, all five of you.

Today’s post about politics will be the LAST EVER POST ABOUT POLITICS TO APPEAR ON THIS BLOG EVER!!!!

For the month of June.

I’m taking the next week off from the blog but don’t fret, my four loyal readers, I still have stuff ready in advance to provide your daily dose of high quality bloggertainment.

But Dave-El, I hear the three of you of exclaim, what if something big goes down in the world of politics?

What if the thing on Donald Trump’s head makes a leap for freedom, crawling away into the shadows, leaving only a trail of noxious slime and the bald, drooling husk of an orange skinned man-like creature?

What if THAT doesn't happen but Donald does appoint Michelle Bachmann to his "Evangelical Advisory Board"? Wait! That has happened! Click here for a very clever take on that bit of whatever. 

What if Ted Cruz gets back into the presidential race, mixes up his briefing papers with issues of Captain America and declares that Barack Obama is a secret agent for Hydra and is in league with the Sons of the Serpent? 

What if Sarah Palin accidentally takes a blow to the head and recovers with the ability to calculate Pi to within 157 places and now speaks with a Swedish accent?

What if Hillary Clinton’s weekly delivery of custom made pants suits gets mixed up with Bill Clinton’s weekly delivery of leather fetish wear?

What if Bernie Sanders oversleeps during his afternoon nap and misses the blue plate special with the banana pudding for dessert?

What if the United Kingdom actually votes FOR that Brexit thing? Oh, like that will ever happen. Uh oh! They did what now? 

What if members of the House of Representatives get sucked into a strange space warp thing, get replaced by interdimensional howler monkeys and no one notices?

What if the US Senate accidentally summons Cthulhu who in his terrible wrath and power actually passes some fucking gun control legislation?

Well, that’s just a chance I will have to take. Daddy Dave-El needs a blog break.

So to my two dedicated readers, I remind you to be good to one another.  And posts are still happening. Something will be here tomorrow. It may be stupid (like last week’s The Night Is Dark) or even stupider (I’ll actually write something).

Doctor Who is still coming your way with Episode Seven of my ongoing fan fiction script. So stuff is still happening here at  the whole blog thing. Trust me, the moment has been prepared for.

Thanks for dropping by and to you, my one reader, I’m so glad my suffering amuses you. 


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