Saturday, June 25, 2016

The State of the Blog - June 2016

Hi there! Welcome to I’m So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, a shadow puppet blog adrift in a CGI internet. I’m Dave-El and I took machine shop classes at Trump University. 

If you are floating aimlessly in a dark and desolate void, that’s because there’s no Earth to stand upon after yesterday’s earth shattering post that I was taking a break from the blog.

In the first 2 years of this blog (2013 and 2014), I used to do that all the time. And by taking a break, I mean I wouldn’t post any shit at all on this blog.

But since January 1st, 2015, I have posted something to this blog every single damn day. Sometimes, if I had plenty of rest and took my vitamin E, I’d post twice.

While I think I need a blog break, I’m not ready to give up this streak of posting every day.

So I’ve got things ready to post in advance…including this post. See, I’ve been on my blog break for a couple of days already and you didn’t know it. So rest easy, dear blog readers, both to my regular readers and to those who accidentally came here thinking it was an S&M porn site.

So what’s coming up?

Both tomorrow Sunday and the Sunday of next week will feature Doctor Who stuff as is my want. In both cases, these posts will feature installments of my ongoing Doctor Who fan fiction, Lifetime Companion.

In between those two Sundays, the posts appearing on this blog have something to do with this thing that you’ve been seeing at the bottom of posts since Monday.

To quote the great American president Abraham Lincoln:

“What the fuck is Mayonnaise?” 

Well, that may be a little harder to explain. In fact,  I don’t think I will. But  I would like to think that Mayonnaise is my answer to Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Except lacking her incredible talent.

And her natural performing abilities.

And her expansive popularity.

And her charisma.

And her beauty.

And her charm.

And her.....


OK, I think I’ve made my point.


Last year I faced a similar scenario which led to a series of pre-planned posts called “Ask Doctor Hitler”. If you go back and check those out, you may come away feeling… a little bit worried about the state of this blog and the quasi-madman who writes it.

Don’t worry. Mayonnaise is going to be different. For example, those posts will not have Doctor Hitler in them. Nor this woman:

OK, that’s that for today’s post. Thanks for dropping by and remember to be good to one another. Come back tomorrow for Episode Seven of Lifetime Companion, my Doctor Who script.

And I’m so glad my suffering amuses you.  



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