Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mayonnaise - Day Three

Day Three

"Mark!" Bobby called out to his friend. There had been a gun shot and Bobby feared the worst. Mark replied with a guttural moan and Bobby's worst fears were realized.

Bobby rushed over to Mark's side.

"Don't...don't lie to me, Bobby," Mark said, grimacing in pain.

"I'm hurt bad. Real bad."

"Don't worry, Mark. We...I'll go get help. You'll be fine."

"No," Mark replied weakly. "No, I can feel it. the end."

Bobby grasped Mark's hand. "No, buddy! You gotta hold on! You just gotta!"

Mark coughed and gasped. "Sorry, Mark. I'm....I see...a light?"

Bobby pleaded with his friend. "No, Bobby! Don't! You can hold on!"

Mark's eyes grew wide. "It''s so....white....


Mark's body convulsed as he gasped his last and said with his dying breath...

"Oh my God! There's so much mayonnaise!!!"



Day Four

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I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

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