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Doctor Who - Lifetime Companion - Episode Five (Part Two)

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Today is Sunday which means that it's Doctor Who Day here on the blog thing. For several weeks, I'm been posting a fan fiction called Lifetime Companion. Below are links to the first four installments.

  • Last week, there was a bit of a hiccup in the plan to present Episode Five. 

    I only had the first half of Episode Five ready to post. Since I already took a week off, I didn't want to create a two week gap between episodes. So I posted what I had as Part One of Episode Five. Today is the 2nd half of Episode Five. 

    Here is the link to Episode Five - Part One

    And after the disclaimer:  

    We'll move on to....

    Lifetime Companion
    by David Long
    Episode Five - Part Two  


    Scene change opens: TARDIS interior   

    The Doctor guides Toby to the console.  

    The Doctor: Over here, Toby.  

    Toby: What’s the plan, Doctor?  

    The Doctor: You’re going to fly the TARDIS. 

    Toby: I’m going to do what with what now?  

    The Doctor: Fly the TARDIS. Stick your hands in here. 

    Toby hesitantly puts his hand into the telepathic interface. 

    The Doctor: It’s a telepathic interface and… 

    Toby: Ouch! Something bit me!  

    Doctor: Good! 

    Toby: Good?

    The Doctor: That biting sensation means its working!  

    Toby:  What…?  

    The Doctor: Normally it picks up telepathic traces but I… 

    Toby: Reversed the polarity of the neutron flow?

    The Doctor stares at Toby for a moment.  

    The Doctor: Am I that predictable?  

    Toby: Hey, 20 years. You can’t help but notice a few things.  

    The Doctor: 20 years? Oh right. Right, yes 20 years. Anyway, the TARDIS is scanning for tachyons. Well, a certain kind of tachyon. Specifically…. 

    The Doctor pulls out the device we last saw in Episode One.
    The Doctor: Like the one trapped in here.  

    Toby: The chronovirus.  

    The Doctor: The chronovirus.
    Toby: Like the one in me?  

    The Doctor: Like the one…well, inert now. Anyway…. 

    The Doctor places the device on the console while he manipulates the console controls.  

    The Doctor: Toby, do try to relax. 

    Toby: The TARDIS is still trying to nibble on my fingers.  

    The Doctor: Which we have established is a GOOD thing, do try to remember that. 

    Toby: You told me there were three of them that day.  

    The Doctor: Yes, the last one eluded me but I think I can finally capture it.  

    The TARDIS rotors stop with a solid SCHUNK!  

    Toby removes his hands from the console.  

    Toby: Where are we, Doctor? 

    The Doctor heads towards the door as Toby follows.  

    The Doctor: Where the 3rd chronovirus is.  

    The Doctor opens the door and the expressions of the Doctor and Toby turn to alarm.  

    The Doctor: Or where it has been.  

    Scene shift: We pull out from the Doctor and Toby in the TARDIS doorway as our view widens and we see a planet blighted and scarred, dead black trees, aged skeletons. It is a planet of death.  

    Toby: Oh…my God.  

    The Doctor: Yeah.  

    Toby: The chronovirus…did that?  

    The Doctor: Yeah. 

    Toby: The same thing…that’s in…. 

    Suddenly Toby turns around and retreats into the TARDIS as the Doctor closes the doors.
    Scene shift: Interior of the TARDIS. Toby is sitting on the steps heading to the lower level of the console room, his shoulders stooped, his head lowered, his breathing labored. The Doctor cautiously approaches and slowly sits down next to Toby on the steps.  

    The Doctor: Toby… 

    Toby takes a deep breath and straightens up his head and shoulders.  

    Toby: You know….when you told me the truth 5 years ago about what happened that day when I was 8 years old….what really happened… 

    The Doctor: Toby, I’m sorry, I…. 

    Toby: No. No, it’s…OK.  

    Toby sighs.  

    Toby: I’m OK. Doctor, we’ve got to find that thing. 

    The Doctor: More so than ever.  

    The Doctor clambers to his feet and heads back to the console. Toby gets up and follows.  

    The Doctor: Because you know what’s worse than a chronovirus?  

    Toby: What?  

    The Doctor pulls down the main level and the time rotor starts up.  

    The Doctor: A chronovirus that’s been loaded into a gun.

    Scene change: deep space and the exterior of the Mire space ship.  

    Scene shift: Interior of the ship and the main control facility we saw earlier in this episode (last week). Odin is standing at the center surrounded by Mire soldiers. In front of Odin is a large holographic monitor screen showing a large group of people on the planet below. At the center of the group is a woman who appears to be the leader.  

    Odin: People of Xanxanar, I have entered into orbit over your world! You are to give your wealth and resources to me! 

    Xanxanar Leader: Who are you that we should submit to your demands? 

    Odin (bellowing with rage): WHO AM I?!?! 

    Scene change: planet side. The gathered people look up into the sky to giant holographic head of Odin.  

    Odin: I AM ODIN! I AM YOUR GOD!!  

    Suddenly, alien glowing light surrounds the group as Mire soldiers materialize out of nowhere.  


    Xanxanar Leader: We will not bow down to your tin soldiers, Odin! 

    The holographic image of Odin’s head changes to a full image of his body and his standing next to the weapon we saw earlier this episode (last week). 

    Odin: You will submit and serve ME or I will use THIS!  

    Xanxanar Leader: What is that? 

    Odin: What every god should have! MY TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD!!! 

    Scene shift: back to the deck of the Mire ship.   

    Odin: My soldiers! Teach these petty children some much needed lessons in pain.  

    With a flourish, Odin turns towards the weapon and gets in position to use it.  

    Odin: While I prepare a potent demonstration of why they should fear their god.  

    Suddenly in the middle of the Mire ship's bridge, a blue outline with a glowing light begins to form with an unworldly sound.  


    The Mire soldiers assume defense and attack stances while Odin remains astride his weapon as he glowers with rage.

    Odin: What trickery is THIS?  

    The Doctor (VO): Oh no. 

    Scene shift: Interior of the TARDIS as the Doctor and Toby look on at a monitor screen. 

    The Doctor: Not this pudding brain again.

    Toby: Who...? 

    The Doctor: Called himself "Odin" last time I saw him. Heads up a bunch of alien soldiers called the Mire. Thugs, pirates, enforcers, all around thick headed brawlers. 

    Toby: And... and he has the 3rd... chronovirus. 

    The Doctor: Well, it's here at any rate and..

    Toby suddenly staggers, looking faint.

    The Doctor: Toby! 

    Toby: Uh...what...what...I feel...sick. 

    The Doctor: Hold on! 

    The Doctor takes Toby by the arm and guides him to a chair. 

    The Doctor: Oh no! I should've realized! Your proximity to the active chronovirus out there....

    The Doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver and scans Toby.

    Toby: What...what's happening? 

    The Doctor: The chronovirus in your body is... reacting. Trying...

    Toby: It's trying to come out?

    The Doctor: Yeah. 

    The Doctor rushes to the console.

    The Doctor: I've got to get you out of here.

    Toby struggles to sit up. 

    Toby: No! Doctor, wait! 

    The Doctor turns back to Toby with an expression of panic.

    The Doctor: But Toby...

    Toby: You said someone was using the chronovirus as a weapon...

    The Doctor: Yes, but...

    Toby: Looks like that reject from a Viking sitting on a weapon....that's where our other chronovirus is. I can...I can sense it....

    The Doctor: Toby...

    Toby: I've seen...what it did to one planet...

    The Doctor: Toby...

    Toby: Shut up, Doctor!

    The Doctor is stunned, silent.

    Toby: No more! Do you....hear me? No...more. 

    The Doctor is silent for a moment. Then he aims the sonic screwdriver at Toby and it makes a trilling noise. 

    The Doctor: I've reinforced the lock but I'm not sure how long it will hold. 

    Toby: best be...quick about it. 

    The Doctor: I guess I better. 

    Toby: So what's the plan?

    The Doctor: What's the plan?

    A brief pause then both start laughing. 

    Toby: A plan? What was...I thinking? 

    The Doctor puts on his sonic glasses.

    The Doctor: Stay well, Toby. 

    Toby: Stay safe, Doctor.  

    Scene shift: exterior of the TARDIS where the Mire have been blasting the box with their weapons. 

    Odin: Enough! Whatever that accursed oddity is , I will have it off  the bridge of my ship! I...

    The door to the TARDIS opens and the Doctor emerges. Odin looks shocked.

    Odin: By all the dasmnable demons of hell's unholy...

    The Doctor: Oh put a sock in it, will ya? 

    Odin: You will not speak to Odin that way, Doctor! 

    The Doctor: Oh? Odin? Still calling yourself Odin?

    Odin: It is a worthy name that befits a warrior, a god...

    The Doctor: A scampering coward who soiled himself when I chased him off planet Earth when last we met. 

    Meanwhile, the Doctor is just wandering around the deck of the ship, taking in the sights. The Mire are lurching about like they're trying to grab the Doctor but he keeps casually walking away from their grasps. 

    Odin: Oh, you keep going on with your insults and barbs, Doctors, as you stoke the fires of my hate as I....

    The Doctor: Blah, blah, blah! 

    Odin looks around as the Mire soldiers are just sort of hanging around. 

    Odin: You fools! Why haven't you captured this gangly old fool, locked him in irons? 

    The Doctor: Cut them some slack, Odin. They ARE trying. But I've looked inside their helmets before. 

    The Doctor lightly taps the side of his glasses.

    The Doctor: Mere child's play to set up a sonic wave to disrupt their visual receptors. They see me but only where I've already been, not where I am. 

    Odin leaps down from his perch on the weapon and draws a sword, lunging  at the Doctor. 

    Odin: I share no such weakness as my troops, Doctor.

    Odin thrusts the sword forward which misses the Doctor by a wide margin. Odin looks shocked. 

    The Doctor: Helmet? No. Cybernetic eye? Bingo! 

    The Doctor bounds over to Odin's weapon. 

    The Doctor: Now this, THIS! Woah! I have to admit, I am impressed! This...

    The Doctor taps the side of his glasses.

    Scene shift: from the Doctor's perspective, we see a schematic layout of the weapon including a green glowing power source. 

    Scene shift: the Doctor whirls around to confront Odin. 

    The Doctor: A time cannon! Oh, Odin, Odin, Odin! You're way out of your depth here. This is a big boy toy.  

    Off to the side, 2 additional Mire soldiers enter the deck of the ship.  

    Odin: It is not a toy. It is the ultimate weapon! Time at my command! Life into death! The wrath...

    The Doctor: the wrath of god, yada yada yada, geez, Odin, what lousy fan fic writer comes up with your dialogue? The thing is...

    Suddenly the two Mire soldiers who came in earlier grab the Doctor's arms from either side. They had no problem walking right up to the Doctor. 

    The Doctor: You're confused, boys. I'm not here, I'm over there, just a jump to the left. 

    The Mire do not move. 

    The Doctor: Ooh boy.  

    Odin: After you manipulated my men in our previous encounter, I varied the command circuits in my soldiers' helmets. You can affect some of them, maybe most of them, but not all. Never all.

    Odin approaches the Doctor and yanks the glasses of his face.

    Odin: Never me! 

    Odin crushes the glasses with his fist. Then he strides confidently back to weapon and places himself in the seat. 

    The Doctor: You know, Odin, maybe we got off on the wrong foot. Clearly you are an extraordinarily wise leader know, even with lives at stake, I can't go on with that line of sh-

    Odin: Shut up, Doctor! I have a world I need to teach a lesson. But first....

    Odin pulls levers as the weapon turns and is aimed at the TARDIS. 

    Odin: Perhaps I need to engage in a bit of target practice. 

    The Doctor: Odin! NO! 

    Odin: It seems a waste of such great power to reduce your odd little box to rotted wood and sawdust. 

    The Doctor: NO! Odin, don't! 

    Odin: But if it's important to you....

    The Doctor: I beg you! DON'T DO IT! I'll do anything...

    Odin: Then its of no consequence to me!

    The Doctor: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Odin presses a trigger and the weapon sparks green fire that strikes the box and in a roar of light, the box implodes. As the light fades, all that is left where the box stood is a pile of sawdust.

    Odin laughs maniacally from upon his weapon while the Doctor slumps against the grasp of the Mire soldiers. 

    The Doctor (whispers): Toby....

    Odin: My, my, Doctor. Such an unseemly display for the loss of such a trifling thing. What are you going to do...

    Odin swings the weapon around back towards one of the portals. A monitor shows the weapon targeting the planet below.

    Odin: When I destroy the planet below? 

    The Doctor slumps further against the grasp of the Mire soldiers. Suddenly the Doctor has wiggled loose from their grip. The Doctor is free. 

    The Doctor: I don't think so, wing head! 

    Odin: Doctor! 

    The Mire soldiers advance on the Doctor as he races about the bridge of the ship. The Mire are no longer disoriented by the Doctor's sonic distortion so they are more effective at preventing his escape from the bridge. 

    Odin: Really, Doctor! There is no escape from the Mire!

    Odin pauses.

    Odin: No escape from me. 

    The Doctor warily looks around his surroundings. Then a very disquieting smile crosses his face.  

    The Doctor: Oh, how wrong you are, Odin! 

    Before the Mire soldiers can react, the Doctor quickly moves not towards one of the exits from the bridge but one of the apertures in the side of the ship where we saw the Mire leap from the ship earlier in the episode (last week). 

    Odin: You lumbering fools! Seize him! 

    The Doctor: Sorry, wing nut Must dash! 

    The Doctor leaps into the aperture and vanishes. 

    Odin: You're a coward, Doctor, and a fool as well. For you will face certain death...

    Scene change: outside the ship, the Doctor hurtling into the void of space.

    Odin (VO): In the cold and fatal embrace of outer space! 



    Wait a minute! What?! 

    I mean....WHAT? 

    Did I run out of time to finish Episode Five again? Is there going to be a Part Three of Episode Five?!?! 

    Nope! I swear on my sacred oath as a Junior Time Lord of the Time Laddies of Gallifrey: that is where Episode Five was going to end all along if I could've finished it in time to post last Sunday. 

    So what happens next, you may ask. 

    What do you mean, what happens next? Did you not just read today's installment? The TARDIS got blowed up real good with Toby Parker inside so both of them are gone, destroyed. And the Doctor just threw himself into the cold unforgiving void of space where he is surely good as dead. 

    So thanks for reading Lifetime Companion and let's all say a heartfelt final farewell to Doctor Who because there will be no more stories after this. 



    Maybe someone still has a story to tell. Find out next week with Episode Six of Lifetime Companion. 

    Until next time, Whovians, remember to be good to one another.

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