Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gone Shopping

Hi there! 

We're just a couple of days away from Halloween and quite frankly, I was caught a bit off guard. Perhaps the slow arrival of autumn's chill has made it hard to get into a Halloween-ish state of mind. Or maybe I'm just aging out of the whole Halloween frame of mind. Anyway, I only got around to putting up some Halloween decorations yesterday evening. 

But before we did  that, my daughter Randie and I decided we needed help jump start our spirits a bit. She had a tough day at school and I had a tough day at work. And you know what they say: when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. 

Yes, Randie and I went out for a girl's afternoon shopping spree to make ourselves feel better. 

Blogger's Note: Dave-El is in fact a male person of the masculine persuasion. He likes women. He is not a woman.  

Our first stop for shopping was Party City where got a couple of new Halloween decorations to spruce up the old stuff we've been putting up for years. We got some glowing bat eyes for the hedges and a new skeleton for our front door. We also got a Phantom of the Opera mask for Randie's costume for this year. As I noted in this space earlier this year, my daughter has developed quite a fascination with the Phantom of the Opera since seeing it on Broadway (that's in New York City, by the way).  So she decided to dress up as the Phantom for this Halloween. She still needed the mask but was loathe to get the ones from Party City with the cheap rubber band and the unforgiving plastic. But a better alternative did not present itself so....

The thing was Randie and I were not the only ones making a last minute Halloween run at Party City. The line to check out went almost to the back of the store. While neither Randie and I are really big on crowds and long lines, it was not a bad experience and the staff kept things flowing pretty well.  

Next up, Randie and I went shoe shopping. 

Blogger's note: Dave-El is in fact a man with a penis and body hair. 

Well, Randie needed a decent pair of black shoes for her Phantom outfit and I needed shoes because....I just needed shoes, OK? I mean, seriously, I own two pairs of shoes: a black pair of dress shoes and a pair of grey athletic shoes. And both have more holes in the soles than a block of Swiss cheese at a gun firing range. The sneakers were in particular bad shape with bits and pieces of plastic and rubber peeling off and making Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! noises when I walked. 

What was really cool about the experience was the relative ease that both of us found exactly what we were looking for. Randie found a pair of black boots that not only work perfectly with her Phantom outfit but are perfectly usable for any number of functions at school or wherever. I got a pair of black athletic shoes but they're not tricked out with a lot of swooshes and stuff so I can actually wear them to work in the office. Sweet! 

And did I mention they were ON SALE?!?!

Blogger's note: Dave-El is in fact a heterosexual man person of the male gender. 

To finish off Randie's Phantom ensemble, she needed a black blazer. So we headed over to Ross which has a large selection of women's clothing at really great prices and we barely got into the store when we immediately found a black jacket that fit Randie perfectly. And we got it for an amazingly low price! 

I gotta say that Randie and I had a lot of fun shopping. It's great when you can find exactly what you're looking for and on sale too! And it really did make us feel better. 

Blogger's note: Dave-El can pee standing up. Because he's a man, he has a penis and he's a man. Yes, we said "he's a man" twice but we felt it needed repeating.   

When we got home, I had a chicken sandwich with a fruit salad, I decorated the house with my daughter and then we caught up on this Monday's episode of Supergirl. 

Blogger's note: Dave-El is... hell, I give up. Dave-El's just one of the girls now. 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you. 


Tomorrow is Sunday which is Doctor Who Day here on the ol' blog thing and Episode Four of my new fan-fiction comes 'round. More Cybermen silliness with a plethora of Doctor Who cameos while the Doctor and River Song chase down the elusive and sinister Mr. Clever. 

What is the secret behind... Cybermania? 

We explore those questions... tomorrow.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

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