Sunday, March 16, 2014

This (Non) Sporting Life#10

Hi! Today is another installment of This (Non) Sporting Life, the blog post about the sports by a guy who does not know much about the sports.


It's a shame that women's basketball doesn't get more play than it does. It doesn't help that there are people like me who forget their favorite college sports team has a very talented and effective female team. 

I failed last week to give a shout out to the Duke Blue Devils' women's team for another outstanding season.  They made it to the ACC Tournament Championship Game where, sadly, they fell to Notre Dame who were in their first season in the ACC. Still, that title game was hard fought and the lady Devils were to be commended on their efforts. Look forward to seeing what they do next in the NCAA Women's Tournament


The Men's ACC Tournament was this past week here in my home town and there were some considerable surprises with early exits by Syracuse and North Carolina. And Duke had trouble with Clemson down the stretch in Friday night's quarter final. Really, Duke? Clemson? That's like Superman have trouble with the Prankster or Toyman or something. 

The big surprise to me was how good Virginia was. The Virginia Cavaliers have been the whipping boy of the ACC for many long years now. So it was a bit unexpected to see them as the #1 seed going into the ACC Tournament. Naturally everybody who hasn't been paying attention assumed Virginia has just been playing an easy schedule. Well, maybe they had an easy schedule but they got really good playing that "easy" schedule.

And yeah, they were good today. The ACC Tournament Championship came down to Duke and Virginia. It was a tough game with a lots of tied scores and lead changes.  Ultimately, Virginia persevered with more of those leads than Duke. In the end, the Cavaliers put a decisive stopper on this contest and handily won the tournament title for the first time since 1976. Yeah, I hated to see my Blue Devils go down like that but I gotta call it the way it is: Virginia is just that good this year. 


The coach for the Virginia Cavaliers is Tony Bennett. I hate to tell you this but those of you who are thinking "Oh, just like the singer" are probably vastly outnumbered by those who do not make the connection. 

It's not that we're old; it's just these young whippersnappers have no appreciation of talent and culture.

In other words, we're old.


OK, that's all I've got for today. Sorry, no graphics. In a bit of a rush today. 

I'll be back tomorrow. As always, be good to one another.  

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