Monday, March 17, 2014

White Man March Protest Signs

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It's been a tiring weekend here at the Fortress of Ineptitude. I spent a good chunk of Saturday doing "yard work".  Now I put quotes around that because like most endeavors I engage in, I had very little idea of what I was doing other than wreaking terrible vengeance upon the two trees in my front lawn.

This past winter has produced more than our fair share of ice and snow which caused quite a few broken limbs and branches in these two trees. Last week we had a major wind storm blow through producing more bits and pieces of tree to break apart.  So I'm out there pulling down the limbs and branches that have helpfully detached themselves from the tree; then I had a saw and an axe to take care of some other limbs and branches that were still holding on, the stubborn bastards. 

As I type this, I am pleased to report that I still retain all 10 of my fingers. Of course my polling data has a +/- 2 margin of error so actual finger counts may change. 

So I found this to be very exhausting work and along with some other chores and errands, I was just too damn tired to stand up for white guys in this past weekend's White Man March.

The White Man March was planned for March 15th to extoll the love of white people for, well, white people and to protest "white genocide".

All told, the event was a smashing success.  Well, a smashing success for those of us who like to make fun of such pinheads.

The worldwide White Man March appears to have drawn about 10 people and a smattering of signs that said "Diversity = White Genocide".

To be fair, I have seen no reports of any of the signs being misspelled so good for them. 

Still, if you're going to have a march, you need protest signs. So the Twitter decided to help with this trending topic: 


Here are 10 of my suggestions.
  1. Keep The Government Out Of My Medicare
  2. This Space For Rent 
  3. Some Of My Best Friends Are Black So Don't Take This Personally Okay?
  4. Fight (To Bring Back) The Power    
  5. Obama Is President Do I Need Another Reason To Be Angry?
  6. When Mayonnaise Is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Mayonnaise
  7. I Am Not White I Am A Pinkish Beige American
  8. Help! I Forgot To Poke Eye Holes In My Hood
  9. I Have No Clear Or Logical Articulation Of What Exactly I Am Protesting Against     
  10. FREE BEER!

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