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Doctor Who: The Nemesis Who Stole Time: Warrior's Interlude

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I'm Dave-El and today is Doctor Who Saturday wherein I spend this weekend day posting something about Doctor Who

For today's post, I turn back to The Nemesis Who Stole Time, the multi-part, multi-Doctor fan fiction I posted on this blog from July 13, 2013 to October 27, 2013. 

Think of it this way: If The Nemesis Who Stole Time was some kind of actual production being released on Blu-Ray, the story I am presenting today would be a bonus feature.  

First of all, if you need to re-familiarize yourself with this sprawling epic of Doctors, Doctors, Doctors Everywhere, click on the links below for the various chapters of this story. 

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When I wrote the Nemesis story, it was without a clear idea of what was coming up on Doctor Who's real 50th anniversary special. Who was this so-called "War Doctor" and how exactly does he fit into the scheme of things. So I plunged ahead on the conventional wisdom that the 8th Doctor regenerated into the 9th Doctor after taking action to stop the Time War for Time Lords and Daleks.  

Uh, no. 

Of course this is all just fan-fiction. I told the story I mostly wanted to tell as I wanted to tell it.  

But the idea of somehow integrating the War Doctor into the events of our story was too intriguing to pass up. 

So first things first: The Disclaimer! 

And now...
Doctor Who
The Nemesis Who Stole Time
Warrior's Interlude


Black screen, no light. Then out of the dark, a rasping voice, low, guttural.

Voice: Doctor


Voice: Doctor


Voice: Doctor...Who?

Scene opens: the chambers of The One. Machinery, wires, tubes and more overwhelm everything while from a place of shadow, the tentacles of The One can be seen twisting and flexing. 

The One: He has...vexed me so. Me...and my brethren. So many have many have...perished because of...him. And yet...he eludes complete...understanding, this...Doctor. 

Our view widens and we see the Master standing nearby. 

The Master: I have known the Doctor longer than most and he continually defies reason. So many gifts and he squanders them on wandering and helping the weak. 

The One: His not me. I am concerned only...with power. The power that the Doctor is...unknowingly providing...for my...

The Master: Our.

The One (pauses): Our conquest. 

A tentacle lifts and gestures towards a monitor.  On the monitor, we see the 10th Doctor caught in the throes of a reverse regeneration. 

The One: This...vexes me. 

The Master watches the monitor as the 9th Doctor stands where the 10th Doctor was. 

The Master: The reverse regeneration process. I don't understand, it appears to be working perfectly. 

The One: The regression from the 10th the 9th produced...twice the power...than projected. 

The Master examines instruments around the monitor and looks puzzled. 

The Master: That's is odd. That almost looks the energy signature of two regenerations. But that can't be.  

The One: The power of the crucial to OUR plans. All must proceed in exact....conformation with...our strategems. 

The Master: Well, if the worst of our problems is we get MORE power from the Doctor than we anticipated, then I...uh, we shall be most successful indeed. 

The Master slides on gloves and prepares to take his leave. 

The Master: Knowing the Doctor's 10th incarnation, I wouldn't be surprised his vanity played some part in that excess power. 

The Master bows slightly in the direction of The One. 

The Master: All will go as planned. Worlds will fall, the universe will be mine and the Doctor will die. I have every confidence. Good day. 

The Master exits the chamber. But the tentacles of The One continues to twist and flex. 

The One: He is so...small, this...Master. But he has his uses...for now. But I have another concern....

A tentacle moves towards the monitor where we see the 9th Doctor. 

The One: This one...there is...a shadow. Something in the tapestry of time...that even I....can't see. Something that...follows him, this...Doctor. WHY CAN'T I SEE? I...must know. 

From a tentacle comes a tendril for glowing energy. 

The One: I will of my servants...of investigate...

Inside the glow begins the form the outline of a Dalek.  And we fade out. 

Scene open: The TARDIS console of the 9th Doctor. The time rotor is in motion, then it stops.

Our view expands and we see the 9th Doctor, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, River Song and Clara Oswald.

9th Doctor: Well, we have arrived. 

Jack: Arrived where?

9th Doctor: Why, wherever we’re going to. C’mon.

Clara: Doctor, perhaps you should…let us go out there?

9th Doctor: What? And stay here? Again?

Martha: Doctor, the last regeneration event was triggered by a scratch on your arm.

9th Doctor: That’s assuming that is what it is.

Clara: But it isn’t, is it?

River: Regeneration doesn’t work backward.

9th Doctor: Exactly. Something’s stealing moments of time which caused me to regenerate. I’m not going to get to the bottom of that while I’m huddled up in here.

The 9th Doctor strides purposefully out the TARDIS doors. River starts to chase after but then everything inside the TARDIS inexplicably freezes.

Scene change: Outside the TARDIS, we see the 9th Doctor’s expression immediately changes to anger.

Our perspective shifts and we see the Doctor is facing Weeping Angels and a Dalek.

An energy field surrounds the Doctor and the Dalek.

Dalek: Doctor!

Doctor: Well, a Dalek! I should’ve known.  Time freeze bubble? Nice trick!

Dalek: You are not the Doctor!

Doctor: Better go get some spectacles for that eye stalk because yes I….

Dalek: That we seek!

Doctor:  What? Were you expecting Mr. Bow Tie? I can’t believe I wear a bow tie in the future!

Dalek: You are merely the survivor!

Doctor: What?

Dalek: We seek the destroyer!

Doctor: No, wait!

The Dalek fires an energy beam that strikes the Doctor’s arm.  The Doctor grasps his arm in pain as he immediately begins to glow with regenerative energy.

Doctor: Dalek, you’ve just unleashed hell!

The regeneration glow over takes the Doctor’s form.

Our view shifts to the Dalek as the reflected glow from the regeneration energy subsides.

Dalek: Doctor!

A gnarled hand raises a blaster and we hear a gravelly voice.

Voice: Doctor?

Our view moves up the arm and we see the hardened visage of the War Doctor.

War Doctor: No more!

The War Doctor squeezes the trigger and a blast shatters the Dalek. A piece of shrapnel from the Dalek catches the War Doctor’s arm and he flinches in pain. As the time freeze bubble recedes, the War Doctor is overcome by the energies of the reverse regeneration. 

With the time freeze bubble gone, River Song comes bounding out of the TARDIS behind him.

River: Oh no, Doc---

The golden glow subsides and the 8th Doctor stands revealed.

8th Doctor (whispering to himself): What? Again! I was here as my….9th self? Was there…someone else?

Jack, Martha and Clara push outside the TARDIS doors to stand behind a horrified River Song.

Martha: No, not them!

Jack: It’s happened again!

8th Doctor (still whispering to himself): A temporal distortion? What does it mean?

Clara: He’s changed but what are all those….

Martha (fear in her voice): Angels!

Surrounding the Doctor are Weeping Angels.

River: Weeping Angels!

The Doctor turns around to face his companions.  

The 8th Doctor: Yes, I know.

Scene change: The War Doctor is screaming and falling through the temporal vortex. We see sparks of energy from the time freeze bubble flashing around his form.

The vortex is starting to recede as we see the details of Bannerman Road begin to take shape around him. We even see Sarah Jane Smith and Luke walking past the topiaries.

War Doctor: What? Sarah Jane? Luke? Why I….

But before this destination can take form fully, there is a bright burst of energy from around the War Doctor as he recoiled through the vortex away from Bannerman Road.

Scene change: a bare alien landscape. The sky is a dark green color with two moons. Suddenly a burst of light and a screaming figure of a man falls out of the light and lands on the ground.

Close in on the War Doctor who just lays there on the ground for a moment.

War Doctor: Ouch.

Slowly, painfully, the War Doctor pulls himself from the ground.

War Doctor: Oh, I am way too old for this sh-

The War Doctor cuts himself off as he eyes his surroundings. 

War Doctor: Where did those lovely topiaries go? Oh, this is not Bannerman Road. 

The War Doctor brushes dirt and sand from his clothes.

War Doctor: So that’s what’s going on. Even as the regenerations are reversed, my various selves apparently are being pulled into the vortex, possibly all winding up on Bannerman Road.

The War Doctor looks up into the alien sky and sighs.

War Doctor: Except for me.

The War Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and begins scanning himself.

War Doctor: Residual energy from the Dalek’s temporal freeze bubble. Probably threw off the vortex polarity. 

The War Doctor pockets his sonic screwdriver.

War Doctor: Just as well.  Whatever is going on requires the Doctor to fix it.  And that’s not me anymore.

Suddenly in the sun drenched sky above, a bubble of energy appears and inside of it is another Dalek. 

The War Doctor draws his blaster and fires. 

War Doctor (shouting): DALEK!! 

This time the energy beam from the blaster bounces off the field surrounding the Dalek as it smoothly descends to the ground. 

Dalek: You cannot destroy me! I am one and I am many! 

War Doctor: Oh great! An insane Dalek! Toddle off to your Dalek Asylum, you butcher! Or drop the energy field and I'll put you out of your misery myself.

Dalek: I remember. 

War Doctor: What?

Dalek: I remember what was forgotten. 

War Doctor: Yeah, looks like too many blows to that plated dome of yours. 

Dalek: From outside the shadow, you hide in the tapestry of time. From inside the shadow, I can see you and I remember. 

Suddenly the War Doctor winces in pain as he clutches his head with his hand. 

War Doctor: Arrrggh! What...what's happening? 

Dalek: Your regeneration has been reversed. You are remembering your future. 

War Doctor: My future...? Wait! 

Suddenly we zoom into the War Doctor's eye. In sudden succession we see images of the War Doctor with Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy and Clara. Then we zoom back out and the War Doctor is staggered. 

War Doctor: Companions. I don't travel alone anymore? But what I did...Gallifrey burning...

Dalek: Daleks burning. 

War Doctor (angry): Damn you, Dalek! Why didn't you stop?! You and your kind and your bloody obsession with extermination? WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP?!

The Dalek stands quiet for a moment. 

Dalek: Why...didn' 

The War Doctor stands silent. 

Dalek: And why you are forgotten. The Doctor was THE enemy of the Daleks. And you...are NOT the Doctor. 

The War Doctor looks down at the blaster in his hand. 

War Doctor: Now on THAT we agree. I guess in the end, the Daleks did kill the Doctor. Because thanks to you and the Time War, the universe no longer needed a Doctor. And the universe does not need you! 

With a sudden and violent motion, the War Doctor lifts, aims and fires the blaster which shreds the energy shield around the Dalek. The Dalek begins shaking and sparking. 

War Doctor: Thanks for giving these old eyes a chance to calculate the cycle pattern of your energy shield. 

The Dalek screams and then explodes, hurling the War Doctor to the ground.  

The War Doctor lies on the sand for a bit and groans. Slowly, he lifts himself up.  

War Doctor: Note to self: stand further away from the exploding Dalek next time.  

The War Doctor shakes his head and blinks his eyes. 

War Doctor: Those memories...of my future? They're fading.  Perhaps the other Doctors have already solved this mess and restored the time line. I'm back to being....

The War Doctor holsters his blaster. 

War Doctor: Back to being whoever the hell I am. 

The War Doctor begins to walk away.

War Doctor: I have a war to fight.

The War Doctor walks further away.

War Doctor: As soon as I find my way off this bloody rock.

Fade to black.


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