Saturday, March 1, 2014

Doctor Who Saturday: The TARDIS Has Something To Say


Dave-El here for another Doctor Who Saturday here at the blog!

Today we look at that amazing machine that takes the Doctor and his companions all over time and space, to everything that ever happened or ever will. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the TARDIS has something to say! 


A bit anti-climatic, I would say.  

Let's give the old girl a chance to rest up and get comfortable. 

While we're waiting for that, let's talk about an ages old debate: is the Doctor's means of transport a TARDIS or a Tardis

Since the letters T, A, R, D, I and S stand for stuff (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), it seems to me the acceptable way of writing it would be TARDIS. Yet I've seen it spelled Tardis in a number of venues as if it's an actual word and not an anagram. Yes, to us Whovians, it is an actual word but it's a word derived from letters that stand for other words. 

Is Doctor Who shown on the BBC or the Bbc? It's BBC of course but BBC is not a word, those are just initials for British Broadcasting Corporation

How about the super-spy organization in the Marvel Comics Universe? Yes, it is SHIELD, not Shield but "shield" was already a word before the Strategic Hierarchy of Intelligence Espionage...something something was ever thought of. 

Was there a word "tardis" before there was a...well, you know?

Me, I prefer to type it as TARDIS. It makes the word pop out of the text more, just like the blue box itself pops up to materialize anywhere in the universe (or Cardiff).  

Oh, are we ready? 

OK, ladies and gentlemen...

the TARDIS has something to say!

It looks like the TARDIS may have gotten a little TOO relaxed and comfortable and is performing karaoke. Hey, what's in that Rift energy you've been drinking, eh?

Let's check back with our girl later. 

Back in the day when Doctor Who was first getting started, it was established that the Doctor's granddaughter Susan had named the Doctor's time and space travelling machine "TARDIS" with the letters standing for all the stuff TARDIS stands for. Except it seems ALL Time Lords call their time and space travelling machines "TARDIS". 

So what's the deal here? Did Susan name the machine "TARDIS" or is she some kind of egomaniac who takes credit for naming everything? ("Oooh, this planet we're on? I'm going to call it 'Earth'!")  

Maybe Susan went on a pre-Earth adventure as she and the Doctor went back in time where they met the original Rassilon who wanted to call the space-time vehicles "RALPH" or Really Awesome Lateral  Perpendicular Hovercraft. Susan "suggests" TARDIS instead. (Of course Rassilon thought TARDIS stood for "Totally Awesome Rassilon's Dudetastic Invincible Ship".) 

OK, we want to try this again? 

All right! 

Ladies and gentlemen...

The TARDIS has something to say! 


You know, just let her rest, hmm? She's had a long day.


Thanks for dropping by and until next time, be good to one another.

Tomorrow on the blog: 

The One Year Anniversary of I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You!

Wait, that's TOMORROW?!

Geez, I better think of something. 

Meanwhile, be good to one another. 

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