Sunday, March 23, 2014

This (Non) Sporting Life#11

Hi there! I'm Dave-El and this is my blog which I call I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You because calling it The World's Most Awesome Blog was a little too on the nose, don't you think? 

So it's Sunday and time now for my weekly post on sports from a guy who doesn't know much about sports. 

Here we go!  


Mercer Bears 78
Duke Blue Devils 71

Duke? What the hell! Duke? Really?


OK, I'm sure Mercer is a nice school and all but seriously, every time I heard "Mercer", my brain kept inserting the word "virus". So this wasn't a flesh eating disease, just a dream destroying one. Now I had no delusions how far Duke would go this year in the NCAA tournament. Final Four? Possible but not likely. I figured maybe Sweet Sixteen which is not bad. But Duke, a #3 seed, gone as of their first game against a #14 seed named after a flesh eating virus?!

That's mean and I really need to stop saying that. Sorry, Mercer. 




Seriously, Duke: What the hell?

Is Jabari Parker already counting his NBA money in his head? 


Once again Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski shows he's a class act by visiting the Mercer (Virus. Dammit, stop that!) locker room to personally congratulate the Bears on their win. "If we got beaten, at least we got beaten by a hell of a basketball team." Classy move, Coach K! 

After a Duke loss, Krzyzewski is usually quick to give credit to the winning team. No "They won because we sucked" but "They won because they played a great game." 

Well, if Coach K can do it, so can I! 

Congratulations on your NCAA win, Mercer! 


Hey, I did it! I said Mercer and




As noted in one online sports report, "Duke may not have been a favorite to win the tournament, but it's Duke. The Blue Devils were a No. 3 seed in a loaded Midwest Region. If you can beat them, you can hang with anyone. You can also dance with anyone." 

Dude, I really do not begrudge you for that. Go on and get down wit' yo' bad self! 


It almost seemed like the North Carolina Tarheels might be following Duke out the proverbial door during Friday night's game against Providence. Per reports from wife (who goes all sorts of cray-zay during Carolina games so I tend to keep a safe distance from these proceedings), Carolina was once again failing to REBOUND! Really, it's the only piece of advice she can offer during a basketball game: REBOUND! I can imagine UNC coach Roy Williams getting a note from her with one word: "REBOUND!" And then Roy slaps himself on his forehead and exclaims, "Rebound? Genius! Why didn't I think of that?" 

As I write this, the Sunday afternoon games have yet to be played. But if Carolina is not in it after today, it was probably because they didn't REBOUND! 


Sorry, no money for you from Warren Buffett. The billion dollar perfect NCAA bracket challenge completely fell apart on Friday. 87% of the brackets were already invalid as of Thursday and the Duke loss on Friday probably did in all the rest.  So no billion bucks from Warren Buffett this year but the consolation prize seems nice: a cheeseburger from Jimmy Buffett.  


That's it for this week's edition of This (Non) Sporting Life. Until next time, be good to one another. 

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