Sunday, March 9, 2014

This (Non) Sporting Life#9

Hi there! 

Dave-El here and welcome to the return of my Sunday feature (after a break last week), This (Non) Sporting Life, a blog post about sports from a guy who doesn't know much about sports. 

So what's on tap this week?


So how's my daughter's basketball season going? Well, it came to an end last weekend with a final game that saw the other team get 24 points before her team scored their first basket. Actually, the scoreboard said the other team had 20 points for a long time. I asked one of the other parents if I missed something or was the board broken? He said no, the rules are that no team can get more than 20 points ahead. 


So when my daughter's team got that first basket, the scoreboard went from 20 to 0 to 22 to 2. The final score on the scoreboard was 28 to 8 but actually, it was 42 to 8 because, well, damn. 

Now I think the team dynamics were a bit mismatched. These are girls ranging from 12 to 14, most with the normal height and build of girls at that age. On the other team there was this, let's say, "girl" who was a bit stockier than the others. How can I describe this? Imagine DC's Tiny Titans vs. Marvel's Mini-Marvels. But then someone switches out mini-Hulk for, well, The Hulk. It was kind of like that. 

Art credits: Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar, Mini-Marvels by Chris Giarrusso & The Hulk by Al Milgrom

Still I'm proud of my daughter and her team. Many of them had never played basketball before and yes, it showed. But while they got a bit better, the main thing was they approached this endeavor with enthusiasm and spirit. And I think my daughter learned some valuable lessons about herself, about working with others and about life. 

I know I learned a very important lesson: never bet on the point spread of a middle school girls church league basketball game. 


This past Wednesday was hard for this Duke fan as the Blue Devils traveled down I-40 from Durham to Winston Salem, NC to play the hapless, woebegone Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Oh, the Deacs suck on ice this year...well, for several years now. Three years ago, Wake Forest decided the answer to the problems the Deacons were having was to hire a new coach....apparently straight out of kindergarten. I don't want to say this coach is young but his mother still drives him to the games. I don't want to say this coach is inexperienced but at the top of his clip board is a note that reads, "The round orange thing is the ball." 

So naturally this hapless, woebegone team led by Coach Cub Scout...

...kicked Duke's ass. Hard! 

What the hell? Duke?!?!

Hell, this was so wrong, even Coach K nearly fell out from the shock of it! 

OK, the next game after that? Crap! North Carolina coming up again Saturday and they're going to be tough! The Tar Heels may have stumbled around like Mr. Magoo* at the start of the conference season but they've been showing some stuff lately.

*Mr. Magoo? Man, I'm old. Go here for the Wiki on this guy. Then get back here. I have more ranting to do at Duke. 

And they beat you last time. These are the guys you're playing for the final home game of the regular season! You've got to be ready! You've got to win this thing! You've got to shut up the gazillion insufferable Carolina fans that surround me everyday! 

So how did Saturday turn out? 

Oh YEAH! DUKE, bay-BEE! 

For a game recap, click here


Next week, more basketball stuff as we head into tournament time and my fool-proof method of filling out an NCAA bracket.*

*Answer: I use a pen. Now, if you're looking for a fool-proof method of filling out an NCAA bracket correctly, hell if I know. Talk to a sports expert or something. 

Be good to one another.  

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