Friday, November 27, 2015

A Panthers Thanksgiving

Hi there! Dave-El here with another quick check in with the blog. I didn't have anything ready in advance for the blog on Thanksgiving and I thought I just might break that streak of a new blog post every day for 2015. But with just a few hours to spare, I kept my streak alive by creating unique and insightful post for the ages. 

Pictures of squirrels saying "nuts". 

I know. You're welcome. 

Now I know there are bloggers out there who have a schedule of posting everyday but they don't always do that, missing days, even weeks at a time. Later, however, magically appearing are blog posts going back over all that missed time. I say, that's just not fair. To preserve the sacred trust of being an influential and well respected blogger, I say thee nay to the practice of back dating blog posts.  

I know. You care deeply about that issue too. 

By the way, I wasn't the only one keeping a streak alive yesterday. The Carolina Panthers went down to Texas to give the Dallas Cowboys a whupping and ending Thanksgiving Day with a still unbeaten record, now 11 - 0. 

Interesting thing. OK, it's not interesting but it is a thing. I'm in North Carolina. So were all the other family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. You would think that living in North Carolina, those assembled to dine on turkey and dressing in the state of North Carolina would be pulling for the professional football team from North Carolina. But no. Except for myself, my wife and daughter, everyone was united in hoping to see the Cowboys rise up and break the Panther's unbeaten record. The thing is, in the South, traditions don't just go away. And many a year before there was ever a Carolina Panthers team, my neck of the woods during my childhood in rural, southern North Carolina was pretty much Dallas Cowboy territory. 

Well, I hate to break it to you....actually, no I don't. The Cowboys suck. They suck with Tony Romo and they suck more without him. Maybe one day they can regain the glory of years gone but not this year. 

Meanwhile, there are those who have been pulling for our woebegone Tarheel State NFL team, not because the Panters were any good. God, no! The Panthers were better know for setting records for losing. It's been a long, long road of rotating coaches and quarterbacks. After a few years of getting a little bit better every season, this is the year its coming together. Although did anyone expect we add the words "unbeaten" in front of "Carolina Panthers"? Hell, no! But there it is and we need to ride this sucker as long as the ride will last, whether the ride deposits us safely on the other side of a record breaking season with a Super Bowl championship or the rides plummets towards the ground and crashes and burns with a first playoff game blow out. Yeah, let's ride this sucker and enjoy it for as long as we can.  

Anyway, I have a half-dozen things to do for Friday. Or Black Friday, if you will but I won't. Whatever deal you think you can sucker me, my desire to minimize human contact as much as possible is greater than any desire to save $25 on a new TV.  

So that's it for the blog post today. Something new tomorrow and the day after that is the weekly Doctor Who wrap up following Saturday night's new episode.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another, especially if you're out there in that frenzied mob of consumerism run amuck. 


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