Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hi. There.

OK, that lacked energy. C'mon, let's get this blog post started right. Say "Hi there" with enthusiasm! 

Hi there with enthusiasm. 

And when you're being a smart ass to yourself, you know you're in a weird place. 

Dave-El here and we're a day away from Thanksgiving or perhaps you know it as "Practice Christmas" or "Holiday Dress Rehearsal". You know, work out the kinks of dining and communing with family and friends before we get too deep into December. 

Anyway, I've been real busy at my real job and I've got a trip to my mom's house to get ready for so the blog isn't particularly clever today.

In other words, it's a normal day. 

If you're struggling to get through this time of year with most of your marbles gathered in your skull, perhaps I should turn your attention to someone who is more pathetic than you, Jon Arbuckle from Garfield. But how much more pathetic can Jon be when he lives is a world without Garfield? 

Let's find out. 

Well, at least we end on a happy note. 

Jon has ice. Yay.  

Google Garfield Without Garfield for more surreal examples of Jon's life without his lasagna eating cat. 

And I'll be back here tomorrow with another post, hopefully with a bit more content from me. If not, I might be forced to post random pictures of squirrels. 

Until then, remember to be good to one another.  

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