Saturday, November 28, 2015

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Hi there. 

I've got to be honest: sometimes its hard to write this thing every day. Now I don't expect anyone is anxious for me to post something every day and if I don't, their day, nay, their life may be ruined. But posting everyday is something I demand of myself. 

Because sometimes its not all jokes and gags and bad puns. There are times when I can't bring myself to write a word about Doctor Who or comic books. On occasion, I do not feel particularly driven to comment on something in the news.

Yet I make myself post every day because some days are harder than others. Those are the days I need to make myself say...something, anything. 

I've posted here in the past that my mom is old and in declining health. It has been the hope of myself and the rest of the family that she could live out the rest of her days...or better yet, the rest of her years, in the comfort of her own home. For awhile there, it looked like we hit some kind of rhythm in her life where she was managing, if not perfectly well then at least well enough. But time will always catch up to us and this is no exception. My mom is getting worse by bits and pieces, by inches and degrees. Age keeps robbing her of just a little bit more of her mind every day. 

So now it looks like she may have to leave her home. In home health providers would be the best way to go but the various medical programs and insurances she qualifies for do not allow for such options. They will pay for the higher costs of nursing home care but not for the more cost efficient alternative of living at home. While in home care is more cost efficient, unfortunately those costs would have to come out of pocket and that's something that I would have some difficulty sustaining beyond a limited amount of time.   

So that's the crossroads that I and the family who loves her very much find ourselves facing today. Not to worry, I know somehow or another, things will work out and a way will be found to make sure my mom gets the care she needs and the attention she deserves. 

But for today, this weighs heavily on my mind. Tomorrow, I'll get back to the other odd stuff that populates the majority of this blog. But for today, well, some days are harder than others.

Be good to one another.   

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