Sunday, November 22, 2015

Where Oh Where Has My Internet Gone?

Hi there! Dave-El here! And I'm really glad to be here.

Saturday saw the Fortress of Ineptitude join the 21st century with a new TV/phone/internet package that is really super awesome.

Except for my trusty computer (which I call "Computer") wasn't having anything to do with this. Computer knew it had a Wi-Fi router. It could see the network it needed to connect to. Yet for some damn reason or another, one would not talk to the other.

Now it is said the madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But damned if I could think of a different thing to do so I would periodically come into my office/storage room and follow the steps exactly for connecting Computer to our new Wi-Fi address. I guess I was hoping I would catch it off guard or something? I don't know but damned if it eventually work.

Here I am! 

<insert sounds of crickets>

Oh, right. No one reads this thing.

So I'm slapping this together real fast to make sure I do not break my so far perfect record of posting every single freaking day for 2015. But this is all I have time for right now.

But here's what to come either later today or tomorrow.

  • The long awaited Doctor Who Is NEW: Face the Raven write up. (The feels! The FEEEEEEEEEELLLSSSS!!!)
  • The misadventure of getting the Fortress set up for it's new tech upgrade. (Whatever can go wrong...well, almost did.) 
  • Wednesday's comic book post will be on The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? which I got to see thanks to my handy dandy new TV package!
  • There may be a write up on Mockingjay Part 2 IF we go see it today. (My wife is still in mourning after last night. Really, the feels!)
  • And, of course, the usual stupidity including another appearance by this blog's sponsor, Nutcase Nathan's. 

For now, I must go out and procure sustenance for my family as the mighty patriarch and warrior of the family must do.

Chinese take out maybe?

Everyone, be good to one another.

And I am so glad my suffering amuses you. 

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