Friday, November 20, 2015

Congratulations, Terrorists!

Congratulations, terrorists of ISIS (Incredibly Small Impotent Schlongs), on a job well done! 

No, I'm not talking about killing 129 people and injuring hundreds more in your cowardly multiple attacks in Paris last week. No, ISIS, you're still the personification of all that is evil that slithers across this planet.

But as I tell you the truth about how you are truly despicable, dickless shit-scum, I have to also tell the truth when it looks things are going your way. And I have to admit, the long range strategy appears to be paying off. Take a look at these headlines, you scruffy, smelly mongrel men with insufficient penises. (Assuming you know how to read.) 

Nationalist Parties Call For Closed Borders In Wake Of Paris Attacks

Europe's Far-Right Vilifies Immigrants

More Than Half Of U.S. Governors Want To Lock Out Desperate Syrians

State Senator: Put Them In Camps!

Mayor Wonders If We Need WWII-Style Internment Camps After Paris Attacks

Yep, looks you've got things stirred up real good. Let's run down the terrorist checklist of reactions to terrorism. So, Mr. Terrorist Person, have your acts of terror propagated any of the following? 

Fear                   check!
Panic                 check!
Anger                check!
Paranoia           check!
Ignorance          check! 
Terror                check and double check!

So here's what going on, thanks to you, dastardly death dealers with the diminished dicks. 

People are afraid. Well, duh! That's job one for any terrorists. 
However, there are people who will decide that the best way to deal with you is to restrict, oppress and outright kill everyone who looks like you. This will serve to drive more individuals towards your terrorist cause. So you have all this free PR. Look, you say to frustrated young people with no hope, look how you and your kind are being restricted, oppressed and killed. I mean, yeah, ISIS, you're no better with all the restricting and oppressing and killing. It's really all you do. But hey, if you're going to killed, best be your own people and not those decadent westerners, right?

Another thing working in your favor is how your enemies are misdirecting themselves, focusing on refugees instead of focusing on where your terrorist strike teams cowardly cower in caves with only your anger and stupidity to keep you warm. Oh, and your little itty bitty penises.

Oddly enough, you've had quite a bit of help from people who normally consider themselves your enemies. But I guess they've worked past that animosity and maybe, who knows, they want to be your friends? I mean, how else to explain them giving you exactly what you want with their heated and hateful rhetoric stirring people into an even greater frenzy of fear and panic? You know what? You should send out some Thank You notes. Really! It would be a nice touch. I know Ted Cruz would really appreciate it. 

So, once more, ISIS, kudos on a job well done. I have to say it looks like you're getting what you wanted.

One day, though, you'll get what you deserve. Make no mistake: I still think you're a bunch of shit fuckers and you deserve to die.

'Bye, everybody! See ya back here for another all new post tomorrow! 

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