Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pick Up Lines For Republicans

Hello there. 

Once again, we find ourselves teetering on the edge of a world in chaos. The brutal terrorists attacks in Paris yesterday draws our attention to violence against innocents in pursuit of some misguided agenda followed by dishonorable men who are also without dicks. 

Not sure how to process all this so I'm going with my usual default defense mechanism, humor.

Well, alleged humor. 

Today's post is a collection of Reheated Tweets, tweets not read on my Twitter and collected in one convenient place to not be read here. These tweets are on the subject of...

That's right, even Republicans want to get down and biz-zay with a hot package and make her feel like a woman. 

Even if, as we see in this first tweet, she's not exactly a woman. 

"I believe sex should be between a man and a woman. So would you wear this cocktail dress, bro, meet me halfway?"

"I believe in diversity. I want every part of your body in my freedom caucus." 

"I have a subpoena and I want you for my congressional investigative committee...of love!" 

"Ever had a Benghasm?" 

" I know global warming is a liberal fallacy but damn, you're making it hot in here!"

"I got your Keystone Pipeline right here!"

"I want to repeal your loneliness and replace it with my sweet loving Republicare." 

"Can you can help me? I need tax relief for my increasing capital gains."

And those were my contributions to...

So that is that for this post. Sorry for the disconnect between talking about the Paris attacks and then posting these silly tweets but it's been that kind of a day. As our knowledge of events unfold, I may attempt a more thorough write up of my feelings about this next week. 

Also next week and on a lighter note, I may want to share with you my experience at an ice skating show Friday night and how you might (just might!) see me on TV in a couple of weeks. (You will need some serious Hi-Def on your TV.) 

Tonight is a new episode of Doctor Who and I'll be posting about that tomorrow. 

In the meantime, everyone be good to one another. And to the people of Paris: Nous sommes avec vous.


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