Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Post About Not Posting

Hi there! 

Today is Wednesday and for the last two weeks I've been posting about comic book stuff and today was no exception. Today's post was going to about comic book lettering. And yes, it was going to be fantastically entertaining. It was all written with graphics and things and was ready to be published today.

Or so I thought. 

After I posted a link to the post on my Twitter, I linked back to the piece from Twitter just to make sure this was working. Well, the link was working but what it was linking to looked like crap.

Font styles and sizes changing with every other paragraph. Given that the topic was specifically about the legibility of modern comic book lettering (it's not), the idea that my post on the subject was virtually illegible was not funny. 

And this was despite going back into edit mode and trying to even everything out. Instead, the problem just got worse. No, not funny at all.

Oh, yeah. You go ahead and laugh. I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.  

Hey, that's the title of the blog. 

Well, I'm damned determine that I haven't missed a day this year posting and I'm not going to miss this one so you get this instead of that. 

More later.  

Post amended - 11/4/15, 9:12 AM

Apparently the problem with Blogger is trying to actually compose within Blogger. I copied the comic book lettering post to a word document, cleaned up the text problems there and then dropped it back into a post where it seems the post is appearing normally. I will want to double check that later and right now I'm at my job-job so the long awaited post on comic book lettering (I know you can barely contain your excitement) will be published on the blog later today, barring any more strange doings with the formatting.


Post amended - 11/4/15, 10:08 AM

OK, the text remains OK but the graphics started shifting. Not sure what THAT's about. I would place a graphic at the bottom of the post then when I went to review it, it was kicked up to the top.

OK, officially giving up on this for the rest of the day.

All this pressure. I need a raise. 


I don't get paid for this...dammit!

Post amended - 11/4/15, 10:08 PM 

OK, finally posted. At last my long blogging nightmare is over.

Hey, do I have a post ready for tomorrow?



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