Saturday, April 23, 2016

Black Or White

We are not heroes. 

We are not villains.

We are just people. 



In the twists and turns of our lives, of our thoughts and feelings, we are not always good to ourselves and good for others. Also we are not always bad to ourselves and bad for others. 

Sometimes we lift ourselves up and sometimes we let ourselves down. Sometimes we need the help of others and sometimes we are a source of strength to others. 

People. We are not always any one thing. We cannot view our lives in absolutes. We're not always going to be the hero on our story nor will we always be the villain. There will be days where we can scarcely repay what goodness we have received. There will be days when we will give more than we could ever hope to get back. 

Our lives are not black or white. We are a mix of the best of human nature and the weaknesses of humanity at its worst. All we can do is strive to make the good things outnumber the bad things. 

But in the end, no matter what the day may bring to you or what you may bring to the day, someone somewhere needs you and by someone somewhere, you are loved. 

Be good to one another. 

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