Sunday, April 3, 2016

Doctor Who: With His Trusty Sonic... Chainsaw?

His trusty sonic...what now? 

Hi there, Whovians! Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You. Today is the regular Doctor Who Sunday post so let's get cracking on what the heck do I mean by "his trusty sonic chainsaw".   

As I wrote here back in 2013, nothing makes a Whovian madder than suggesting the very idea of an American made Doctor Who with an American cast as the Doctor.  My wife says there is no way that fans in the United Kingdom would put up with that. I'm thinking, never mind fans in the UK, I don't think fans in America would be too happy about that either. Or fans anywhere else in the world.  The "Britishness" of Doctor Who is part and parcel of it's world wide appeal. 

This past Friday saw an announcement that gave pause to those who would would treat the idea of an American Doctor Who with dread. It was announcement that, however, would almost make on go, "Hmmm! You know, maybe HE would work as the Doctor after all." 

Bruce Campbell, most famous for his role as the chainsaw wielding monster fighter Ash in movies and television, posted this. 

I should remind you that Friday was April 1st or April Fools' Day. And yes, that was a prank. 

A couple things to note: 

1) It is a very well done prank. This a very professional looking image that looks like it would've come right out of the BBC's public relations department. 

2) If the survival of Doctor Who was dependent on an American production with an American lead actor, Bruce Campbell would make a very good choice. 

But to you Whovian purists out there, ease off. It's not going to happen. If Doctor Who had to be made by an American TV network, I'm sure that the call would go out to a British actor to take the role, perhaps even one of those British expatriates who fake American accents in TV shows over here. 

Don't fret. I expect as long as Doctor Who is being made, the Doctor will sport an English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh accent. 


Still no word yet on the new companion. Boy, the Doctor Who producers are really holding this one close to their collective chests. 

Meanwhile, the DW spinoff Class, set at Coal Hill School, is set to start shooting this very month we're in right now and news about that show (including casting) is not very forthcoming.  Almost as frustrating as a lack of new Doctor Who is a lack of new Doctor Who news.


I'm tinkering around with a fan fiction idea that I really hope to have up and running before this summer. It will feature the 12th Doctor and run for about six weeks. I'm trying not to just jump in and fly by the seat of my pants so I'm actually doing some proper planning for this. And there's also the matter of sitting down and actually writing the dang thing. 

Well, I need some new Doctor Who, even if I have to write it. 

More on that in the weeks to come.


That's that for today's post. A new post will be up tomorrow and I'll touch base on things Doctor Who in next Sunday's post. Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

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